Everything You Need to Know About Magic: The Gathering

25 years and 20 billion cards printed, here’s everything you need to know about Magic: The Gathering.

Unboxing the Magic: The Gathering Dominaria Bundle Pack

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awdhika tauhid says:

please make cardfight vanguard: everything u need to know

C0gislayer says:

İs there actually a magic game to play online?

Jamail44 says:

This is the first time I’ve heard of this.

Bernardo Seixas says:

What accent is that? Irish?

b3t0n says:

phenomenal accent bro

Tyler James says:

If the online version plays like Hearthstone and lets me dust cards and craft the ones I want then I’m down.

Alexander Xiong says:

I like playing Magic. But this video is very misleading and VERY misinforming.

Sillas Lucena says:

everything you need to know: it’s fecking awesome and expensive lol

Tolarian Community College says:

There’s always more to know, which is part of Magic’s appeal. It is complex and requires great thought and effort. The game is worth it, though, and while it is fantastic to play, the best part of all are the friends you end up making.

Ragmesesis says:

More Magic the Gathering on IGN please!

eurosonly says:

Like the fact that it’s over rated?

stryker9816 says:

This is so amazing like UNO.

BlazingSerenade says:

Schemes aren’t inherently used in the 1 v 1 format – Schemes are used for the multiplayer Arch-nemesis variant – just thought I’d let IGN know they got something wrong

Evil Ducks says:

You got so many things wrong in this video IGN. Psychic corrosion does not make them discard cards, it makes them put cards from their deck into their graveyard. Discard is a whole other mechanic.

Real music/WWE 2k Footage says:

Bye nerds

Jacob Suber says:

24 Squirrels against 1 Giant Wurm

Mathemagikal says:

Too bad their PC games are awful

IGN DarqEspada says:

Try this game! You wont regret it, but your wallet will.

lokifeyson says:

Yeah I don’t play anymore way to much money involved to actually be competitive, even booster drafts have gotten stale for me

Honey Steel says:

You sound funny.

ZCCcatpaloozer says:

Magic is hella fun

Račman Dominik says:

Why did you posted it now? I dont think a new card edition is coming out and you are late af even without that

Alex Grinnen says:

Anyone else click because they thought this was for some upcoming game or series or something?

Yagi says:

This is a part of a huge marketing push from MTG, after they’ve been hemorrhaging players to games like Hearthstone for years. MTG isn’t “growing”, it’s actually dying really rapidly due to absolutely idiotic decisions by both the design team and the marketing team.
The game was always downright abusive when it came to beginning players, utilizing P2W mechanics to their fullest extent. Now they’ve completely lost touch with the core playerbase.

Izandai says:

2:58 Psychic Corrosion doesn’t make a player discard cards.

Luke Drinking from Alien Titty says:

What you need to know now: it’s been 2 years and they haven’t fixed the card stock bending

Spillage Studios says:

I recommend Eternal Card Game if you like Magic ~~~

Justin Ross says:

It’s a love-hate relationship for many who picked this game up in the past. After a bunch of expansion you can’t really “not return” and now a PC game coming out, may as well check out what’s being offered for the new generation.☕

DigitaleHelper says:

Game is top notched

Steve Ozone says:

0/10 ign. Too many cards!

muradi janashvili says:

Richard garfield is working on valve’s new card game Artifact!

2pogiyou says:

Cryptic studios is currently creating an mtg mmo so its coming to pc nice.

Evan Wyatt says:

Please make more magic videos

BattleModeBainbridge says:

Glad to see it still going

Izandai says:

2:53 Volcanic Dragon and Windreader Sphinx aren’t new. Any why did Red only get an uncommon shown off?

Immutable Sky says:

So maybe they can save our dying format standard. (At least in my town, only two people show up)

Gravio KheZu says:

Any new apps expected?

Phokey Dhoo says:

“Paved the way for esports.”
No. Not even a little bit. Televised Magic was a complete failure esports is founded completely on Korean Starcraft.

Kay Lew says:

This really takes me back to my childhood. 10, 11 and 12. I loved it a lot. My favorite part had to be the artwork. It made my imagination go wild. It might sound corny, but I made the world in my head and imagined myself in the art pictures and made up the world around me. I don’t know, it was fun and I was young. Thinking back, I only got out of It because of stuff going on in my life. It was a big part of me for a while. Glad to see it’s still around and people are enjoying it

chaoshellbound says:

“Everything you need to know about MTG.”

Video is 4:32


Epic Rabid says:

Mtg arena?

zztzgza says:

hahaha a 4 minute video for this game does not do it any justice. You better re-upload with a few hours of content if you want to cover everything. Or better yet people should just go read Mark Rosewater’s articles on dailymtg cause he explains more than anyone on ign will ever be able to about Magic: The Gathering.

Odynn Cecil says:

Honestly, I know some people are mad they are just now getting to this, but I’m happy to see one of my favorite games get some spotlight. Been playing for 10 years and sont plan on stopping any time soon.

cristian santos says:

Is magic arena coming to ps4 too?

Aliquid Gaming says:

Best for digital/online play is MTG Arena, Elder Scrolls Legends and Gwent.
If IGN did those games, especially MTG, more I would resub.

C-Matt says:

I love magic and have been playing since I was 10❤️

EAG* IronManZ08 says:

Can we get a video like this for Yu-Gi-Oh @IGN

Silent Clockwork says:

omg dat accent <3

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