How to Play Magic the Gathering Arena – Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid!

A quick tutorial video I made for Magic the Gathering, focusing on their new Arena client, giving some advice on mistakes I see new players fall into! If you have any other questions, I stream MTG daily!
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superak05 says:

i like the video thanks for make it 😀 help me a lot 😀

Christian Changer says:

Hey Merch, I like your new change of pace, but your Gwent content I’ve always found the most entertaining. Are you planning to get back to Gwent from time to time, or are you focusing solely on MTG and reviews?

anonymousvagrant says:

Thanks for the useful tips, I too am also taking a break from Gwent and enjoying MTG Arena now.

Facundo B says:

Merchant, is easy to access the closed beta?

Croco says:

the buy rivals of ixilan packs isn’t a very good advice(unless of course you need cards from there) , the time it will take to get the full set and the vault rewards for extra cards (mostly commons and uncommons) is too small. And since you are no longer guaranteed a mythic WC you are better off buying the packs you need + the rivals packs you will get anyway as normal rewards, while the other packs you will have to buy

Braxx says:

The game is not simple. I tried to watch a few streams of Arena but I understood nothing ….. Like what were does counts that cards have ? Whats up with the field ?

Roberto Reyes says:

How do you get a key? I sign up for beta since Arena was announced.

Keago says:

I wish I could get to make these mistakes.

Grimbanks says:

So are Shadows Over Innistrad and Eldrazi cards a part of this, or is MtGA using a new set of cards?

Merchant says:

Hey guys, hope you find this helpful, basically went over the questions I’ve been asked the most about on stream so far. Of course there’s many many more facets to learning Magic, but these should get you started 🙂

Oh and I say “Essence Drake” when I mean Enigma Drake. I don’t know why but I always think the card is called Essence Drake. I’m dumb.

IrradiatedOne says:

Hey man I get you are looking for a new card game to look at, but…. This game is super shadey man. MTG/Wizard the Coast has been going crazy… Ya might want to look at some other TCG’s other then this one as a back up just for when it does goes mad ya have some kind of backup plan. Also it is never a bad idea to diversify your content a little bit!

mesut-bambaclut-ozil says:

so does no one play gwent anymore :'(

Jason Kish says:

Good video. Like the RTFC tip. However, what if as a new MTG player what if IDUTFC? (I don’t understand the flippin card)

Dusty Springer says:

Good video merchant loving the mtg content can’t wait to get into the game when it’s open to everyone

Ninjavoogel says:

pls make a video series that aims towards mtg (arena) beginners Merchant =)

The Farrell says:

Will this be on pc only?

Joel Paton says:

Activated my code this morning and installed, will have a go at it when I get a chance.

José Castillo says:

How to Play Magic the Gathering Arena?

1) Get a key

MultiChangChangChang says:

Good video as always.

Mohammed Al Kubati says:

Thanks merchant, I needed a video like that. I’m currently playing with red green dinosaurs and its really fun

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