How to Build Your First Magic Deck

This guide walks you through where to start when you want to build a deck, how to tweak, and what guidelines you should stick to.

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Nintendo Fun House says:

One night I started to build a island theme deck then while I was building it I started to build a mountain theme plains theme swamp theme and forest them all at the same time I got four done and the next day I completed the fifth

La Business Man says:

I know heaps of ppl say keep it to 60 but currently I’ve got a 105 card modern izzet deck and an 85 card standard green deck. I have the nessecary amount of mana cards and the decks are REALLY hard to mill. the izzet deck is a dragon mill deck. its so good. also I know you should always buy singles for a custom deck but honestly opening boosters got me a lot of cards id never heard of but were really good 4 my deck. so yeah

Unauthorized Expression says:

So basically 60 cards and good luck.

Pre-pubescent Beta says:

This is so stupid and wrong, build a net deck, or atleast buy singles and not booster packs

Michael Delgado says:

Jimmy Wong?

Hugo Buitendijk says:

itsjeboi Jimmy

Revan Reborn says:


gaming corp inc says:

Isnt this guy in a tv show called VGHS

Erik Ruano says:

We all know Pokémon is the best card game

dannyaq says:

so is there a video explaining the user interface in the game’s deckbuilder?

Caesar Hmmm says:

Am i the only one who tries to keep an equal balance of creatures and spells?

Mr.Wallice says:

dude your videos are a big help my girl got me back in to the game but i only played it on the xbox just got my first deck builder’s toolkit

jjessegonzaless says:

Can I use a planes walker deck for standard

Judge Dredd says:

Hello World iam New

Weird Boi says:

The Thing is.. Is that I bought a premed deck from walmart BUT IT CAME WITH 64 CARDS!!!

Max Pelosi says:

Ohh so this is Pokemon righttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt?

Lucas V says:

Can you build a deck around 2 characters if possible?

Wicked Donut Films says:


So much funn!!

Is1 _ says:

Too many lands!

jamie Marshall says:

I bought the guilds of ravnica ral planeswalkers deck and in the boosters I got piston-fist cyclops

Sage says:

Just found this channel and you remind me of an actor in video game high school am I the only one

Just another Mtg player says:

I’ve watched this video like five times…. WHY CANT I LEAVE!!!!!!

Liem Solow says:

I’m already a decent deck builder, but I saw Jimmy Wong from The Command Zone, so I just had to click

James Delahunty says:

God Damn it’s Ted!

ItsAsianEJ says:

Guys is it good to build decks with 2 different planes walker decks for example a deck of water and swamp

Benjamin Oyarzabal says:

I have 20 lands 25 creatures and 15 spells in a Boros deck

2002234 says:

That guy is an actor or was??? I’m not sure

Phil Carpenter says:

Thanks, Jimmy (:

Christopher Drum says:

I am an absolute beginner to MTG. I’ve only ever played Windows version back in its first release many many years ago, and now I’m trying the Open Beta. The new open beta doesn’t even begin to explain anything about deck building, and doesn’t explain most of the symbols and meanings of things on the cards. I’m sorry to say this video did not help me feel any more enlightened about the deck building process. I feel just as alienated by the game as before.

Mr. Lasagna says:

What about equipment and artifacts

Beanmachine91 says:

i prefer 24 lands, i hate mana flood sometimes, sometimes mana flood helps

Eddie Congdon says:

My dragon deck from when I was a kid would have destroyed everybody I think it was red blue black

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