Day[9] vs. Grant Imahara in Magic: The Gathering: Spellslingers Ep 6

Welcome to Spellslingers, a new show based on the phenomenally popular card game, Magic: The Gathering. Presented by Sean Plott of Day9TV, prepare to experience fun-filled, fast-talking and adrenaline-paced battles that highlight the latest MTG cards.

This week’s challenger is Grant Imahara!

In each episode geek icons will take on Sean with the hope of emerging victorious in an all-or-nothing match, while you learn the tips and tricks to become a MTG expert!

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Executive Producers:
Felicia Day
Sheri Bryant

Dinh Thai

Hosted by:
Sean Plott

Guest Opponent:
Grant Imahara

Ari Weiner
Ryan Copple

Assistant Story Producer:
David Ackerman

Production Coordinator:
Ashley Krick

Assistant Coordinator:
Nick Applebaum

Assistant Director:
Jason Lombardo

Director of Photography:
Michael Pescasio

Camera Operators:
Rafael Leyva
Owen Captures
Jared Washburn

Media Manager:

Lee Narby

Best Boy Electric:
Pat Russo

Key Grip:
Brian McDermott

Otis Mannick

Production Designer:
Geoff Flint

Art Director:
Drew Wootten

Set Dressers:
Jalisco Wayne
Jakob Bokulich

Art PA
Sylvia Kochinsky

Tara Loren

Jacob Bass

Sound Mixer:
Reza Moosavi

Food Fetish

Craft Service:
Rosa Ehrlich

Chris Willett

Steve Sprinkles

Sound Designer:
Sean Oakley

George Shaw

On Set Magic Representative:
Gavin Verhey

Jason Adams
Michael Smith
Forrest Tagliamonte
Dermil Bell


aaron johnson says:

He totally F’d himself by burying those mountains with that scrye.

sean leblanc says:

The dance at the end made me die

M Hill says:

Omenspeaker is a “She”, Sean!

Nimrod Vlogs says:

I picked the black and white. Because the Black lotus.

Samuel Gove says:

Grant should have waited to cast doom blade. Waited for him to waste all his land to give that creature him the +3/+3. It’s an instant so it woulda fucked him up out of nowhere.

Don Mangrubang says:

i would love see you pay with new card magic

Adam Garner says:

Grant is a cool guest. Loved watching him on both here and Wil’s Tabletop.

water foker says:

noob players, Sean could’ve blocked, get rid of enchantment till end of Grant’s NEXT end step, while lightning the centaur before that

Mark M. says:

cool guys! great ep. i wish they had the deck lists on the video on each episodes.

Lord Fudge Packer Mc Gooberson says:

this was a amazing episode

Affinity for MTG says:

Grant should play Affinity. Just saying.

Berial92 says:


spoiler alert.

SWNerd97 says:

i run a temur dragon commander deck and it’s glorious

Chase Scobee says:

That is tme most passive wall I have ever seen

M Balazs says:

1:37 ahh black white one of my favorite combinations 😀
3:49 Mí Black White my style is never a too fast one is steady and strong way to walk for the kill if not with an aggressive good starter minions than deadly combo. Its a merchant church cult/guild for a reason make good deals on spells minions and combos like a boss than just produce more mana or hull drain beyond the opponents wildest dreams or in this chase nightmares XD

Mequam BlueSpark says:

“he killed my imortal centar”. no. he killed your centar

FrankDad says:

This is so chringe

Magic the Gathering Board Game says:

@4:28 AND, he’s got boobs! Okay!

Jeffrey Stevens says:

Never before have I seen someone get so pissed off at a shitty burn spell.

Rock Golem says:

22;39 He should have waited a turn to do that. Drawing land would be deadly.

12 Gauge says:

The win condition for blue is to annoy the other dude

Matt's Nerd Corner says:

18:40 you can’t “double block” a creature unless it has trample or says otherwise.

Jacob Brooks says:

I have grant’s deck!!!!

Vance Niehaus says:

Great video series! I love how you battle guests with Magic. Great content!
HOWEVER, this is YouTube and having your videos censored is FUCKING STUPID. It’s 2017 here guys. I get that you want to cater to everyone but you’re not fooling anyone! We all know what the words are. Would be even better to have a non-censored version released. Please. For the love of English.
Anyways, I digress. Keep making great content but stop bleeping things. Don’t get hung up on how other people are going to react to funny mouth noises.

Kasper Dehn says:

“I can handle a Centaur, but I can’t handle an immortal Centaur… I am fucked..”
That line cracked me up so bad, my stomach feels like it’s about to explode!

Ungureanu Florin Cristian/Gaming4871 Official says:

Lighting strike is OP! Pls nerf!

David Kriechhammer says:

cringefactor 1 million so ghood 😀

Kool Burn says:

lol, damn, is it just me, or are those pretty thick decks? I’m positive its more than 60

Victor Barton says:

Izzet A.K.A. Spiderman.

usmh says:

Man, Grant is an ultrageek.

Asriel Dreemurr says:


BakuCarl says:

too much overacting. a more subdued approach, faster pace. if you are trying to appeal to new audiences, ok…
but people familiar with the game dont play that way…

Victor Barton says:

What tabletop episode are they talking about? What game?

Julian Barriga says:

These videos are brilliant

Shabtai1024 says:

Imahara’s years on Myth Busters showing with the overblown exposition.

Ryan Dragunas says:

That moment grant gets introduced to spot removal.

J D says:

The footage of Sean being an asshole to Grant was fucking hilarious.

bradon Folkert says:

Hi Sean i play magic the gathering i wish that me and you can play in your chanel please 🙂

wellington rodriguez says:

I enjoy a nice Rakdos or Golgari deck myself. So long as there’s no Blue or white (Unless it’s Orzhov), I’m pretty happy with big destruction spells and big monsters that I can hopefully ramp into.

Samuel Furcolow says:

love you day but damn dude why the spoiler

Kai Abraham says:

That Jace with his eyes!

FrankDad says:

Also the centar is not indestructible but it would just flicker back in. Also during a commander game I had a judges familiar on the field and I casted gift of immortality on it and the playgroup was like what the fuc… oh, force spike on a stick, nice one dipshit.

Dallin Lake says:

10min 3 take 3

Rex Tyrrano says:

“black and white decks tend to kill you very fast”?! What kind of bullsh*t is that?! Black and white is known as the lifegain combo, not the super agro combo, that would include red.

M Balazs says:

this was great game swingin back and forth simply epic loved it XD

Robs says:

No hate but I feel like this is fake

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