Dralnu vs Adun Oakenshield vs Gonti vs Titania EDH / CMDR game play for Magic: The Gathering

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Decklists will be up in the future! I caught an awful head cold flying back to Montreal, so I’ve been taking it easy for the last few days. If Thursday’s game sounds like I’m dying… well…. yea…

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►This game was filmed at Gamerz Co-Op in Montreal, QC

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“Egomont Overture” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

“Tenebrous Brothers Carnival – Act One” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


John Doe says:

dralnu is always doing something ridiculous

Daniel Palamarchuk says:

3 visits?! That’s an expensive ramp card…

IcedNeonFlames says:

Holy crap those RKF mats look gorgeous

LaserfaceJones says:

I bought a mat from FSG at ~1230 at night on the 1st of June, will I be eligible for the giveaway?

Joseph Molettiere says:

Your new intro is creepy

Garrett B says:

I really love your channel. It is easily the best on youtube for EDH matches that don’t take hours to watch. As someone who doesn’t know magic very well and loves to learn about the cards, I ask that you please go back to your previous format where the cards are large when you announce them, and then shrink down shortly after. In your much older videos and this one, I have to keep pausing to look up the card because I cannot read it in the video.

amethystwyvern says:

Didn’t like how Dario threw Kevin’s card back at him. I get that he was salty about all the saccing but that’s mono black control.

Fernando Rojas says:

please make a daxos the returned deck and play with it!

BT Gamenight says:

Thank you so much for the kind words good sir! Titania is easily one of my Top 5 favorite commanders of all time! And it was an honor to play it on your channel! Cheers to 20k subs and to another 20k more in the near future!! ^^

cloaking says:

I’m really curious about Darios deck, could you ask him for it when you see him again?

Septred's Palace says:

Hey Muddstah this is probably going to seem like a funny question but does your patreon Nerdysocks wear probably over thigh high socks while wearing great big glasses that almost don’t fit on the head? lol

Lucarioguild7 says:

Will Muddstah ever not get punished for keeping 1-2 lands?

Marionettetc says:

Zendikar’s roil!?????!

Alexandre Mantovani Negro says:

i love those videos, even more when Titania shows up, because i envy some cards that i don’t have :v
and keep the good work, greetings from Brazil o/

Vinyl Scratch says:

You should try more land in your deck. I find that many decks that I find online all have great ratios and combos but around sub 36 lands and when I try them out with friends I’m always early mana screwed like you keep getting but on occasion it will be great and go off. I once had 6cards in rocks and 34 in lands that tap for mana but was mana screwed. Not saying anything about where you are making deck fyi just using that to relate the situation cause I’m meh at edh deck making

My solution was always run 37-45 lands that tap for mana and however many rocks you want. While this might kill efficiency towards win con you aren’t mana screwed.

Edit: you did recover well and it is fun hearing the comments about land situation. I did type this before the video ended. But rip ur rng 37 lands and rocks and mana screwed which I have seen happen, that is what I call my friends tasigur deck some times

Billable says:

I love you man but I gotta be honest: I hate that new intro you got it’s so annoying and I feel pretty childish when others hear it as background noise on my lunch break lol

Andrew Velazquez says:

I do not like the intro. But great vid.

Clayton Handshy says:

Rhystic Study doin work !!!!

Oscar Madera says:

This was a solid ass game.

Therealw1bz says:

Why does EVERYONE tap backwards?

Saltine Gaming says:

For your intro. Use the snicker from the raccoons in Happy Tree Friends. It would work better.

Ken Decena says:

Great video as always! Do you by any chance have the Adun’s decklist? I’m really interested in building that type of deck. I hope you continue putting out your videos.

Stuart Pratt says:

A minor thing that didn’t impact the game. When Chris made Thespian stage a copy of dark depths the copy that is sacrificed to the ability can’t be the same one that is sacrificed to the legend rule. This is because the state based actions have you sacrifice long before the trigger resolves. How that is supposed to work is he should have sacrificed the original Dark Depths to the state based action and Thespian Stage to the trigger, losing both lands.

amethystwyvern says:

I have 3 entries for the box, hope i win!

DEATHofMAN says:

GOTTA remember your roil triggers son!

Spicy Soul says:

Shuffling in EDH is awkward af. Lands get clumped way to much

TheManAndTheLedgend says:

Love the videos but one thing is that on mobile, it’s really hard to see the cards and read the text. I don’t know a lot of the cards that are being played so I have to pause and read cards at times. Increasing the size of the middle card would be awesome.

Danny Mercier says:

Hey if you are at mtl last week BONNE St JEAN 😛

Noah Jaffe says:

This video features a lot of things paling in comparison to Cabal Coffers

Richard Blocher says:

1:25 Two Blighted Woodlands instead of Zendikar’s Roil

DarkEinherjar says:

I find the amount of salt against the Kiki + Conscripts combo very amusing…

I don’t think it’s a “lazy” combo at all: despite being a two-card combo, its main piece is a 2/2 creature that’s extremely easy to counter, remove or neutralize, as long as the opponents have available mana and the instant speed answers (or Propaganda or other effects that limits the amount of creatures that can attack you on the field). Both pieces also cost five mana each (and Kiki has RRR in his cost), meaning there aren’t many scenarios where both will enter the battlefield together and unopposed, like the one in this game. I would raise more eyebrows if, instead of Zealous Conscripts, the player were using Perstermite, Deceiver Exarch or Village Bell-Ringer, because these cost two less mana and can be flashed into the battlefield during the end step before that player’s turn (Pestermite and Exarch also come with the bonus of tapping down an opponent’s land), thus making the combo harder to stop.
Everything I said above also applies if, instead of Kiki-Jiki, Splinter Twin is used. In fact, it’s even more fragile because bounce effects permanently stop it.

I’m still hoping to see someone try to use this combo and get insta-murdered by Rakdos Charm… 😛

ManaJack says:

Two blighted woodlands in opening hand???? Cheater lol

Saint Raze says:

Love your vids, recommend them to everyone, but man i hate that intro.

Sephyrias says:

It can’t be that you don’t even draw mana rocks with the Dralnu deck in like 7 turns. Were you only running like 5 of them? You need at least 10 to play on curve with all those cmc 3+spells in your deck.

Hakkai Requiem says:

What’s your opinion on Kess as opposed to dralnu for a flashback deck?

Mark Jelfo says:

You should have run 38 lands. Would have fixed everything.

eli c says:

Could you redo your title for the video? The Gonti and Titania names don’t match with the picture. Also I noticed you showed two blighted woodlands in Chris’s opening hand not a Zendikar’s Roil.

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