How to Build a Magic the Gathering Deck (beginners)



Enormous thanks to Hasbro for the give-away opportunity, and the cards supplied in this video! So, this week I teach you guys (mostly beginners, though) how to make your first Magic the Gathering deck. This card game has existed for ages and I only got into it 2-3 years ago, but have had heaps of fun (mostly teaching others to play!). It’s definitely a bit hard to get into since, from the outside, it seems quite complex. If you build a deck this way and then start playing with friends etc. you’ll very quickly pick up how to play, what you need to change, what cards you like, what strategies you like, and what weaknesses your deck has. From the steps in this video, you really just need to test your stuff out and start buying more cards to get a FULLY SICK DECK YO! So hopefully this helps some people out :).

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StruftMuffins Gaming says:

even though this video is 2 years old it really helped, ive only recently started playing Magic the Gathering and I started with the Ajani Deck, but now i have the chandra deck which someone gave to me, I also have a deck of cards that i was given form a draft pick that somebody one it consists of Forest and swamp. Im told its not a functioning deck, but it works and i can win with it. How do i make it a functioning deck. 22 lands in total.

Mai says:

i play green and black
red and white
blue and white
my main is red and white
i used to play red and black
but changed it to red and white because i had a planswalker

Bob Cat1313 1313 says:

I play with green and blue and sun I forgot the name of the sun

levikirkland54 says:

All I heard was Alanah. Everything else after that was just a blur. lol good visuals though.

Aar3nt says:

Was watching some dude talking about a magic man cave with his uncle, then i saw this pretty lady thumbnail to the right —> looks much more interesting :D!

Geko Games says:

Aw shet the givaway ended 2 years ago ;-;

btw, i play white 😛

stone sherrill says:

the physical cards I have from all these packs are mostly white and red so I’m gonna build a deck out of those two 🙂

Gaming Creator says:

I also do magic tutorials, and funny enough I also play death, and I really want my white and black planes walker, grim

Ash Boy says:

I use green and I started because of my friend he got me into it

• SlimeKing3 Productions • says:

She plays black because she tries to be edgy. I play white power. I hate the rest of them. WHITE POWER!!!

Skripter_ says:

my second name is pearce

Caleb Gordon says:

nice hair maybe there is hope for us guys

Matthew blok says:

i play green an white best also my deck is
Creature (23)
1 Scute Mob
2 Caravan Escort
1 Beastbreaker of Bala Ged
1 Knight of Cliffhaven
1 Frontier Guide
1 Affa Guard Hound
1 Turntimber Basilisk
1 Tajuru Archer
1 Daggerback Basilisk
1 Stonework Puma
1 Grazing Gladehart
1 Veteran Warleader
1 Joraga Bard
1 Ondu Giant
1 Makindi Griffin
1 Wildheart Invoker
2 Graypelt Hunter
1 Kabira Vindicator
2 Territorial Baloth
1 Avenger of Zendikar
Sorcery (4)
1 Oust
2 Sheer Drop
1 Primal Command
Instant (3)
1 Groundswell
1 Repel the Darkness
1 Harrow
Artifact (2)
1 Explorer’s Scope
1 Seer’s Sundial
Enchantment (2)
1 Khalni Heart Expedition
1 Retreat to Kazandu
Land (26)
2 Graypelt Refuge
1 Stirring Wildwood
2 Turntimber Grove
2 Evolving Wilds
9 Plains
10 Forest
60 Cards

j fman000 says:

I play green and white

Sean Sharif says:

You’re hot

1LitreofCola says:

Thanks for the video. I’m trying to build a red/blue deck. But I’ve always played with pre built decks from my brother in law or virtual decks, so building my own deck is a little intimidating.

The Eevelutions says:

All I want to know is how many cards in a deck

Zeroy Planeswalker says:

how could I make a voodoo deck

Thomas Gorissen says:

the marsmist titan might cost 7 but you can play it for 3 mana if your devotion to black is 4


You have to have at least 60 cards on a deck. I am a zombie mono black. Or I am a mono red aggro deck. I use liliana deaths majesty and Chandra torch of Defiance.

Jake Colvin says:

Black and Green!

Karvin says:

Is it ok to have 3 colors in one deck? I used swamp, mountain, and water.

pixelmon hunter says:

im also a black player


Hmmmm. pretty girl that plays magic. There’s a first for everything.

ImPro FoShow says:

that dead pixel haha

emeraldwarrior says:

Good god Aus is lucky as hell i dont see any cute girl mtg players in the states damn

FUCK OFF says:

i wish i found a hot chick that played magic, all the ones at my college are fat

Tray Holcomb says:

thanks for helping me


I only have a little pack of cards my dad gave me witout knowing how the fuck to play with them, so i ended up havung them as collectible cards just because. I might give this a try though

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