How to Play Magic: The Gathering | Deck Construction: The Quest for 60 Cards

Former “Mulligan” hosts Erika Ishii and Ify Nwadiwe reunite to chat and play with Becca.

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Tabletop games are super fun, but learning the complicated directions and rules can be a challenge. Becca Scott is your game tutor, explaining the game mechanics in an easy to follow way, so you can get to playing the games faster.

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Chubby Monkey says:


Joel Wallenius says:

Cocktail dress and rad haircut vs grey & white t-shirt and sweat pants. Hmmmmm.

Jason Van Horn says:


C Moore says:

You have to reveal the card you choose if it has any limits on the type of card. I thought lands didn’t have a color.

D Rizzo says:

Good lord! A red head and a red dress in the same video? How can I get a seat at that table?

emo_pizzas #1 says:

My God, you could’ve turned it into a drinking game, “drink every time Becca interrupts someone”.

M Hantsbarger says:

Ify and Erika were great players! A lot of fun stories and enthusiasm!

ThisNameIsBanned says:

BTW you dont use +1/+1 counters for the static +1/+1 effects of auras.

Shouldnt do it to teach as its just wrong.

Derek Gooding says:

Becca doesn’t help her when she entirely misses her T3 land drop? Should have definitely had more lands and been able to play her stuff sooner. Would have definitely been able to sarkan’s fire + shock.

Chris Cabral says:

No fire goblins?

Christopher Lane says:

I like how the White player is wearing white and the red player is wearing red. Lol it’s like Power Rangers. Only with Magic.

ImperfectTitan says:

As someone who is only just beginning witn magic (only played 4 games!), and wants to build their own (first) deck, is there a colour you guys would recommend to go with?

ThisNameIsBanned says:

This show tries so badly to be “woke” and inclusive its downright brutal …

Ry says:

I like Ify’s charisma and disposition toward the game. I hope to see him on the show in the future.

Steven M. says:

Loot boxes for days.

james stabile says:

im a 20 mana guy myself

Christopher Lane says:

Also Ify is awesome. I would love to play him. It’s nice to see more experienced players in the show as it progresses. Maybe we can see The Professor, DJ, Day9, or Josh in future episodes?

firsttpt says:

This video was a very nice combination of noob mistakes, experienced strategy and subtleties of play. Thanks!

Evey Hyuu says:

Well, technicly, Erika did the same mistake twice, and i don’t blame her cause it’s the most common mistake i’ve seen in magic, she didn’t reveal the card when searching her top 5 cards. The most important thing people should remember in Magic is to read every words in the description as they are all important.

Jack Crow says:

You forgot the 1st step.

1. Purge any “wrong think” from your mind. Bow to the PC god, make an offering, and submit.

MTG is dead. It will fade away along with every other thing the liberal PC zealots touch.

HighLanderPony says:

Step one, grab your wallet… and others’, too.

bardunshield says:

Just have to put this out there…during the explanation video, a Plummet is put into the deck. Nobody main decks Plummet. Nobody ever.

Shany Topper says:

Is it me, or does Becca looks exactly like Becky Lynch?

Matthew Wells says:

She forgot to play a land on turn 2. Only the sickest of peeps roll on the edge like that.

Chris Cabral says:

I respect his evasive jab tactic.

Shanzul Whiteglintt says:

My nephews really got into Magic after starting to watch this show following spellslingers every once a week I take them out to get packs. Pretty exciting feeling seeing them play the game and plan around cards

SenoritaSevilla says:

I wish Ify’s mic was louder. The balance between him and Erika is off. I try and turn up the volume when Ify is taking and then it’s way too loud when Erika talks.

Chance Stetson says:

How to play mtg: you don’t. In recent year wizards of the coast has been neglecting card quality and printing cards that bend on their own in optimal conditions in a few hours. They allow active sexual predators and pedopiles into their judge program. They allow and promote favoritism in their major tournaments and allow their “Pros” to cheat actively without bans or loss of “pro” status. They banned a store from being able to host any kind of tournements or sell products over a meme. They even recently actively tried to ban me from playing for asking about card quality. As someone who has played the game for 10 plus years i am disappointed at wizards for allowing all of this to happen and actively promoting this (all the while employees are actively hating the community on Twitter and reddit and other social media outlets)

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