Getting Started on Magic Online for $20 (2018 Edition)

From downloading the clients, to getting cards, to playing your first match, everything you need to know to get started playing Magic Online for just $20, updated for 2018!

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de anna wen says:

Can’t find the two tix red deck on mtg goldfish

Metalsnake says:

Not paying for digital cards. Already pay for physical ones. REAL cards. Typical of online gaming that try to rape you of your wallet with exploitation. I hope this doesn’t kill the real game, considering Wizards are a multi-million dollar company now they could make this online game free to play. Besides there is a way better online card game that is free to play. It uses the Steam platform. Infinity Wars. At least in that game older players will donate or trade cards.

hans lund says:

Had a account and i tried loging on right now. Last time logen in 2-3 years ago, account deleted gone. Spent alot of money on that account, so it reminded me why you shouldnt spend much money on online stuff. Its really never yours.

Benjamin Hillware says:

Oh my god we have the same birthday! May 29th

Nate Mueller says:

Wow that intro didn’t age well…

Yvon Turcotte says:

Got this message on MTGGoldfish : “This deck is not legal due to the following reasons”. Not a good way to start MTGO 🙁

staydatie says:


QuidPanic says:

Please Make a late 2018 early 2019 edition of this

Kaiyuni says:

I’m actually a little insulted at how bad this UI is. Coming from someone who only played MTG 2013/2014 (on Steam) when it comes to online MTG, I genuinely can’t believe at how archaic this interface appears.

cristian valencia says:

podria ser en español porfavor

John Stone says:

Really helpful, cheers.

quantumperception says:

Hate to be that guy, but if you spend $10 to buy-in (presumably more after tax), and have to buy 11 bucks worth of tix (again, more after tax), that is already more than $20. That said, I have been playing mtgo since the early aughts, and love it, so I have probably spent hundreds. Also, I thought the initial buy-in was $20; has it gone down, or am I remembering wrong?

Jason Burge says:

So MTG Goldfish says it isn’t a big deal to still get into Magic Online even if Magic Arena is coming. But, what does everyone else think about that?

Anthony Rogers says:

Wait so the startup is $20 with the 10 buy in to MTG Online included with it so it is $20 dollars USD. but he still says to spend $11 to bring the total to $31. Not only that seeing the other comments a card is banned so this deck is incomplete( Although by now 05/19/18 the deck could be more costly or cheaper depending on card cost) , I am better off at playing paper mtg then this until mtg arena is released (Note* this is due to my own living situation)

Tony Power says:

Very helpful thanks. Just took the plunge!

Amazingmandan333 says:

The welcome decks are part of the Amonkhet block. They are standard as long as Amonkhet is in, which means the cards like shivan dragon are standard playable.

Oscar Trujillo says:

It’s been a while since I’ve played paper MTG and I wanted to get back by playing MTGO, after seeing all the comments and reading/watching about arena, I don’t thinks it’s a good idea for any NEW players to invest in MTGO. Just wait for arena, invest in it and grow along with it, might not have all the accomodations you might want right now, but it will be a fun ride.

Arthur Herbst says:

For getting started pauper is probably best for budged players…

MrSlyxx says:

Wait a minute…. Why doesn’t Wizards just get smart and combine Arena with MTGO? I mean… they could keep the same player base and players could keep their cards. This seems like a win/win.

Supa Snake says:

God why are they still using this ancient client…it’s ui and ux design is extremely dated.

fretduster03 says:

is it pay to win?

MrTinklez says:

man your voice is so fucking annoying

ItsSNAFUagain says:

Doesn’t work. This deck will very rarely win a three game match. You may get one of the three but that’s it. There are simply too many people running expensive tier 1 decks in friendly league to even stand a chance of breaking even. Unless you want to invest a lot of money on a good deck MTGO is just like paper magic. Don’t expect to win. Just have fun playing and that’s the best you can hope for.

Cees Buijteweg says:

I love your game play men. I am subbed to your TY channel and watch allot of your vids with much joy. And yes I do own a MTGO Account and a good small collection online. But honestly how the *peep* can you even encourage a game like this these days? The graphics suck big time! The prices for pixel cards are OUTRAGEOUSLY INSANE (you can’t denie that man). When you start this game ano 2018 it has becomes a pay 2 win game. Where you need to compete vs hundreds of dollar costing decks (some cost even thousands of dollars WTFFF) attempting modern & commander gameplay. And then if you want to play a “tournament” is costs again 2 dollar per game…. With as a winner reward a loot box…. >< For a game so ugly, outdated, and so unbalanced player tier based (you will face high end decks as a noob) it doesn't feel right asking so much money. Magic Duals and Arena is far more advisable and worth waiting for instead of putting/wasting money in a game like this ano 2018. If you started this game early you had a change of building a collection, like me. But starting MTGO now is just freaking insane expensive to make it even able to win a game. This was said by a guy that makes enough money... who would rather put it in in real cards.

thomas marceau says:

Wow I got a headache watching you start the account

Addrick Stich says:

yeah.. with arena being free and all… mtgo will have to wait for a bit. Still dying to play it, word is it’ll be free soon, but idk

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