How to Play IRL Magic: The Gathering

MTG / Magic: The Gathering – Getting into Magic the old fashion way!
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Sharkonabicycle says:

Stacking resulted in the biggest ass arguments of all time in MTG when I played with friends. Very few people knew the rules and exactly how it worked, so whenever scenarios like Kripp is playing out at 10:00 or so, it resulted in a giant finger pointing nerd rage reaction from everyone at the table. Even some guy I played with was studying the rules, and I had to explain to him that if I respond to the damage with life gain, the life gain goes on the stack first, so the damage (played first) resolves itself after the life gain. Queue EPIC argument and I had to explain for 15+ minutes how it works and “Go read the rulebook you actually say you’re reading.”

Gabriel Rocha Ribeiro says:

Awful camera angle kripp, cmon

iYukihiro says:

myl > magic

Tolakos Green Love says:

Boring and complicated…

Andreas Siatis says:

I have the same runering with Kripp! 😛 🙂

Johnny Vitale says:

Stay with hesrthstonr you cuck! Dont need to see your annoeying doubke jointed shoulders talk about a game I love and that u play like shit

Niemand Nineteen says:

MtG is a dying game guys, WotC is trying to destroy businesses and people with their psychotic policies.
Do not support this game.
There are dozens more like it, with better quality products and just as much of a world.

lowbearful says:

The camera angle/focus isn’t great, but the sad thing is, it looks better than a lot of paper tournament videos. Camerawork and lighting in tournaments makes for such a poor viewing experience.

Octoshark19 says:

I could listen to kripp read instruction manuals about rando shit tbh

MadPikachu777 says:

All these tips are good and all, but Kripp where do the motorcycles come in?

Michal Varchola says:

in videos like this I recommend to use bigger aperture on your camera (at least F8), so the video is more clear and focused on more areas, like hands and also table

Ryan Robinson says:

actually 3+ color decks are very common in this meta rn

*jund, death shadow, humans flashbacks intensify*

Gamers Residence says:

This in an important video.

Vitor Oliveira says:

Kids today don’t know how good playing MtG was backn in the 90s, begining of 00s

64standardtrickyness says:

someone want to explain why you would ever strangling over murder?

Nightknight says:

hope you convert a lot of people to the light side of card games

Chan GIno says:

Is kripp still playing/Streaming mtga?


Been playing magic since I was a kid I think I first started in 99

NPC_Tsaab says:

When I first started playing MTG, I thought tapping the cards meant actually “tapping” the cards. My first game I just kept on tapping my mana without turning it side-way to indicate it was tapped. Good ol’ days

Jenny Wakeman says:


Samuel Ledoux says:

The camera changing focus all the time really sucks

WQuackbar says:

lands aren’t spells

joseluis paredes says:

Magic = p2w ni66a, change my mind

Corwin Schuerch says:

There’s an online version of this? OmegaLUL

Odd Eology says:

Not everything in magic is a spell: As far as I remember, Lands are not spells.

Denis Gallard says:


AltairLT says:

You forgot to mention if you choose to mulligan you get to Scry 1.

BuzzaB77 says:


Chris G says:

But where are the animations and sound effects? Not even the fancy foil mythic rare has an animation. What a ripoff.

_踊り says:


Wietse Treurniet says:

Go make those live gameplay video’s! if you are able to film them well it is really appealing. Especialy commander!:D

ghostwolfyeah says:

This “tutorial” sounds unsKRIPPted…

dalmacietis says:

No sleeves? You monster!!

neocore says:

I spent $1600 dollars on different glasses trying to watch this video only to realize IRL is just blurry all the time.

Monstercloud9 says:

How do you play it?

Buy cheap, thin cardboard.
Make broken homemade cards.
You’re now playing modern MtG.

Ivan Irawan says:

Plays The Gathering.

molochz says:

Not since Path of Exile have I been this excited to see a Krips video.

Fucking love Magic!

Jake Stowers says:

Kripp casually gets a box hit

KnightSama says:

Next time, Yugioh

Ry-7hym says:

3:50 yeah that thing is worth $14

Danny McGuire says:

But how do you track the goblin bomber RNG irl?

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