How to Play Magic: The Gathering | Colors of Mana and Choosing Your Color

Becca is joined by new player Erika Fermina and her best friend Rachel Seeley.

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Tabletop games are super fun, but learning the complicated directions and rules can be a challenge. Becca Scott is your game tutor, explaining the game mechanics in an easy to follow way, so you can get to playing the games faster.

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Damnationization says:

I am watching this because of the girls. They should have a more knowledgeable person help teach.

chris michael says:

Great idea for new players under the age of 9. Feels like I’m being talked to by my 2nd grade teacher or something. The red head weirds me out a lot. She keeps making weird faces during the game.and its really distracting. No real human being talks like that when they are with their friends . Feels forced lol. Great idea though. Keep experimenting . Keep trying . I will show this to my 6 year old though .

Shany Topper says:

Is it me, or does Becca look a lot like Becky Lynch? :O

Chad Small says:

Time out. If you guys do this again, can you please tell us the names of the cards you’re playing? Girl playing green/blue just randomly goes “i’m tapping 2 to give my guy +4/+4 until the end of my turn” then immediately passed. I’m going to assume that was Titanic Growth. Then she gets talked into attacking anyways because, for some reason, “until the end of my turn” didn’t mean anything in her brain. So she attacks. Then ends her turn. Then they just leave the Titanic Growth on the creature like it’s an enchantment instead of an instant.

Wiets18 says:

From the thumbnail picture one can tell that Trump won’t receive a lot of votes from the people in this video.

Jes Ch says:


Gareth Jones says:

38:03 Becca points to text on the card. To Quote the Professor Over on Tolarian Community College “Reading the card explains the card”. The Mare States “Can’t be blocked by CREATURES” why is it so confusing it mean the card cant be blocked by creatures.

Alexi Lafaye says:

I played magic for years and years and eventually just got fed up with assholes, reading the comments… I made the right choice. There are too many guys who don’t want women to play and are assholes when we do show up to gaming stores.

Rashad Ali says:

Ive always wanted to play Magic: the Gathering but im afraid ill get addicted to buying all the cards, it’s another hobby to spend money on. Also, not sure who id play with, if I play at a local store i’d have to keep up with the meta making me to spend even more lol maybe one day.

Shanzul Whiteglintt says:

I actually really love this and my little nephews did too!! one is 11 the other is 10 and they soaked this right up I feel like they enjoyed it most because of the host and the 2 other players. Mistakes were made and mistakes are how you learn and how you deal with it is what makes it fun because people do make mistakes but in the end its an enjoyable experience. They loved the show and wanted to go out and get their own decks so I got them their colors and we watched a few spellslingers. Also I did show them other youtube channels that showed playing magic but they didn’t like the personalitys of most of the others and I can go with that because most of them just suck the enjoyment out of it and it is just a card game to be played.

vinni3c says:

Date me

Crom says:

wow its skrilex

ValasaFantastic says:

Was curious as a magic player how well this would be explained, sorry but there was lots of very basic mistakes in this. From definitions of colours to play errors. Also it was more boring with no music. Quite background music would have been better. Maybe get a magic player who is more expert and plays more often. Some of the mistakes were, embarrassing actually like, really? Umm so sorry but I can’t finish this…

hammertim2007 says:

Becca does a decent job of explaining the colors however they would have been better off with someone more experienced when going to the game play, or have two experienced players then explaining why they choose to do what they do and to explain any of the additional abilities of the cards. This is simply too slow to watch. I have been playing since 94 and it took less time for an experienced player to help me learn the basics as it does for this pair to play 2 full turns since Erica seems to be playing blind.

Chad Small says:

The reason people are upset or annoyed about her not knowing the game very well is valid. I’m not saying everybody who plays MTG needs to know the rules by heart. I do, however, agree that if you’re teaching others how to play MTG, especially a large audience, you should know your stuff and not make very simple mistakes and teach incorrect rules. Example: you don’t have to play a “basic land” at the beginning of your turn. You can play any land. You also don’t have to play it at the beginning of your turn. There are two main phases.

EDIT: I can’t even begin to go over the vast amount of stuff that was taught incorrectly. Instants don’t stay on your creatures forever. Titanic Growth goes away at the end of the turn. Instants don’t have to be played on your opponent’s turn, they can be played at any time (mostly). Tapped creatures can’t block. There’s more, but I’m stopping here.

TheNeoMetric says:

The music, this cheesy post production crap. If that was taken out you could hear them debate the plays.

Richard Grzela says:

Cool! Hey folks – Right now these guys are raising funds for children here

Schooby-dooby Who? says:

Love Geek & Sundry, first off, however, I started playing Magic by burning the decks, the same way WotC burned us. They can keep their shitty products, and their shitty politics. SJW’s, and poorly made products will kill, WotC. And it wont take long. I just hope Geek & Sundry will get other sponsors to take the slack up when that happens. I love the; humor, reviews, seeing products in use, and enjoy seeing all the gaming options out there.

Daniel Finsrud says:

Would love to see them do more of this to continue learning those 2 women 🙂

Jaheira30 says:

OMG that ginger one is so fake….I can’t look on her. Two other girls are so much natural and nicer.

Michael Dickman says:

17 minutes in…takes deep breath…we are in for the Long haul!

Sea Wolf says:

Update your channel info guys! It says thursday is tabletop season 3 -,-. Also when is it coming back?

dobrij demon says:

Thanks for your playing in “supernatural”. You are nice actress and cool YouTube canal’s author.

Trenton Neal says:

That girl’s hair was so cool!

Kyle Thifault says:

Geek and Sundry has both the nerd cred and the beautiful interesting womens. They know how to make the monies and to get the views and it is a combo that works no need to umm… actually nor correct them, Felicia Day knows where the money comes from. If you want almost successfully played magic go watch spellslingers.


I wanna bang the redhead. That’s the only reason I’m here.

Ali Ezz says:


Kyle Berry says:

Love Magic, LOVE Geek & Sundry, so glad they are jumping into the game and doing so in a long multi show format.. Good job explaining the basics, Becca. Keep it up.

HellryserDTH says:

Nice video!

Nick T says:

Becca is so cute

Ollie Peters says:

Painful to watch.

Jaakko Miiluniemi says:

This is painful to watch.

Zukai Pureex says:


Tatsusama says:

These girls are adorable. I have diabetes…

jpankhurst82 says:

Full marks for enthusiasm but the presenter could’ve done with a few more months’ experience playing Magic as there were quite a lot of inconsistencies. Some of them even got to the point where the new player was looking confused and must have been thinking “is that really right?”. More experienced players watching it will have known some of those decisions swung the game unfairly but that’s by-the-by, this was just a fun game not a competitive one, and I hope they both enjoyed it enough to want to do it again

Team Firaga says:

The one thing I never liked about Magic was when you attack with creatures, you don’t choose your target which is silly. Targeting is basic principle when attacking/fighting anything

Matt Harper says:

None of these girls existed in the 90’s. If they did they were far more estranged and outcasted than anyone I’ve met in my life.

skrawnyn3rd says:

A little bit of the blind leading the blind, but at least they all look like they’re having fun!

shadepaw55 says:

Can’t wait for the Commander section of the series! Maybe bring in some of the people from Command Zone or Jumbo Commander?

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