How to Play Magic: the Gathering

Magic: the Gathering is one of the most intricate and rewarding gaming experiences there is. Unfortunately, that means it’s also very complicated. Here is a quick primer to get you acquainted with the very, very basics.

MTG Comprehensive Rules:

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Räuber Hotzenplotz says:

Very nice video with some bakugo flair. One mistake though: damage does not decrease toughness. If a creature has at least as much damage as it has toughness it dies. A creature also dies when it has 0 toughness, but damage doesnt die that (except wither and infect)

Paulo Sá says:

I miss mana burn…

Jackson Bowns says:

I’ve never seen Green rarity before. When was this from?

Squid Samnic says:

I had an easier time grasping magic than yu GI oh, it isn’t the most complicated one

Dylan Jackson says:

You should not be saying “this happens… unless it doesn’t”. Just say “this happens”, and at the end say “there are exceptions to these rules. If a card says otherwise, follow the card”

Khalid Sajid says:

What is this anime

Spectral_Force says:

Rest in pieces Giant Growth.

Temphost says:

Im a complete noob, green rarity?

Aron Szegedi says:


Ian h says:

I wish my friends would tear up their cards when i cancel them

Paul Rogers says:

Wasn’t about to sub until I heard the ten subscriber commandments

Angel H. says:

As a Magic judge i have to say you explained the game better than most people do, explaning a little the “logic” behind the game and some of the most common interactions.

And thank you for making clear that Llanowar elves doesnt fetch forest from your deck to the battlefield.

AeonAxis says:

as a yugioh player, i support playing yugioh to choose who goes first

Wessel Jooste says:

Your content is so amazing, like seriously, its so good

niclasfilms1 says:

That Smash reference;D

Cyoot Dragon says:

Aw leave ol nicol bolas alone hes only trying his best

cak01vej says:

I’m a simple man; I hear Hamilton, I like.

Austin Awesome says:

Can I get a mat at for this game?

qwormuli says:


Matthew Simmons says:

So, I know this sounds silly, but that ‘Green Set Expansion’ thing really messed with me. Like, part of me knew that he added that as a joke, but… even though I’ve been playing for years now, I just HAD to make sure. Please God tell me that I’m not the only one…

krgrvnr1 says:

Green symbols. Wow.

DecadentPies says:

All of the picture references made this video even better with exceptional job that the narrator does explaining the game. “Tap that mana kid, we’re having bear for supper.”

Flowey says:

What is green rarity?

TheRealSpellstar says:

your deck should be an average of 40% land my dude
1/3 is only viable if your going hard aggro

Ryan Gainey says:

As an alternative to spending real money on cards and trying to go find real people to be friends with at your local card shop, you can sign up for for free and make decks with any and all the cards you want, including the supremely rare alpha print black lotus. The only downsides are intensive lag spikes, random inexplicable server crashes, a questionable difficulty-level community with some trolls and ragers and mega competitive assholes that will bring their Derevi Stax deck to a game specifically marked “casual EDH”, and problems with uploading new cards into their database (which causes no other cards to be able to be searched until you reload the page) and with copy/pasting your decks from separate urls (like due to there being lots of alternate arts of some cards available, as well as fake cards that can sometimes get swapped with real cards if you don’t check your list carefully enough (the most common fake card I’ve seen people have in their decks as a result of wrong copy/paste is a card called “Arthur Ares”). Also, some people might be annoyed by the uploads of “anime” lands that are just excuses to put extra “production value” (T&A) on magic cards. Frankly though, the site’s totally free, so as long as you have internet access (which you do by default if you’re reading this comment unless you have it as a saved page or you copied my words down elsewhere for some reason) and love to play magic but you’re broke, this is a budget solution. It was created to be a playtester, initially — but the community continues to grow as more and more people see the benefits to playing magic for free without meeting potentially dangerous strangers in person and making life connections.

Azmodeus87 says:

Dayum, that combat phase turned into one existential debacle.

11/10 completly accurate

Unless your Nicol Bolas, at which point fuck everyone else, you got mummies.

TheKawaiigoodra says:

Umm i’m sorry but did you just say that magic is the best card game, bro i wanna see that army of squirrels go up against a 5000 attk utopia the lightning with no effect activation and then see which game is better.

OrderOfGamers says:

Great and hilarious video… Subbed for the Hamilton cover though.

TerrentVision says:

Now go watch a video on how to lose friends while playing magic, also known as “Modern”.

papyaguy22 says:

Please do more mtg related videos

Twinrehz says:

Damage is healed (except when it’s not, see wither).

Anaru_ says:

Please make more videos about Magic. This was fantastic.

Iraklis Pazios says:

Yugioh is more complicated than this….or rather the monsters are.

DanielBProductions says:

Can you tap one land card every turn?

Soryykah Wilson says:

I didn’t know Cancel requires your opponent to rip the offending spell in half. Brutal.

Jordan Burton says:

Cards are way more expensive at LGS. They’re almost always Privately owned stores that can’t afford to charge less for them. But We usually buy ours from them to be nice cuz yanno, gotta support the place We play at.

Xavier Yu says:


D0eDeL says:

Damage doesn’t stick around… unless it DOES. (wither)

Benjii Kahlil says:

have you tried playing yugioh?

jtroopa says:

“By now you should have around 400 cards and not know where most of them came from.”
That is ridiculously, hilariously accurate.

Preston Garvey says:

This was really helpful. I just got my first deck today and I think I got more out of this than the couple of hours my brother and I spent going through rules and doing practice games

Divian Moodley says:

Green filled symbols ?? are you trolling ?

Wolfen says:

I have ADHD but this video had my full attention over 20minutes. Dude filled this bitch with more memes and .jpg I can’t even un-concentrate. Nice vid, tuns of effort went into this

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