Dominaria Set Review | The Command Zone #206 | Magic: the Gathering Commander EDH

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Show Notes:
Dominaria is here! And it’s chalk full of Legendary creatures and other goodies that seem specifically geared towards the Commander format. Tune in and find out which cards we think are going to make a splash in the format.


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C4CerealCrew says:

With Firesong and Sunspeaker would copies of white instants and sorceries giving you life trigger the lightning bolt for each copy?

Chris Cox says:

Benthic druid is a powerhouse.

Pockets GC! says:

Firesong sunspeaker with the primal amulate from ixilan. Double dose

ODIRGO says:

what about Sram??!!! you said that there was no monowhite commander that gives you card advantage other than Teshar. Well…

flixitus says:

Squee, the Immortal instead of Misthollow Griffin in Food Chain Decks? Its one less mana to start the combo

Unknowngamer 224 says:

Ok it an hour long video and I’m gonna make a comment about watching the first 15 min. What I am going to say is that it is op. All those cards are ridiculously op especially for low cost mana.

EloquentTroll says:

No love for Grunn? Seriously, kicked he takes half of starting life total, Xenagos and Rafiq will allow him to one shot people.

Donna Sprague says:

gosh, you guys are so Debbie downer on these cards, it doesn’t even feel like the real you guys. It’s like star trek with alternate Spock and Kirk

Blackoutbingo95 says:

how excited are you two for the dominaria Game Knights?

john p says:

helm of host makes Giesllia and Areila in boros completely broken. This is the card that boros needs.

Joanna Winters says:

Hey Command Zone! Enjoyed the episode, but it was kind of disappointing the way you discounted so many of the commanders. What about your viewers who are interested as much as making a specific card work rather than making a “good” deck? You could have at least mentioned what some of the commander decks would look like. For instance, just off-hand be like “An adeliz commander deck might try to play a bunch of wizards, and then storm off with cantrips and make them all huge.” Just saying.

Flávio Margato says:

I think the saga with Nicol Bolas in the art is one of the best! And does everything that I love in the game.

TheTotalTurtl says:

Helm of the Hosts x Gideon of the Trials 0.o

Mauricio Wolf Wilwerth says:

Not sure if anyone has already asked this, but…where the Hell is VIVIEN? How can WotC reveal the coolest artwork for a planeswalker EVER, only to NOT make it a card later?

Mordalon says:

It’s also a big misinterpretation to see The Weatherlight’s ability as just “draw a card”. Crane only lets you dig 4 cards deep, only chose an artifact, and only does it once. Weatherlight lets you dig 5 deep, chose any artifact PLUS any legend or saga, and lets you do it every single turn. And this isn’t just drawing a card, you are looking at the top 5.

Everett Statz says:

Also, Helm of the Host. I run a Narset, Enlightened Master “Voltron” deck and this particular card would be insaane in my Narset deck. I’m really looking forward to possibly getting this card at the pre-release.

animahon3000 says:

Can you guys publish your podcast on spotify too?

XenoSmasher says:

Yeah Dominaria has a lot of interesting cards, especially the commanders, but I think only a few of them are good. Most of the ones that you think are good are ones that I think are good. I think the best commanders of the set are in no particular order

Grand Warlord Radha
Slimefoot, the Stowaway
Tatyova, Benthic Druid

Out of all of these I think Jhoria is going to end up being the most powerful. If not her, then Muldrotha.
I think Slimefoot is going to be very good! Also you can win with infect using his ability since he deals the damage from his ability.
130:26 Cabal Stronghold also says basic swamps, so Urborg doesn’t help Cabal Stronghold.
Yeah I thought of you too Josh when I saw Raff Capashen, Ship’s Mage, and I think that’s the commander that I’m most excited for!
The other commanders that I’m excited for Grand Warlord Radha and Muldrotha, the Gravetide.

Mordalon says:

I understand not being up on the lore, like not getting that the characters with names Capashen and Vess are related to characters with those names, but I couldn’t believe what they said about Karn being evil in Dominaria.

VGJustice says:

On Evra, you could do some absolutely disgusting things with her just as a blocker. Don’t attack with her until you’re 100% sure, but just keep four mana up and use her as a massive life gain threat.

Everett Statz says:

I have to say that Evra, Halcyon Witness seems like a pretty insanely powerful commander and might just be the card that brings mono white out of the bottom of the playable colors. I’m also pretty hyped about Guilded lotus making a return since i’m one of the few in my play group that doesn’t own one and could really use one (or two/three).

ismail köylücü says:

johs you love vedalken orrery and you play a lot of blue decks why arent you playing leyline of anticipation

Cody Watson says:

Release to the Wind can get eight More 2/2 zombies out of Josu for the kicker cost Only!!

hellraiserward says:

This episode is a bit surprising. it wasnt that long ago command zone mentioned that commander is the “have fun” format. I guess when i see a card for commander half the fun for me is building a deck around it and trying to make the ability work, not looking to see if there are other commanders that can do the job better. In that regard Dominaria looks like its going to have a lot of fun new kitchen table commanders.

Shanon Kallhoff says:

Great show! Josh, build Garna, the Bloodflame, please! Jimmy, build Grand Warlord Radha, please!

Maxwell Ware says:

I think it’s important to note the effects of flicker spells/abilities for Sagas. If you flicker a Saga, you get its first chapter ability immediately, and it gets “reset.” This could be particularly interesting for lockdown cards like Fall of the Thran- if you have a Brago, you can repeatedly destroy everyone’s mana base.

Cody Watson says:

Whisper!! Tetsuko Umezawa!! You guys didn’t hit em all.

Andrew Hallila says:

Yargle lol a frog with a story

Patrick Herward says:

5 color Nekusar deck reference: Drink!

Jerod the Madman says:

Duel of the fates most definitely is the best star wars song.

Joshua Giesler says:

Most excited for Urza’s Ruinous Blast for my Noyan Dar deck.

ismail köylücü says:

i think you are underestimating the buy a box only commander. if you cast a spell that is both white and red (e.g. boros charm) it deals 4. it has lifelink you gain 4. you gained life from it so it will deal 3 more. thats a 11 life swing for 2 . not even talking about lightning helix. it is much crazier. it deals 9 and gains 6 so 15 life swing. there are a lot of cards like that. also the new karn is just busted in commander since it is like a colorless phyrexian arena for mostly white and red commander decks that can if necessary create blockers. also the plus ability in a multiplayer game can be a political tool that an opponent can give you the good card to defeat the leading player

stan marsh says:

Do people not understand how strong tatyova is? Fetch lands, boundless realms, splendid reclamation there are so many fun ways to break her

andrew saunders says:

Squee… food chain… nuff’ said

Mordalon says:

They bring up RW equipment and don’t mention Tiana?

Suzuki246 says:

Evra, Halcyon Witness’s ability exchanges life total with her attack power, so wouldn’t her attack be at 40 instead of 44?

Tetsumi Uyehara says:

I respect the fact that you guys aren’t trying to push Brawl.

Dr Magifish says:

Whens the next game knights?

Patrick Herward says:

Canal Stronghold – Basic Swamps

panther771 says:

Did they mention a new format called Brawl?

sideburnz711 says:

Yargle is shaped like a friend and is best commander. I want to play a green black ramp to Yargle.

Grandpas Magic says:

Aryel is pronounced R – E – L, not like the mermaid.

Levi V says:

The panther in the mending of dominaria is miri!!!!

ripster009 says:

Legendary Ape king

S1L3NTDr460n says:

Helm of the Host. Gunna break so many things in EDH.

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