AJ Plays Magic: The Gathering Arena [OPEN BETA NOW!]

TRY IT NOW HERE: http://i.try.games/SH1wt
AngryJoe & Alex play Magic: The Gathering Arena in this promotional video for the OPEN BETA and take a look at the new interface, why one would play and discuss some first game strategies.

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EZTHEMA Productions says:

Finally got a game for Magic The Gathering? Now i can finally know how to play it.
Yugioh duel links is pretty amazing too.

Bruno Bergeron says:

The wildcard function is awesome! Feels like going to the store and buying singles!

Christian says:

So, I’ve been getting Virus detections while installing the game. If others have ran into this as well please post here so that awareness can be spread. I don’t believe Joe knows about this as I’m sure he wouldn’t be advertising a product that had potentially harmful files in it.

Roland says:

Damn angry Joe got fat

Johnny Reb says:

Hey Joe you know I think it would be neat if you and the others did a stream and played Magic the gathering at your place

Joshua Jones says:

Don’t expect this for ps4. WOTC will fuck us over again like they did with Magic: Duels. Promised us we’d get it for a year then canceled on their fans with no explanation. Then it only came out for Xbox. I think WOTC SOLD THEIR FANS OUT for a hush hush Microsoft exclusivity deal. And Joe is rewarding them by doing a sponsored video for them now.

ForkKnifeSux says:

Sorry but this is a card game….. Lmao lame as fuck.

Richard Miller says:

i run a black zombie vampire deck primarly for death touch/ lifegain or a red black vampire deck with red burn

Coin HODL says:

this looks pretty cool i downloaded it

Eric Cartman says:

See ya at the next super leauge Alex.

Matheus Cordeiro Jurgensen says:

Blue black white artifact deck that does everything in a complicated way, turning artifacts into creatures to attack. It’s a blast.

MagCynic says:

MtG is garbage, SJW nonsense nowadays.

AfroHyena says:

joe needs glasses

Dinko Bach says:

Blue all the way. Love me that control. Great video, Joe and Alex!

Prog gaming says:

Boooo boros t-shirt rakdos foeva

Absolute Buzzcocks says:

Magic is dead to me.

PolishTamales says:


Keep in mind folks, “Promotional” means they were PAID to play and make a video about the game. This goes against journalistic rules and is incredibly biased. Their view points should not be taken seriously, since this is just a fluff piece.

dungeonmaster16 says:

32:34 mainly commander format and play casual so mainly tribal decks.
Rhys the redeemed elf token deckis my main with Second is Edgar markov vampire deck and on the side is admiral beckett for pirates with stealing and gishath dinosaur deck.

Nick Fortin says:

Sorry, avid magic player here but not about to take Joe’s opinion on something he knows nothing about.

7upac says:

don’t support this trash ‘product’, Joe. Support your local game store

odalchis zaratutu says:

23:30 that sweet comeback

Kavan Wheeler says:

Im pissed off at magic the gathering card game its taking all the attention from neverwinter if magic wasnt around neverwinter would be the best mmo rpg period

Thomas Whitley says:

You’ll cover this shit but you can’t do a review or cover Divinity Original Sin 2? Is it because it’s “too White” or something? Joe?

Fernando Barahona says:

spore deck all the way baby

Mantarhochen says:

If you are looking for an alternative to Magic, Hearthstone & Co. I wholeheartedly recommend Eternal. It has the fairest F2P model Ive seen, it is four expansions in and they are about to implement an ingame tournament system in October. (There is a test tournament this weekend.) You can watch it on Twitch (even with drops) and you can even build tri-colored decks. A good time.

signas82 says:

Captain Marvel went to the “Alex school of acting, emoting, and facial expressions for Thespians.”

Kevin Mayfield says:

I play commander and I run combo.

dungeonmaster16 says:

Hm I could see joe might like this is if invest time into it. On mono colors he may like red for direct damage and green for big creatures and life gain. If going for guild colors either rakdos/red and black or selesnya/green and white.

Mapper Mapper says:

Everytime AJ upgrades his video equipment he gains 7 pounds. Its true the camera does appear to add weight.

Feldon T says:

Been playing MTG off and on since 1996. Love it and love the new MTG Arena.

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