A Beginners Guide to Magic: The Gathering

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Ryan Weiss says:

I thought both copies of a legendary card go to the graveyard as soon as a 2nd comes into play, not one. I havent played in a while, but I remember playing a 2nd Kokusho to deal double damage and health gain by exploiting the legendary rule.

Amy McLoughlin says:

I am just starting out playing MTG (my boyfriend got me on board, and now I’m hooked, but still a total noob and a bit awful) and this video really helped! Subbed!!

King Lobo says:

Neat but I’ll stick to yugioh and vanguard for the moment

Johnny Boy says:

The pizza at the end lol

liam wood says:

i legit was thinking about starting to play magic

ahmadzhuge says:

Question Patrick this game isn’t sold where I live is it possible to play it digitally?

Soma Arikado says:

nice vid i needed a refresher and also kick ass play mat love rick and morty man great tv show

FrankyTheImmortal says:

Came for the destiny, got another MTG channel in the process. “Double Kill!”

xFractur3 says:

Legit question, didnt they revise the Planeswalker Rule? Now its each unique planeswalker, regardless of sharing the same root name. can be on a battlefield at once… or am I getting that wrong?

Wolf Dog Moon says:

This is by far one of the best how to play vids I’ve ever seen

Carlo Camera says:

Damnit… cravings for pizza now

Erica Poitras says:

My boyfriends teaching me to play I go with him to Friday night magic with him sometimes. I’m just starting to get it.

Viktor Dimitrov says:

is it too late for me to start learning and getting cards now ;/ ?

Frederic Bouchard says:

I still have my cards from when i played 20 years ago. A few things have change since than, i wonder how bad my old deck would do against a new one.

Call Me Misvael says:

When you said that planeswalkers were introduced 10 years ago, and I had never heard of it before I felt instantaneously old as F*^%.
I stopped playing with the Mercadian Block, but man now your are bringing the monkey back…

Joseph Buda says:

More magic content would be great. I love this game but am horrible at it and apparently playing it incorrectly. Thanks for the info Holtzman

SOBEK says:

lol magic sucks


N. Quick says:

This is one of the better intro videos. I haven’t play Magic since the mid 90’s. A lady my wife works with has gotten me interested in it again. Now knowing that there is actually a competitive circuit might pull me away from poker.

Aaron Kinney says:

Nashville resident. i used to be addicted to magic from like 95 to 04. are there any local places to get back into it?

Zero Gryphon says:

Dude I’ve been waiting for this video ever since you said you played in one of the planet destiny podcasts!! I’m psyched!!! xDDD

Broken_ Harbinger says:

I tried to explain the game of Magic for a Speech class in college. We were only suppose to use 5 mins but I wasn’t even halfway through at 5 mins…

Datto says:

I wanna play Magic again.

Shawn Ewashko says:

This is a really great video. Having my wife watch it so she can learn to play as well.

TheShaunathan18 says:

17:50 why is he putting a napkin on this leg?

Selina Erin says:

Liked for that tasty looking pizza at the end.

Jose Ocampo says:

now do a monopoly Beginners Guide 🙂

Alex Loranger says:

That pizza at the end, though.

Drew Hamilton says:


XNTKM says:

I’ve never heard Patrick so enthusiastic haha. Great content as always

Eric Schneider says:

Thanks for taking the time to make such a thoughtful and detailed video about learning the game. I’ll have to buy some starter decks and see what it’s like these days.
Also, that pizza…

sionat29 says:

I haven’t played in so long, I don’t think I would even be able to build a deck, it would be like picking up the game for the first time again.  Besides, all my cards are old as hell, like older than some guys I work with; they are nice to read through now and then, but there are so many new ones out there.

Skorby Skorbz says:

Hey bud, I’ve been watching your stuff and listening to the Planet Destiny/DCP podcasts for awhile and I really appreciate the content you guys put out. I used to play MTG and recently have been considering getting back into it. On last weeks podcast you mentioned card kingdom decks and I was wondering if you might consider making a video regarding how a new or returning player might go about getting into mtg. Not really the rules or strategies but more the beginning steps and process of investing time and money to get the most value out of both. I’ve heard that into decks and premade MTG decks aren’t worth it and I’d like to hear your thoughts on the topic. Thanks for all the great content! Cya starside 😛 @Patrick Casey

aGoodDistraction says:

I wish I had friends to play Magic with. Played those Duels of the Planeswalkers games a few years ago and loved them. Would love to get cards of my own and play with people irl but no friends. 🙁

nick bio says:

i would like to play magic but 1) its not that popular here and i cant find ppl to play 2)its expensive as fuk,ill stick to hearthstone and yugiopro thanks

Solid Seth says:

Never ever played Magic, but I collected the cards.

k z says:

my man 🙂 kept hearing you talk Mtg in the podcast. I think most people know how to play, you might find good luck with deck techs etc.

MagicTurtle Gaming says:

Omg finally, ur the best

Jose Ocampo says:

now do a monopoly Beginners Guide.

Andrew Charles says:

So the Serra angel costs 5 total mana? Two white three any thing else

Joshuabrutl says:

who am I supposed to play with? I got no friends -__- ,

Chorbhai says:

This sounds so much like YUGIOH

Mazzei says:

More Magic? YES! Do more!

Salman Qaisar says:

HELP: Can anyone guide me please? I am NEW to MTG. i am looking for a mode which supports true multiplayer (not 2-headed giant or whatever that is called) for 3-4 players.
Key features:
1. multiplayer (3-4, maybe 5)
2. i only want to play CASUAL, with friends on our boardgaming nights, to have some FUN.
3. I DONT want to have to buy extra cards (i wouldnt know what to get!)
4. some decent REPLAYABILITY
5. preconstructed decks be relatively BALANCED.
(6. something that allowed a draft eg Winchester would be fun, as long as it is multiplayer
On paper, the new COMMANDER ANTHOLOGY box seems to fit.
Would u guys agree with that???
Any other ideas? 5 commander decks from the same year?
Thanks for your help 🙂 Sal

Jose Ocampo says:

now do a monopoly Beginners Guide 🙂

The Bear Jew says:

More maaaaagic

Knightfall says:

I have met many friends through Magic and have many fond memories of playing it. That said, it is a terribly-designed game. Part of me wishes WotC would make a completely new game to replace it but that wouldn’t be a financially sound decision on their part.

gabriel singh says:

Is there possibly an app for finding out more info on a card your own?

Alex_Gol says:

Thigh pizza.

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