How to Play Magic: The Gathering | Advanced Combat and Other Styles of Play

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Becca hosts the casts of the first two episodes who are back for a multiplayer game!

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Tabletop games are super fun, but learning the complicated directions and rules can be a challenge. Becca Scott is your game tutor, explaining the game mechanics in an easy to follow way, so you can get to playing the games faster.

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NoVADaMI says:

give DayJ

Jeff Hardi says:

Intrigued for the Commander video. Love the videos, but also mention Legacy and Modern formats for future reference!

A person who plays games says:

im not gonna lie i only know what this account is because i watch the guild

mastermew says:

For those other mtg players. When white player attacks green player with lifelink and green player blocks with creature that is enchanted with dwindle, wouldn’t white player not gain the life because dwindle would destroy the dino as soon as green player declared it as a blocker before damage can happen?

The first Anarky says:

Ok everybody when you are not about to play a card don’t tell everyone that you have it like wtf these people are stupid their is a lot of things they do that is incorrect.

Garth Palmer says:

once again please ask Day9 to judge for you guys.

KouriRyu says:

How to play M:tG – Don’t. Stop it. Get some help.

Dan B says:

Mmmmmm commander format is best format!!!

Tommi Vornanen says:

These people are propably nice people and all, but this is just painful to watch. And this from someone who has played mtg once 6 years ago and a few more times in the late 90s. Here’s a tip: Read your cards and plan your turn while the others are playing. Then just adjust your plan if you draw something useful. Sorry for being so rude. I apologize.

Ben Rogers says:

why doesn’t Becca get in the game

Jean Marais says:

For anyone getting into MTG i also suggest Spellslingers with Day9

TheCrosshare says:

The editing isn’t QUITE spellslingers level, showing the forest card(oooh) when he casts oaken XD

And sleeve those damn cards!

mikkabozu says:

I know they’re all new to the game so leniecy is due, but it’s still so painful to watch this without a real judge on site

Matthew Salem says:

this is painful to watch. only thing this series is teaching me is that becca is no fun to play games with and teaching new players with videos of new players is a terrible idea. sorry guys.

Chantit Simma says:

I’m loving this series! I’m learning so much and I can’t wait until I get my own cards.
keep up the great work!

chaz32 says:

None of these norms want to play, really. Bit of a waste of time.

Keith Polnik says:

Give Becca props for doing this. Takes a lot of patience.

Anthony Overton says:

They are all new players for the most part.

They are just exposing the game to people that otherwise would NEVER learn about MtG.

It’s not pro level MtG. You can watch Spellslingers for that.

There are a nearly infinite number of shows to watch for pro-level play like The Tolerian Academy, Game Knights, Command Zone, etc.

So if you are a very experienced player, there is nothing here for you. If you’ve never played or understood MtG, this CAN be a gateway that increases the interest enough to learn how to play the game by the rules, the details, strats, and then they will sleeve cards. Otherwise, just let it go. This is why new people don’t get into the game, because they are treated badly by people that pretend they never were new to the game also. Everybody makes mistakes, forgets things, and then they learn.

So if you are just here to complain, go kick rocks.

SideboardMTG says:

This was fun… no sleeves…. poor cards

kant says:

Helloooooooo Becca

FloppyHares says:

“Because I love every card equally”??? No, no, no, NO, HECTOR! Put your frikkin’ lands in the right place! It’s for clarity for the other player(s)!!

DaigonAEM says:

do none of these people actually know how to play, including the host?

Feyamius says:

Yeah! I’m so looking forward to that Commander episode! o/

John Shoemaker says:

How about a 4v4 common deck. When alpha came out we had one deck to play so everyone drew from the same pile. A variant was we all bought a beta booster mixed them together with 15 land.. whoever won kept the deck.

Donovan Simmons says:

Why start mid-game like that? This is a little annoying…

Fredrik Dunge says:

Blue and red really ought to focus on green and white because green and white tend to be stronger in the long game than red and blue. Really playing mono red in a four man game seems less that optimal. There’s a huge difference between getting down 20 life before someone gets to powerful and getting down 45 lives before someone gets to powerful.
Then again I hear mono red is very strong in m19.

SpikeyDemon SD says:

W-wheres Day9?

Thoughts for sale!!! 3 million each says:

Work on this with me and lets really make some money. Now if you want it for yourself, let’s make a deal.


Josh Hinman says:

Ok yea Please sleeve those cards, that’s atrocious to see!

Nathan Naps says:

Wouldn’t Erica’s White enchantment have been removed as soon as she died, allowing Adam to have destroyed one of Gina’s artifacts? i mean, he won anyway, but that’s true right?

Kent Goertzen says:

Han shot first! He had First Strike.

regittark says:

Do we really need the handlebaring? Like…. This says advanced…. Why do we have the most interviening judge in the world?

xicyDJx says:

i expect at the end of this series for two almost pro or actual pro players to go head to head with each other with kinda busted decks to ACTUALLY show that side of magic too

Shaddy Boi says:

She never mentioned Modern or Legacy when she talked about formats.

Stephanie B says:

This is a cute video, but I am not sure I would call this advanced.

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