How to Play Magic: The Gathering

Learn the basic rules of Magic, including: how to win, your first turn, combat, casting cards, creatures, spells, and instants.

How to Build Your First Magic Deck:
Ways to Play Magic: The Gathering:
What is Magic: The Gathering:


Sickobirdd YT says:

Thanks i was confused how to play until now

Coolnezz 09 says:

Go to the comandzone

Bajungadustin says:

What editing software did you use for all the card highlights. The editing here is legit. Down to your arm shadow on the card. Mad props.

yu.goldberg says:

watching so i can understand the pewdiepie videos lol

CrazyNirvanaFanatic MahBoi says:

What about Conspiracies?

Maybe Clay says:

What if I use pot of greed?

Maheshan Govender says:

What happens when I summon the Blue-Eyes White Dragon?

Nick S says:

Don’t the kids call this “Duel Monsters”?…

stellar fox says:

What decides the mana and how many you get and?

Shaggy says:

Nugget doesn’t have friends ;(

Ivan Fonseca says:

so… yu-gi-oh?

GamingBrother says:

This is actually very useful. I think I’ll go and get the cards then.

slantize says:

I recognize that magic duels music. Make arena for mobile already

Joseph Zins says:

Very simple to understand and right to the point! Also, that editing is just unreal and amazing!

Eeru X says:

Would a intro pack work for my first deck?

Robyn Robyn says:


Reignlox says:

How do I know how much mana I have? Is it based of the number of land cards I have? And do I gain mana per turn (with/without the land)?
Newbie here, haven’t bought a deck yet but I would like a recommendation from you guys. And what is a commander, modern, casual magic and so on…
Thanks in advance 🙂

rofyle says:

How to really play:

1. Stare at Jimmy stupidly.
2. Scratch head, shrug
3. Toss deck into trash can, then ask Jimmy if he wants to play Monopoly instead

oneuponagame says:

Wtf? Do these guys know there is a thing called video games? I got lost from whatever he said and my god I would be so damn annoyed just by using them cards and just so much to learn. Is there a exam after?

pigman 1038 says:

Ok i played it on steam and thank you for the help in person to person battles

Samuel Freedman says:

I don’t quite understand still. I just got my first couple decks and I want to learn. I was at paxeast and the more I watched the more I was intrigued

Kyley Mercer says:

eh is that it

Anthony Gonzalez says:

Reminds me of duel masters.

Soviet Loli says:

Oh god, it’s Magic Duels music. They probably wish they could edit this video.

Emanuel Carlsson says:


Fawn says:

Im confused on how multi-color lands work could someone explain it to me plz.

L̷i̷o̷n̷z̷ says:

Is pikachu one of the planes walkers?

The One and only Galopus says:

„Now when you know the basics go challenge your friends to duel” how tf I am supposed 2 do that in Poland where almost no one even knows what magic the gathering is and closest game stop is few hours away?

Oxygen Theif says:

I wish someone showed me something like this when I was learning to play. I didn’t know i could untap lands when I started, no one corrected me either since my friend and I were both new.

Tristan Robertson says:

Thank you for learning me to play Magic

T1M3Z says:

Did anyone notice that he’s the guy from video game high school I loved that series

Levels Of Rage says:

Meh. Me and my homies put down a card and then roshambo.

Pokemon2019 says:

I really want to get into magic the gathering but the cost of entry has been a stopper.
I’d love to get my hands on one of those cheaper starter decks soon, or even a warm up deck. I think I will figure this out soon,
Looks way better than the hearthstone I play, been looking for a way out of that…

Emma Mueller says:

I really wanted to start playing this game a couple years ago, but had no one to duel with. How I recently figured out that my close friend plays and I’m like It’s shattering time.

Whirlwind Warrior says:

Jimmy forgot you can win by making the opponent concede *cough* *Cough* Azorius mill *cough*

DBW_Playz says:

i still have no idea how to play

jimrey apayo says:

It says 2 green mana and 4 of any color, so that means if im playing a single color deck, does that mean it needs six green mana? anyone? im confused

Saya Says says:


xXCyberCypherXx says:

Plz help… no one wants to play with me

In my family nor my friends

PuggyLord says:

That you Jimmy, That tutorial helped me a lot

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