Hearthstone Versus Magic: The Gathering

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Federation of Sleepy Femboys says:

Brawl is complete shit lol

ChaosWolf says:

I lost it at the big ass fireball comment

wingshad0w00982 says:

I’ve tried hearthstone and… it never hooked me. I liked it, I liked it a fair bit, but something about it never kept me going. And, tbh the more I hear about hearthstone growing the more I realized the base mechanics don’t have nearly the depth of magic. It’s a good (arguably very good) 10-15 minute time killer, but it’s hard to really binge on hearthstone.

Twistedlittlesmile says:

Nice for a change of pace. My funny bone isn’t broken.

You’re printing jank Murray

Alex Mendoza says:

Bahahaha do one for yuhioh

PuRe Skillz Gaming says:

MtG for life, hearthstone is okay but i like mtg better

The Dark One says:

Shadowverse? Anyone?

bosh11 says:


MFINN23 says:

All arena has to do is make their limited/draft mode as accessible as hearthstone’s arena mode and they’ll be set. You need to price it so free to play players can play it consistently. In fact you need to make the whole game accessible to free to play. You need to outprice hearthstone players to start leeching their players to build a user base that is invested in your game. This is the thing I’m worried about most though, wizards aren’t known for competitive pricing.

Liam Rochon says:

Great video. It was very funny.

an enemy stand user says:

On a serious note at least Hearthstone is not full off the sjw cancer in mtg, at least not to an extent.

Jay Well says:

I play both. Once Hearthstone got too many random effects, I moved to Magic. Now that I can make some combos on Wild, I’m trying that out now. Still playing Standard, Commander and Draft though (And painstakingly trying to brew a modern deck)

Zephyrr Ka'Drith says:

As someone who plays both games this gave me a real good chuckle. I love the parody of the old school PC vs Mac commercials

ZthlonOPs says:



I play heartstone and magic the gathering,magic is the best game when it comes to a collectable item but heartstone is cool,funny,entertainment and definitely better that all the magic games online,both are different games from each other,can not compare,but magic is love and life

pops91 says:

No offense but arena is going to fail 100% the route it is taking, it is impossible to get packs other than paying money, I play 2 hours straight and I barely get 1 pack, it is the same progression as duels but with pretty images, they need to lower pack prices to 500 imo, if it wasn’t for wildcards I would of already quit the game

The Quiet Whisperer says:

Ha ha! I play both of them so I cant get triggered

Samuel Roberts says:

I just want MtG: Arena to have pauper and commander

Adrian Gutierrez says:

Don’t make fun of muh hearthstone REEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Gregory Rasputin says:

Mtgo is trash

Oscar Andino says:

Also any code cards for magic like in Pokemon

Isaac Chung says:

Hah! I play both of these games…my bank account reflects this.

MRandrew cha says:

So what’s the purpose of this video again? To commence April Fool day?

James Crawford says:

Mtg for sure has better gameplay, since hearthstone is much more luck based, but I still play hearthstone more because of the lesser price.

Wonderful. says:

Modern and commander and

p a u p e r

Shenaldrac says:

“What more could you want?” Business decisions that regularly take the average player, their situation and their needs into consideration would be nice, since you asked. Um. A really good entry ramp into the game too, something I can buy and take to FNM and, maybe not win but at least not get my butt kicked every game, that would be really cool too. An R&D team that takes formats other than Draft into account when designing sets, yeah, I’d be thankful for that too.

Is that enough? I could go on if you like, I’m really good at complaining.

Ty Sylicus says:

I keep seeing the Dominaria trailer on YouTube. So hyped!

Kyle Hart says:

“What more could you want?”

“Modern and Commander?”


Larry R says:

This joke is sooooo last decade, but I can see the point that you are trying to argue.

thebfin314 says:

That super metroid jab was brutal. Lol

Pt S says:

No offense, but as a player of both, I’d have to say MTG is more complex often in a clunky way, and not always due to greater depth. And the fact mana screw and flood are still integral parts of the experience, decades after the game’s inception, is just not pleasant. There is a reason no other modern TCG/CCG in existence uses the MTG’s mana system.

Jon Bolme says:

Hey look! Another video where the Prof and Brent/Vapecake killed it! I can’t believe it! Kappa

Tolarian Community College says:

Obligatory: It’s a joke, relax, holy crap everyone, it’s a parody of a 10 year old commercial, not an assault on your gaming lifestyle.

Themistocles says:

solid gold, 4 minutes of rock solid, A grade content.

Andrew Biando says:

Id love for wizards to realize they need to up their game

Chris Gill says:

“Modern and commander” zing

Mike Yohe says:

THe only thing that bugged me (and I’ve been playing HS since beta) is the idea that the WoW TCG was anything like Hearthstone. Two TOTALLY different games. The only similarity is that HS stole some art from it.

Scales says:

Just started playing magic (don’t even have my own deck yet), and I play hearthstone regularly.

I was expecting,

HS: “Hey Magic, my new expansion just came out”
MTG: “Really Hearthstone? That’s great! What cards are you looking to trade for?”
HS: “…”
MTG: “..Uhh, okay, well, how about resell? You gotta be able to make money off your cards right?”
HS: “…Right…”

Luis Humberto Pérez Patiño says:

Now with YUGIOH professor

testthewest123 says:

Hearthstone wins…on the last meter. What’s next in your versus series?

0331ball says:

@noxious is streaming now!

davidiswhat says:

Yet neither of those feature trading. Ptcgo, the only one is a children’s card game.

joppeszus says:

Please tell that guy he’s doing great at the acting! He’s really adding something to the channel 😉

Ty Sylicus says:

“Arena is what we call our draft mode.”
“What a coincidence!”

JacquesSnacques says:

I love this so much

Bastien Clarke says:

Love the parody! More!!?!

Stephen Holloway says:

More of these!!!~!

Quentin Blondel says:

I like hearthstone but u cant compare a quick résumé to a whole novel

Josh Tyree says:

As a long time MTG Player (94) and a Player if Hearthstone from the begining of ifs life I love this video

Impetusk says:

Should make Hearthstone vs. MTG vs. Duelyst though.

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