How to Play Magic: The Gathering

Video produced in conjunction with Wizards of the Coast.

Magic: The Gathering is the definitive and original trading card game. Head to to find out more.
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Directed by: James Keating
Produced by: Denis Stranjak


Alexing 38 says:

can you do a video of learening but compleate all 100%

Robin Mark says:

This is a great video: thanks. I’m relatively new to to MTG but unfortunately have had a couple of bad experiences with arrogant staff and unhelpful players – even though it’s only been a few times – please tell me this doesn’t represent the community as a whole? It’s a game I’d really love to play. I can learn quickly and commit but feel I need a supportive community to help me to do this. You seem like a nice couple of fellas, I just wish I knew a couple of guys like you!

Cincinnatus says:

Can i get a welcome pack in Germany too?

Whoyouare Will i am says:

So it’s basically like duel masters. Just the power levels are different. Hmm. Interesting.

AMIRCAT 100 says:

I like the concept and all but… It will be hard for me to play because I play Yugioh and think someone played something in defense position when it is sideways

Sean Metivier says:

Should explain four Horsemen, manaless dredge, Lands and belcher to new people 🙂

MTGMaster says:

I never went to Dungeons and Donuts, only in GW in Dublin or Black Kat in Kilkenny looks like a very nice place!

Michael Simoneau says:

cool setup XD

Ottawa3453 says:

We need more Doughnuts at my LGS 😛

Sharhonda Williams says:

Which store can I get the starter cards

jqxok says:

One minor suggestion: At 3:51, it would have been useful if you had explained why you decided not to block.

karizake says:

Very good tutorial.
Over 6000 cards.
Dozens of ways to play.
And a list of rules that reads like a federal tax code.

Jose Romero says:

Thanks for making this video. I don’t feel so overwhelmed. I hope they have doughnuts at the store I’m heading to today. They just started a four-Saturday event for Amonkhet, no experience required. First time player, here. Can’t wait to get a mat like they have on this video. Newb goals.

Adriel Victor Chin Jin Kai says:


Jeffrey Giesbers says:

awesome video guys, this really helps out allot when trying to learn the game to new ppl

Gustavo Wadas Lopes says:

I hope they update and create better versions in the future. This is the best one I’ve ever seem, and surely could help teaching people how the game work.

Glacial Self says:

What about Banding?

oldskoolarcade says:

Nicely done! Real production values, multiple camera angles & graphics!

Also, the information is clear and concise, and would recommend to new players.

Easily Crazy Hat says:

5:28 That draw

Don Mangrubang says:

I am new player starting learn more about magic the gathering card game.

SmaugUKA says:

I’m proud of you guys! Going from where you 2 started from to now is amazing growth as a channel, in production, and as people. Denis you got your wish working for Wizards. (Even if it’s like a subcontractor idea or part time gigs.) I’m going to guess it’ll progress more in the future with how things are looking. Congrats again guys, you two deserve it.

Ryan Matthews says:

I really miss the Windmill Slam drafts. Are you going to get back to those on any sort of regular basis?

mrrandomassduck says:

*looks at pile of legacy decks

i have a feeling this video isn’t for me. xD
(I’m actually in Ireland visiting family and may be in Galway at some point in the summer and now i know what the shop in Galway is called. Excellent lol)

MTG Magpie says:

Super helpful video. 🙂

Foil Grim Timmy says:

Could you make a video to understand the syntax of the cards please? and you can play a creature card 2nd time without tapping your lands again like you guys are?

DrastixMachina says:

What if you don’t draw any lands in the first 7?

DarkHoleGames says:

This was a great video! Question, when you attack..don’t you tap the mana too or no?

MTGElite33 says:

great video guys! love your channel

STBSeb says:

Excellent video. Thank you.

ZeroHunter 957 says:

So this is like the Battle Spirit anime eh?

RetroKungFu says:

so I’ve been really into vanilla lately, any suggestions on what colors to splash? or just go mono?

AndrewLK87 says:

Hold up WHAT?! 25k views in a week about MTG, insane like/dislike ratio, filmed in Galway, where my family is from, yet never heard of the channel…
I love it!

That One Kid says:

That was a well-put yet easy to understand guide, thanks a lot!

ankhi3 says:

All it lacks is an explanation of layers, timestamps, banding and phasing.

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