Deckbuilding 101

A panel dedicated to deck building for Magic, hosted by Dave Marsee, Mike Turian and Sam Stoddard, moderated by Matt Danner.


Mikledeepikle Gaming says:

I came here wanting to build a porch. Now I’m so confused…..

Green Elephant says:

my first deck from scratch was a white black life gaining theme!

tommytatt says:

Mtg arena is the good

the group of shame says:

I built a deck with nicol bolas double sided and I just got into a few days ago then the day after I went to fnm and everyone there was so nice they gave a ton of free cards during draft I got a nicol bolas but I didn’t win a single round I focused entirely on nicol bolas and didn’t cast any other creatures

Waliex says:

When will There be a 2017 video?

Lunat!c says:

from 12.20:” i really wanted to create that dragon deck, but it didnt work so i did everything just in better, a completely different deck” nice guide XD

airsoftgod211 says:

My question is where do i go if i run into a scenario in a game and don’t know how to interpret it. Is there a resource that can be used because I enjoy the game very much but I hate not playing it correctly. I’d like to be able to streamline my knowledge and understanding.

Jared Hettenhouser says:

2018-19 reboot? Tons of new game mechanics and plenty of new sets added since august of 2015, and one of these would be really helpful now. Anyone else agree?

Franklin Blankenship says:

numberphile has an interesting video on paper rock scissors strategy…basically when you lose , play what wasn’t played last…your opponent tends to play what won last round…

Rex Holes says:

I run all land that way I never get screwed for mana which is more frustrating than losing fair and square

Xigza D says:

why do I feel they took the idea from “duel Masters” card game

Corky McGee says:

Commander 2017 Reprint was 23,640 Sets = IT HAPPENED ON 10/5/2017

Ricky Mora says:

Now I wanna buy my first starter deck to play a actual card game where could I find a place in anahiem where I could go play my first match?

John Blonde says:

So what do people do with their cards after they get phased out in set rotation?

Heinricht Breitbauer says:

so bad.feels like 100% advertisement

Elias Schlüter says:

Bought a toolkit years ago when i started. Will recommend 🙂

Devon Rollinson says:

I made a deck filled with only land, rare and mythic rares

Board Game Sanctuary says:

Omg. I love magic so much. mtg 4 life!

Marcin Miłoń says:

hello anyone can help me with editing deck?

Boblol126 says:

Are there MTG computer games that let me building a deck from a library of cards and test it against AI? Kinda like ygopro for yugioh but for MTG?

Jay Dharmadhikari says:

where and when was this hosted?

TheMailman says:

is there a way to play were i dont always have to be buying cards every couple months to keep up

Tom Hansen says:

Mtg on PlayStation needs to be a reality.

Jan Kracik says:

only people ever to not talk over each other during questions

ErazerWa says:

Lands 25, creatures 25, spells 10

christian bernardino says:

I want to build a dragons deck any advice guys

don mangrubang says:

I wish that Novato ca, could tech me to play magic the gathering .

Timmeification says:

so on a standard-tournament i have to bring the newest blocks with me? or do they hand you those for the duels? wouldn’t buy such a pack so i can’t play with my own deck… or maybe i’m not professional enough =/

Steel Knight says:

I so badly want to make a green/black land fall with a Nissan planeswalker and ashya the awoken world

Otto Hoffman says:


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