How to Play Control with Jumbo Commander | The Command Zone #205 | Magic: the Gathering EDH

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Show Notes:

DJ from the Jumbo Commander YouTube channel makes a guest appearance to talk about his favorite EDH Archetype: the Control deck. Tune in and learn everything there is to know about this challenging style of play!


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Vincent Jo Miranda says:

is this the first face reveal of Jumbo Commander?

Daniel Feeny says:

I looooooove jumbo commander!!! Loved the episode too and so happy he came on the show.

Godless Citizen says:

Cards for control I tend to like are Wash Out, Evacuation, Aetherspouts, Mystic Confluence, and Austere Command, (aside from the obvious choices like wrath of god, supreme verdict, or cyclonic rift). Sphinx of the Final Word, and Nezahal, the Primal Tide are great threats/finishers. I’m yet to try out Hour of Revelation but it seems like it’d be pretty good in certain situations.

xcver says:

Instead of Sadistic Sacrament how about ye ol’ super-classic Jester’s Cap. It is also recurrable 🙂

MrBannnaHead says:

Jumbo is my favorite!!! Voice so buttery

Lumpy Milk says:

AEtherling is my pet card I will put it in any blue deck no matter what

Daniel jarvis says:

hey Josh and Jimmy, i wanted to make a new commander deck that i haven’t heard of before but i don’t know a ton of cards because I’ve only been playing for a couple years, i wanted to make a saproling deck with slimefoot, the stowaway as commander that is focused on making a lot of saprolings and and repeatedly sacking them to deal damage to other player and gain you life. I think it would be a great deck and i really like the idea and i was hoping you could help me with kind of a deck tech?

Dr. Lemonade says:

6:54 “In this format, there’s less aggro. I’m sorry: there’s (some) red decks.”

7:00 “In our format, aggro’s not that great.”

7:39 “(I) actually believe that control decks are the hardest types of decks to play.”

Even though they are contradicting themselves, it’s implied that aggro is actually the hardest type of deck to play EDH, and it’s usually more difficult than playing control.

I could easily teach a new player how to play a Talrand Sky Summoner, counterspell deck, but winning with a Krenko, Mob Boss, token swarm deck requires a higher level of skill, both in terms of building the deck and actually winning with it.

I can murder an entire group of people with my Uril, the Miststalker voltron deck, but I suffered many failures before that deck was properly tuned and I could actually win with it.

By contrast, my very first deck was the 2014, mono-blue, precon deck, and it actually became formidable after I tuned it a little bit. The deck wasn’t well-built: it pretty much had no synergy whatsoever. I would just stall with counterspells and removal until I could play my own big spells.

The reason that particular deck was successful is because blue is a strong color, not because I was a good player or deck builder: in fact, mono-blue control is a great deck type for beginners to learn and win with.

Mono-red is not for beginners, and I make sure to show respect to anyone who smashes me with a Boros deck, since it’s not easy to build one that wins.

That being said, I realize that some control decks do require a greater degree of skill to build and play: Daretti, Scrap Savant, mono-red stax comes to mind, but in general, it isn’t hard to build a Baral, Chief of Compliance deck and counter your opponents’ spells until you win.

In other words, playing control is really as difficult or as easy as you want it to be. Building a competent aggro deck and winning with it is much harder: the average aggro player never recovers or takes too long to recover from a board wipe, and usually the entire table teams up to take them down.

Cade Browning says:

Hadn’t heard of your channel before DJ, but I checked it out yesterday. Wow. So glad you were able to make an appearance. Really enjoying your channel now!

Andrew Velazquez says:

What set is that swords to plowshare from?

MTG Elixir says:

Control in edh is way more BM than infect

Isaiah Kennedy says:

Fix the cardstock wizards

tom ryan says:

i play a kess taking turns control deck, i really like the modal spells like k command and cryptic, the main strategy is play lots of boardwipes and maybe a planeswalker like bolas or ugin, establish some semblance of control then drop something like a metallurgic summoning or a docent of perfection or even young pyro and then start slamming time walks which are particularly good with kess obviously

Vincent Rieger says:

jumbo commander is all the community ever needed! ..(after you guys of course) =D

CKG 1130 says:

Question in card kingdom i can get card singles which free right?

John Jarvis says:

My friends started all playing control, which suuuuper slowed down the games…So i put Saskia infect together.. they play other things now…

blackdragonepic says:

I love vexing shusher so much. I play it in my saski, and the glares I get from some people when I play it and the realize I can shut off their counterspells is so great.

Mark Jaesen Paulino says:

The mentions of Vedalken Orrery and Leyline of Anticipation made me really excited to pull off some historic control shenanigans with Raff Capashen, Ship’s Mage.

I’ll call the deck Flashpoint.

Scott Hay says:

Hey you guys did put my box in the set. Saw it sitting behind Josh’s head back there

Conspirator of Plots says:

Isochron scepter with counterspell in a flicker deck

JT Thompson says:

Man, makes me smile to see DJ on a big channel, he’s always so kind and usually responds to tweets and comments on his videos. As far as control i love playing it mostly because I despise combo decks… although as far as beating control, i try to save a couple of great cards in my hand and use the lesser one to bait out a counter, then drop the better one and watch the player weep.

Fezzaa says:

this isn’t gameknights, stop making this SHIT content and get on with the only reason people sub to this channel. and stop the promoting shit

J Strobel says:

Every episode about commander damage now XD

Will Narramore says:

I’m a hardcore control player and my pet card is Disallow. It’s a counterspell you’ll always be happy to have in your hand, especially if you have some sort of cost reduction on board (e.g. Baral or Jace’s Sanctum). It’s a hard counter that also hits triggered or activated abilities. That turns from a merely good card to run (Counterspell) into a fantastically versatile one.

Seority says:

*waves at Jumbo* Hiiii!!!

Evan Toth says:

the giant d20 in the back… where can I get one??

denis michaels says:

Put a flexible “silver bullet” in every deck thats my motto. When ever i am against control i just play the table, bide my time and out attrition them its fantastic.

SteveVerstaka says:

For over a year I’ve been wanting Jombo Commander and the Command Zone to collaborate on an episode, and I find out you guys are in the same playgroup. Can we make DJ a regular recurring guest?

As for being a control player, a card I keep meaning to put in my decks but would love to hear some opinions on is Telepathy.

Your opponents play with their hands revealed.

I figure not only will this give you all the information you could possibly want on every player but will make your opponents even more paranoid of one another and more prone to answer each other’s threats. Don’t just control the board state, control your opponents aggression away from you.

dolfo10564 says:

REAL vid starts at 57:45

Oliver Passemard says:

As much as I dislike playing against a control deck, it does make me a better player and brings my game IQ up. Being a newer player I am often on the losing end, especially in my meta where guys have been playing for a LONG time. One of my favorite combo that had taken the control by surprise was the Mirage Mirror / Knowledge Pool. I learned it watching Jumbo Commander and that was a defining moment for me. First, none of those guys knew about it so there was an element of gained respect from it. Second, not only did it win the game but it did it when their stuff, not just taking control of creatures but casting their spells. Anyway great video you guys!!

Travy Trav says:

Great to see Jumbo Commander on your show. The video was like watching both my favorite commander channels at once.

Gabby Lukban says:

Mana Maze stops combo and to an extent control. It’s sweet that it’s so janky and old no one in my playgroup knew what it did when I played it lol

TheShockbait says:

I have a buddy only plays a mono blue counter deck I found the best way to attack him is to reduce the amount of mana he has to play stuff ie land destruction or playing elfs and swarming forces him to have the counters almost every turn

Matthew Chhay says:

The only thing worse than a control player is a bad control player.

“Oh, good thing you wasted your Counterspell on my 4/4 lifelinker, now this other guy is going to insta-win off a Tooth and Nail”

SiusBleach says:

Hi, I’m a control player in a combo meta. There are a couple slightly weird things I do to get my win percentage up.

1) I use the graveyard as a toolbox. This is a simply one because you just want to get as much value out of your cards as possible. Just like how a board wipe should try to hit multiple creatures for value, every card in a control deck should try to get extra value either as delve fuel, a reanimation target, or something to flashback.

2) Bounce spells are more useful than you’d expect. Using a 2 mana Cyclonic Rift as a kill spell in response to a Wheel is extremely effective. A new pet card for me is Winds of Rebuke. You like your tutors? Well better hope I don’t just mill your Vamp tutor target with Winds of Rebuke. This is particularly effective against the non-black tutors in that cycle since they have to reveal the tutor target. Also, as an important thing, this really applies more to competitive metas and control decks that use wheel and mill effects. Bounce spells are mostly there to stop combo decks, in particular Dramatic Scepter and Doomsday combo decks.

3) I remember my opponents’ reveled cards and board states. Seems obvious, but a lot of player play casually and joke around a lot while playing. They miss things. Opponent cast Worldly Tutor, make sure they reveal it to the table. Helps you make informed decisions and calling out a tutor draws attention away from you. Also, if you’re using graveyards like me, it helps to remember instead of checking the graveyard every few minutes. If you stop checking, your opponent will forget you checked and get blown out later. I’ve caught plenty of people off guard by reanimating Rec Sage out of opponents graveyards of Scarab God resulting in blowing up a combo piece or lethal aura off a voltron commander.

4) I don’t force a greedy play. I let it happen or slowly sculpt the ideal situation. Control players get to give themselves time for greedy plays, but don’t force it. Wait to act. If you want to cast Notion Thief at end step and Windfall on your turn, that’s fine. Just make sure the coast is clear. Assume your opponents have interaction. Try to get your opponents low on cards before going for the greed, especially if the card is a long term lock piece or value engine like Sheoldred or Jin-Gitaxias.

xakuyer says:

Quite interesting discussion over control decks, DJ is the best ^^

Max Beaujot says:

The talk about threat assessment made me think about a factor that always comes up.

And that’s real world money of a card.

If somebody plays a Doubling Season that to me is a scary card because of what it does and it is a expensive card. That means the rest of their deck could be scary, so I should kill it the player who plays the expensive cards.

Interesting thought on budget in gameplay

Jamum100 says:

Control isn’t taught, it is earned.

Sevortate San says:

i would love to see jumbo Commander on Game Nights ♥ Please do it ^^

David Maier says:

My play group would always turn the table against the control player. That way they get overrun and can’t control us

Martín Kropf says:

You guys NEED to have DJ on the channel for game knights!

Corey Center-Carignan says:

you know when you hear someones voice and you finally see their face……thats whats happening now. now what i expected

KaiTheElusive says:

Not every control deck runs blue

tom ryan says:

i really don’t like counterspells in commander, i play them obviously, but not many just the mainstays, counterspell, swan song and a couple of others…. like you guys said, you answer one persons heavy hitter and the next person just plays another one and you’re left feeling like poop

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