How Magic The Gathering Cards Are Made (Rivals of Ixalan Preview/Spoiler)

Learn how to build a Goblin Charbelcher deck here:
Corporate Horros await at Ludevic Laboratories Inc:
The Magic: The Gathering CD-ROM Adventure:
An Old Man Doesn’t Want To Be Spoiled!

“Gloria” played by AshlenRose – @ashlenrose
Proxy Card Graphics by Josh Putz – @TheProxyGuy
“That Kid” played by Johnny Squids of
Additional Camerawork by Ben Cassius

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JackingTheBox says:

my sides have left orbit, jesus christ prof

Selke Norris says:

Great video. Do you still need a dollar?

Gavin Turney says:

Asking who brent is really reminds me of your streams prof! Keep up the good stuff 🙂

JollyCoOp says:

I realy enjoyed this episode. Lost everything at dinosaur bolt. Thanks for that.

Paco Val says:

LOVED it! Now I know it was Murray who was behind all that jank!

Playnation Games says:

Loved this video

Rayn3Cl0ud Gaming says:

I have no strong feelings for or against the face or the content.

rjc2337 says:

Fantastic! Thanks for the great content. Also, thanks for the reviews of products as well. I just picked up an ultimate guard boulder for my commander deck that has been in the works for some time now, and it is perfect!

Marth Schroeder says:

Millennials ARE 30…

Flatster says:

My favourite so far prof. Love it.

Anon Ymous says:

“We need more dinosaurs! The kids love dinosaurs! We’ll make a white dinosaur named Seisaur! It’ll be a 6/6 with an activated cost of 6 to give it an additional +6/+6! Perfect! Then we’ll make it cost…7!”

Cogswatch says:

Where IS Karn?

Allan Cerda says:

Ashlen sounds like Harley Quinn XD nice

Davis Hicks says:

Drag him out in a box? I’ll settle for a bundle, but no more.

Mc Parks says:

With all that’s been going down. I’m glad that you are just keeping your head down and putting in work. Great video.

Shivam Bhatt says:

this is incredible. i didn’t think you could top the ‘reading the card’ one, or the old timey radio one.

Izzy Beleren says:

Lmao. I’m 18, and I’ve been playing since Lorwyn block

Jason Kral says:

By far my favorite video you ever made. The voices you two made were great. I need a shirt that says “Make it cost 7” now

noble lashley says:

This is a just a distraction. Nothing important. Nothing of real value. Sell cards and distract from real issues.

Andar Broment says:

….Am I the only one that would legit play Dinosaur Bolt?

TorontoJock1 says:

Amazing spoiler vid! Absolutely hilarious and so well done too.

TwitchNitr0 says:

Art. Art I tells ya. This video is gold!

Silverpicker says:

This is one of your best videos yet!

Sebastian Fiori says:

“You’re making cards for 30 year-olds.” Holy shit.

Zarvolt Gaming says:

Best thing I have seen all year. Oscars all around for everyone on this one.

Gdog42303 says:

This was great,the acting was hysterical..really enjoy the video

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