WOTC is Making a Completely New MTG Card Game for Mobile!

Out of absolutely nowhere, WOTC released minor information to (apparently) one single media outlet about a completely new, not-MTG card game based on MTG….what?!

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MrScubaTuba says:

Why tho

Philip Cardillo says:

Galaxy on Fire 2 is a legit good mobile game (3 was trash though)

Starman2001 says:

My Mobile Game selection
Pokemon Go (Yes I still play it)
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
Emulators because almost anything else is either a port of another game on a better platform, or complete trash.

Kotadis says:

There are some actually good mobile games that aren’t greedy cash grab ad fests, you need to know where to look- thomas was alone, limbo, BTD to an extent, Monument valley, reign (if you are into that sort of game), knights of pen and paper etc. But they are few and far between and almost never get featured because the big cash grab companies have enough money to buy out the store features and front page which is really sad.

kobra kid name says:

Just play hearthstone

Sasha Hager says:

This is how wizards get 40% female players.

Big Smoke says:

I play games on pc and platform but have found quite a few mobile games that i enjoy. Just simply dont spend money on them. I find it very satisfying to destroy some ptw douche with my ftp deck or whatever.

First name Last name says:

Most of the good mobile games are typically just games that already exist on PC or console and have just had the graphics downgraded for mobile. The main problem is that you may as well just play it on your pc if you can.

Shade Collins says:

Looks like Hearthstone mobile.

Headhunter12345 says:

Bloons tower defence 5 and 6 are one of the only mobile games i would recommend

NickWestFree says:

pokemon Go is decent mobile game

Adam McAlister says:

Long winded rant about mobile games being trash and around 7:50 an ad for a trash mobile game pops up.

Jimmy Lutton says:

Like 5 or 6 years ago there were some pretty good mobile games. Then the currency/energy/reskin business model caught on and the whole market went to shit.

Will Farrell says:

How could they possibly fuck up a MTG Arena port this bad..

Momiji says:

Saying mobile games aren’t gamers reminds me of people saying gaming isn’t art, thank you for keeping that entertaining cycle of disdain alive

PROTOCOL 77 says:

The only “good games” on mobile are the old school games that have been remastered or ported on mobile like the square-enix old Role playing games collection which is pretty cool… I’ve been replaying old games I wa playing as a kid on a tablet or on my phone. FF Tactics, LOM, FF games, Dragon Quest, Legend of Mana, Chrono Triggers… I don’t play crap games with micro transactions… I also left XBOX because too much micro-transaction for 3 years now.

magicrainbow aids says:

They should hire Des to voice the tutorial. The tutorial will basically be him saying don’t play this trash tutorial over. That Chandra looks horrible.

Jere Mielty says:

why don’t they just make MTG Arena for mobile? I’d think that should have been a no brainer.

Brik Star says:

The promo images looked like hearthstone, it’s not like that’s dying or anything like that

Fleshfailsspiritpervails says:

Looks like Arena wasn’t as popular as they hoped. Wizards of the coast throwing their baby out with the bath water while they try to throw paper magic under the bus twice.

davenhla says:

Speaking of foils, I bought a single booster of Planeshift from my LGS on a whim yesterday and pulled a foil Tahngarth, Talruum hero which I was super pumped about. Caught me offguard actually I forgot in packs that old they put the uncommons and Rare on the top of the card stack so he was only a couple cards in. I am making a janky Minotaur tribal EDH deck to play against my playgroups other similarily janky edh decks and he was on my list. Not that I was going to foil this out but since I have it now anyway, BLING!
Oh and it isn’t curled lol.

Johnathan Vodraska says:

What I’m waiting for is MTG Arena for Mobile. It’s in Unity after all.

Jonathan Copperfall says:

Des has scruples. This is why I watch DesolatorMagic and not Mana Leek or Mana Source…

Erik Burzinski says:

Darkness rising and the final fantasy series and toram online are good phone games that arnt trying to be psychology manipulative as far as I can tell I play mobile games one my thirty minutes bus trip every day as I have nothing else to do

I do play real games on my computer like dark souls and monster hunter world so I am a gamer

I beat dark souls 3 I am mentioning this because someone is going to say having the game doesn’t make you a gamer

OttoBot 12 says:

They are building a neverwinter style online rpg you should check that out looks like it’s being done by cryptic studios same ppl that did neverwinter

Triangle_Pants says:

It’s like the gaming industry in general is trying to fuck with people.

krepsy K says:


Micah Johnson says:

Mobile Card games tend to turn out better than most due to them being based on console games, (Hearthstone, MTG puzzlequest, etc) That being said, this looks more like clash royale with Planeswalker skins so far

Raymond says:

U guys dont have phones? -,^

Amber Gaming says:

Does chandra have hooves!?

wrydrune says:

Dokkan battle is a pretty decent game on mobile, so is DBZ legends. This saddens me as I had heard that arena was supposed to be coming to mobile eventually.

Robert Szanto says:

Dont you guys have mobiles? 😀 😀

Sommeil says:

Looks like absolute garbage.

Cavemantero says:

itll make more money than arena and paper…somehow the whales that play mobile games are all millionaires

Cowboy K says:

It looks like hearthstone

Jonathan Pine says:

MTG Puzzle Quest was amazing

Ollie Barbor says:

Yet to play a good mobile game. I would say the only ‘ok’ mobile game I’ve ever played was clash of clans for the first 6 months it came out in 2012. Once they can make a game as good as a Metal Gear Solid 1 equivalent for its time, then I will think differently about mobile gaming.

Larry R says:

10:37 It was probably one of those stupid millennials that work there.

davenhla says:

Hasbro already has it’s IP all over the internet….. Ajani’s face has been copypasta’d onto all kinds of really bad art, mostly white lions for obvious reasons, but it is all over the place. I doubt Hasbro ok’d that though lol.

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