Day [9] vs. Alan Tudyk, Felicia Day, and Ryon Day in Magic: The Gathering: Spellslingers

Felicia Day, Ryon Day, and Alan Tudyk join Sean “Day[9]” Plott for an extra special version of Magic: the Gathering.

Today on Spellslingers, Sean and Ryon team up against Alan and Felicia for a game of Two-Headed Giant, a four player variant which pits the pairs in mortal combat. Just kidding, we mean Magic: the Gathering.

Regardless of who wins, in the words of Sean Plott: May you go forth. May you fight the good fight and defeat all the Blues. And of course, may you draw well.

This season, Sean and the gang will be playing with Wizards of the Coast’s new Magic Origins Set, which tells the stories of how five of Magic’s most iconic planeswalkers began their journeys. The Magic Origins Set doesn’t release until July 17th, but you can get an exclusive sneak peak of one of the cards here!

GLHF, everyone, and don’t forget: Magic the Gathering is for winners. Don’t do drugs, kids.

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ultimate ssj says:

Bring this series back please

Markus Kopotz says:

It feels like an for magic. Felicia and Alan made a great team

PewPew_McPewster says:

Oh look Heihei plays Magic.

betabenja says:

did Ryon Day get punched in one ear?

Chad Small says:

I feel like Felicia’s brother did hardly anything all game. It was basically 2v1, haha.

blueeagle013 says:

it ate me up the whole time wondering why she played shaman of the pack so early lol

Ginta razimu says:

Ironic that Sean’s wearing the shirt when Felicia’s the one playing Golgari

Ashton Griffin 21 savage says:

Shamon of the pack

Don Mangrubang says:

could you play cube with 8 player?playing magic the gathering and new seaseion

Grubiantoll says:

Is that the guy that played the villain in Dollhouse, huh?
the one relaitvly inteligent tv show, where every actor was perfectly fit

Locane256 says:

What? Sandblast only works on an attacking or blocking creature… Chandra didn’t attack, she used her tap ability.

Paulo Renato Zimmermann says:

Alan looks like Michael Douglas…..but stranger….and I think Michael Douglas is strange….like a lot…

Liam Harris says:

That card from Ryon Day that brought out 2 1/1 tokens was supposed to end at the end of turn

Sunny Gurlokovich says:

Damn elves with their breasts… Distracting Jimmy.

Amy G says:

all of the palest people in southern california is one room

Murry Witzel says:

I watched this for medical knowledge about the spleen.

Aaron Borgstrom says:

god, these comments are hilarious lol most of them are complaining about the gameplay when this is clearly for entertainment and just to have a good time. i miss the hell out of this series.

xX1NORM1Xx says:

Sean and ryon are like cho gall xD

FizzingCola says:

Bring this back :/

Andrew Wilkie says:

“This is like watching someone drown.” – Alan Tudyk, 2015

Arran Haigh says:

Jimmy you will be remembered

Michael Bullard says:

Alan Tudyk, Felicia Day, and MtG in one video my brain is going to explode in wonder

DrunkenMilk says:

All the flappies! 😀

Lucky Ducky says:

I’d love to Top Felicia Day

Joshua Langley says:

I want to ask one of them to explain the function of the stack.

MrRocksmith101 says:

Can we have some more of these. Plz

ButtonMash0847 says:

Holy shit is that the chick from SPN?

TheDango Bailey says:

a mono red player playing nuthin means they waiting to zap in response. bloosh. luv red for life

JakeTheHuman says:

please tell the red head to stfu. constantly repeating things. Not remotely funny. she just feels super fake.

iiNOKIA says:

Does anyone else think that Ryon looks like a rat when he laughs? Cause It really looks like it

Joshua Giard says:

Ahhhhhhh, totally wasted Chandra, coulda done massive damage and gain your planeswalker the turn you lost her

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