DO NOT PLAY Magic the Gathering Arena (Whale Mode)

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Lee Walker says:

That’s the first time I’ve heard the argument explicitly stated that an individual feels informally banned from engaging in purchasing a product.

ImperfectCitizen says:


Cavemantero says:

The problem with games like this is they turn into pay to win games one way or another. They will have say, 100,000 new players who are grinders, and then payrolled whales who’s job is to destroy the grinders to get them to bite the bullet and pay. They will probably institute a ladder ranking to help support this type of competitive environment.

snidepeppe says:

For me MTGA is the best place to play magic, I don’t like bothering about economy I just wanna pay 100€ get the deck I want and play, paper magic is cooler, but way to expensive if you don’t sell back your cards, MTGO is basically the same but you don’t even get the paper, on mtga every deck as roughly the same price. And regarding the point of your video, I don’t use social networks, exeption made for YT, so no problem with bannings even if the all thing sucks and it’s surreal.

tom bear says:

Anyone els find it funny that the lion is a whale and wedge isn’t

liquidefreet says:

FGO jp is ahead of global by 2 years. We’re about to enter 3 rd summer event on jp while on en the first one is only taking place.

jineur says:

I’ve been on the Arena beta since near the beginning. What ruined it for me is im not a fan of the way the economy works and trying to play for free and having to try get wins when you have hardly any cards is just no fun for me at least anyway.

Randy Randalman says:

If you really want to spend money on Pokemon Go, you could hire an Uber to drive you around really slow so you don’t have to walk

8Bunkface8 says:

I could never bring myself to pay 2500 bucks on a game when i couldnt sell my purchases if i needed to. Thats insanity.
Free to play all the way!!

Rysophage says:

Why is Hex TCG never talked about…it’s better than magic…you can sell your cards for PayPal cuz it’s a free market…there’s an auction house, PvE modes, tournaments all the time too.

Darren Christie says:

Sadly Arena is dead before it lands. Not on iOS, Android, Mac. And won’t be on launch. Yet I know Epic from WWG will be and wih their much smaller dev resources.

Trajan says:

All these magic streamers who drink the kool aid desperately want to keep their club super exclusive. These people are bullies.

Eltheran says:

FGO JP is 2 years ahead of NA and Aniplex seems to want to keep it that way.

Wasithpol Wasithpol says:

I just got my mtg key a week ago though not from the beta tester but through email maybe there really going through the list

Jarl of Swot says:

I’d refer to Emma as a bitter old hag at a young age.

RiddleOfLightning says:

how do they find out your mtg arena account name and link it between face book or twitter unless you use the same exact tags

Searibox says:

Im going to go a step further and advice agains playing arena even without spending for the very same reason – unjust banning , if u are FTP player you will still lose all the cards you SPEND TIME instead of money to collect, all the time that you thought was filled with enjoyment will turn to bitterness. Besides arena is clearly inferior to IRL mtg, which btw is starting to suck as well.

asbury collins says:

everone got 5 keys. and severel people i know got access within a week of requesting. so its pretty much if you want it you got it..

Nolidior says:

I don’t have a Twitter, so I had no idea you made such twits. These messages gave me really great laugh and a lot of positive energy, thank you MTG LION!

Donny says:

I was in one of the first waves of MTGA beta access, I received the 5 keys and have done zero with them. That tells you how I am feeling. Keep sharing the content, thank you!

jack Denihan says:

your voice is unique like your moms opinion on your looks is opinion. lmao just cracking on your voice with love, where i am from that how we show your the homie, if you got butt hurt you got kicked out of the “club” your voice sounds annoying but your insight is great keep up the good work, wish i could spend 5g + on card games and not feel like a no lifer love tcg ElectronicTCG(if we go lifetime cap shitt yugioh drain my wallet)

M Guerra says:

MTGA is a good game and will not fail. It is the absolute best version of MTG that has ever existed, even as a beta, and that is counting the paper game. Paper MTG is dying, so if MTGA fails then there is no future for any MTG product. That being said, you make a good point about your account never being safe. If you do play you need to be sure to never reveal your account name to anyone. The true lesson here is to always stay anonymous when dealing with WOTC in any way.

Bhut_Trolokia says:

It’s better to sink $ 100,- on some freemium online only smartphone app game than on MTG Arena.

MTG LION says:

Wedge fans are in mass numbers today. They must have read “whale” and got confused… A whale in mobile games is not actually a whale….

joey s says:

if you want that redhead you better buy her quick or I will

Shuchun Liu says:

today marks the day i quite magic, i have a collection worth 17.5 k on tcg low. everything that transpire has lead to this moment.

Harry Butte says:

I honestly don’t see how WotC stays in business, they have the absolute worse business practices that you can imagine. Currently, I think I will avoid giving WotC anymore of my money.

I spent wayyyy too much money on Clash of Clans…

xxnwoxx0 says:

At my draft last night a new player asked the judge if he thought magic was on the upswing and he quickly answered yes…  boy did I bite my tongue on that one!

Harry Butte says:

I just discovered a video of card shop life when they interviewed you :o! You were wearing a cowboy hat 😀

R B says:

So I love you but disagree with some of your logic. Two things. First, there could still be a list, but they rewarded current players by allowing their friends to play. This is a smart move because if your social circle is playing you are more likely to play. This happens with every game near release. I take this as a sign they are trying to get this out the door. Second, this is common. I have beta tested many games, my first was Star Wars galaxy, and then WoW closed beta 2, and many since. What you are saying is true, early on. Back in those days they didn’t let your friends play until open beta. However, this is the era of pay for beta early release crap. Since that trend started, games that are really testing have sent friend keys out to keep you hooked. I can think of dozens of example. So I don’t disagree with your assment. I am disagreeing with your facts. Thanks and keep up the good work

po1980 says:

Notice that we know nothing about the politics of the people that make Fortnite. And it’s like the most profitable game ever. Go figure!

Rocket Insano says:

Lion ffs


NathanielTheLibtard&ShitTierWeeb says:

As a left leaning person, I have nothing to worry about. Lol Plus I don’t post my tasteless jokes on social media either. Plot armor ftw

Edward jones says:

first comment!!!!

llamapi3 says:

Yea nope, why do you think there is no in game chat. To me, that’s retarded. Let me talk shit.

Greg says:

lol the tweets, I’m dying over here, they’re hilarious!
But for real dude, you need to calm down on the moble games. When you spend like an addict they win, not you.

Matt K says:

WOTC has become extremely and aggressively political favoring far left politics.  MTG Arena is just a way for WOTC to force their political beliefs onto their customers under the threat of ban and losing the cards you paid for.

Matt K says:

Buying into MTG Arena is a terrible idea for anyone whether they are a whale or a casual player.  You don’t own the digital cards, but you pay for them and those cards can be taken from you by WOTC anytime for any reason.

SinnerJ says:

Here I thought I spent a lot on mobile games… thank you for making me feel less guilty.

The Goth King says:

I just want a decent R/U/W commander.

Kelvin Corp says:

Why do you guys support an company that don’t want you as there customer ? Let it just die come on. Let it die so we can have fun

Rolando Castillo says:

Mtg arena is okayish, not really worth putting any money into it.

Shawn Rothschild says:

MTG Arena is garbage. I spent maybe 10 hours on it trying to give it a shot. It feels the same as MTG on PlayStation 1 lol. JUNKKKKKK

JRK Coade says:

I was in the MtGA closed beta, and gave away my keys. Only 1/5 is still playing. I thought the game was an improvement to modo, but I had some issues as to how the counterspell/stack was presented. I’m not sure how much is improved because I uninstalled it. I have no interest as it will never support older formats. I don’t see how this will interest people long term, they are late to the game, and younger crowd has so many better options of what to spend their time with. Looking back, the Twoo banning will go down as one of the major events that started the downfall of the ‘community’ this company praises so much. The guy has turned his life around and has a positive message in leader ship, growth, life skills. While we praise those who are takers, we ignore those who are giving back…

Drinkwithclass says:

Dude I’m F2P about 3 months and I have 85% of all the cards available, at least 1 copy of each, arena gives you free shit ALL THE TIME

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