Emmara vs Lazav vs Sram vs Samut EDH / CMDR game play for Magic: The Gathering

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Emmara: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/justselesnyathings-emmara-token-swarm/
Sram: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/justwhitethings-sram-voltron/
Lazav: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/justdimirthings-lazav-clones/
Samut: https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/samut-voice-of-the-big-boot/

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►This game was filmed at Gamerz Cafe in Montreal, QC

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“Brandenburg No8” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


John Kendall says:

I can’t think of any easy ways to break Emmara/Earthcraft any further. It seems WotC has been smart about not putting an Intruder Alarm effect in Green/White.

Though closest thing I was able to research is a magical Christmas land combo that would require Emmara+Earthcraft+Companion of the Trials+Any Gideon Planeswalker. You can make infinite tapped soldiers that way at instant speed.

hawkeye137137 says:

If you liked Odric’s ability, have a look at Master Warcraft too. In addition to doing what Odric can do, it can also act like a Fog or you can make a person attack another, making them do the worst trades in a Magic game ever. Pretty fun and flexible card.

Avish Shandar says:

Go a little slower when you talk its hard to follow if your eyes are not glued to the screen. If you do that and stick to your upload schedule I think you will corner EDH gameplay videos on Youtube.

spencersonnier1 says:

I’m a man of simple tastes. I see Sram, I click.

Paton says:


BloodLegaZ says:

I would have had to have lazo be gisela, and then dimir doppler the gisela in the yard. Since Lasov keeps his name you could have had everybody else take x4 damage and yourself take 1/4 of it.

Kenneth Lawson says:

umbral mantle and emmara. BRUHHHHHH.

steve fitch says:

oh emmara soo busted. But sram was cooking with some gas, one of the few monowhite commanders that can get hairy really fast.

Daniel Obert says:

Is it Right to reveal your Card With the etali trigger when you have phased out?

Ryan Hansen says:

I don’t understand why you don’t just win right away with Eartcraft and 9,000,000 tokens, please let us know. Edit. I think I see it now, the land doesn’t have a squirrel nest on it, okay.

Fearthecow792 says:

The game could have been very different if anyone realized that Godsire has vigilance. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Trey Conover says:

YES the goblin noise we all need!

Dustiness says:

Jason seems somewhat displeased with the result of this attack…

Ihury Poletto says:

Sram run run run for nothing

RebootThis says:

You should get a goblin noise from Goblin Slayer

T!TO says:

>earth craft
>doubling season

Me: Holy shit this is gonna be so cool!

“I’ll cast Tooth&Nail for AoZ and CHB. I win.”

I’d honestly reconsider my entire life if I was that desperate to win a game of Magic.

Dean Jackman says:

Woah, the narration is definitely slowed down. I like it.

Ondřej Bronec says:

Great game as always. An Observation: Jason could have killed David in his last turn by sacrificing Clique instead of Slime with his tower and then getting back Aurelia from David’s graveyard with clique. This would have amounted to 2 combat steps with 8 flying power doubled by Gisela. 8x2x2 = 32. He would have probably still lost being only at 5, but at least he would have given himself outs.

Roque Dietrich says:

I love that hand thing Jason does when he first asks to see David’s graveyard. Hahaha!

Matthew Peterson says:

Hey muddstah, I would really appreciate if you added in what gets mulliganed away. I don’t know how much that takes for time but it would help people see and learn magic better for keeping hands for newer players.

Lucarioguild7 says:

Muddstah with that classic green win

Plain says:

Moving your hands above the board is part of Teferi’s Protection casting cost?

Cole444Train says:

Sram going off like that should’ve never happened. He kept tapping artifacts to cast other artifacts. It only works for nonartifact spells.

DarkEinherjar says:

Okay… what’s the problem with Tooth and Nail, people? What, are players not allowed to play good cards in this show now?

Expropriate was cast two weeks ago and didn’t cause such a fuss. Does only blue get a free pass for casting OP spells?

dreddbolt says:

Weird nitpick, but it isn’t Saymutt, it is Sahmuut. The Amonkhet block is an Egyptesque one, after all.

PlotwistInc says:


RIOT says:

Some days a cheap win is better than a loss. Gotta love Avenger-Hoof combo.

Alexander E says:

Yeah Odric is an old favorite of mine. I used to have a white wheenie beatdown dead that he piloted and he can make some stupid damage go through

Ike Miller says:

not generic enough :rage:

Stuart Stone says:

Teshar in the Sram deck? Interesting. I tried that but yielded no results. But I hope Jason’s deck has Myr Smith and Oketra’s Monument to bring in the tokens.

ProdigalMadness says:

Just confused by the lack of utilization of Godsire Lazav for attacking and end of turn token making. 🙁

Arman Shad says:

tooth and nail

Rory Phillips says:

Yeah, Josh may have may have cheated just a wee bit with that Statuary.

eduardom65 says:

So did josh ever bother to read inspiring statuary? It’s “nonartifact” spells have improvise. He shouldn’t have been able to cast all those equipments by tapping his equipments.

Pokey Clawz says:

Nothing like sitting back and not playing the game until you can cast tooth and nail. What fun

Piotr Gondek says:

Tutor => combo => win cond, boring

Barry Jimenez says:

Your surprised a card did well with earthcraft? Lol c’mon man that’s the most obvious statement in this video lol

Bruno Casagranda Neves says:

Booooo, that finishing pair was soooo lame…

orsettomorbido says:

12:35 a mood HAHAHA

joseph megill says:

I did not know someone could be so expressive with their hands and Jason is.

Jhook says:

I have Emmara built myself, its fun and can be very powerful. The Tooth and Nail finisher is kinda uninspiring though….Great video as always keep it up!

Genya Arikado says:

Nicely won with Avenger and Craterhoof ;)!

DarkEinherjar says:

I’m going to assume you didn’t put Doubling Season in your Emara deck because you couldn’t afford it. 🙂

There’s also Primal Vigor, but that doubles tokens and counters for your opponents too…

OOM- 32 says:

holy mother of jesus. That earthcraft made you the game. Sram should have problably blown up that

Arthur Demarcq Delormel says:

That lazav is much worse than the new one…. a shame

Classic Sidepart says:

Nice one!!! Really loved all the decks! Surprisingly, Sram got to stick around for quite some time… in my group, he’s always the first creature to bite the dust… left alone, he’s absurd!!!! And once more folks: token decks at some point will just hammer you down 😀 keep an eye open!!!
That Protection was – imo – telegraphed since you tapped out willingly and created quite a boardstate “without” protection of any sort…. it HAD to end this way 😀 LOVE IT!!!!

Nileox Sorrós says:

Great Vid, as always! Have you thought about Selesnya Huatli (Huatli, Radiant Champion for Emmara)?

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