How to Play Magic: The Gathering | Enter the Commander

Trish Hershburger and Josephine McAdam show off the Commander format with Becca Scott and guests Josh Lee Kwai and Kyle Hill.

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Tabletop games are super fun, but learning the complicated directions and rules can be a challenge. Becca Scott is your game tutor, explaining the game mechanics in an easy to follow way, so you can get to playing the games faster.

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axiz9900 says:

OK so I saw it was an hour and a half long, thought well I’ll just watch some of it. And Then! An hour and a half melts away, and I’m like what just happened? Great thnx guys

Chosen 1 of the nonexistent God says:

How to Play Magic: First you sleeve your deck…

Flo Heisenberg says:

RiP to all the missed Sharding Sphinx triggers and the forgotten Thopters 🙁

Matthew Peterson says:

JLK!!!! & KYLE HILL!!!

Paul Woods says:

Lord windgrace taking down two commander games.

Jason Buckley says:

MtG. The original pay to win game.

Grayson Christian says:

Damn Kyle is in 3 Magic videos in a week.

Polly Archer says:

These pokémon’s is serious

Arconite says:

sorry to see kyle get destroyed early on lol, never fun to be taken out super early

kyle calvert says:

Personally I prefer using creatures for your commander because you can do a lot of commander damage and they’re generally lower cost than planes walkers. Planes walkers are okay but usually have more downsides than a stacking low cost legendary. I run an Anafenza with Soldiers stack Commander deck and I can basically put her out there every 2 turns if she gets killed. And since most of my soldiers are 1 drops or 2 drops then I can play 5-10 in one endgame turn and bolster them and then play a card that gives all creatures with a counter on them an effect. I run it with a lot of artifacts.

Matthew Wilson says:

Josh lee Kwai?

Obtuse Optix says:

Had JLK got the Saheeli deck, this would’ve been done in 20 minutes or less…

Anonypoke says:

Anyone else screaming at Josh, “LOYAL GUARDIAN GIVES COUNTERS TO EACH CREATURE YOU CONTROOOL” at the screen? No? Neither did I.

Alfie Hamzah says:

How could Kyle and Josh bear playing with the decks unsleeved?? GOODNESS.

Edward Lattanzio says:

When the duplicant Serra avatar thing went down the duplicant would just die. It doesnt get the abilities of the avatar just the stats. The stats are */* setting then equal to health total due to ability.

Zachary McCutcheon says:

Feel like they’re misplaying sharding sphinx.

Carota says:

When is Day9 going to be on here, or have I missed that episode?

IceMetalPunk says:

Shish and Commander? I’m pressing ‘like’ before I even watch the video! 😀

Anton Klement says:

Who else though: Well, go for the throat can’t kill sharding sphinx

tosh salt says:

They made Kyle sit there for 40 mins lol

Benjamin Lehman says:

They’re not even using Game Knights life linker app.

Izzy Graze says:

It would have been helpful to explain what the commander format is and what, if any, the special rules of it is.

ThisIsAigle says:

Kyle! How do you keep convincing the void to release you!?

maralen23 says:

JLK AND Trisha in the same game? Man, I wish I could play on that table

Daniel Finsrud says:

Give us more of this! 😀

xy z says:

I just watched spellslingers and game knights!

RastaBot says:

HOWZIT, Iron yo shirt brah!!! Hahah…..this was bothering me more than the unsleeved cards….haha

Markstache says:

fun fact: it’s totally fine to play without sleeves, especially if the cards cost you nothing, you play infrequently, and you aren’t reselling them

Mert Kesim says:

poor kyle ;_;

Steve Strohl says:

Nice to see you guys branching into EDH content, but you could probably stand to edit it down a little bit for time. Josh needs to read his cards, though, since Loyal Guardian gives all of his creatures counters, not just one.

Scott Kennedy says:

HAHAHAHA Trisha is life at 1h9m approximately “EH I said it it’s done.”… gamer for i’m over this let’s just end it!

Joods Feliciano says:

Commander is too complicated for newbies… two headed giant is better for starters because the power level is manageable and not too much is happening on board, plus if you’re teamed up with someone who knows they can teach newbies.

prufrock1977 says:

Kyle Hill is rockin’ the MTG scene! How cool!

Joe Nic says:

I’m not sure who the target audience for this video is. Commander is not an entry-level format, even with the pre-cons. The cards weren’t really on display either. Some graphics would go a long way to making the game play more exciting and easier to understand.
P.S. Kyle is my new favorite person with all this Magic content he’s appearing in.

Dunn Savo says:

so ever video i have seen so far as windgrace winning deck seems powerful

Jacob Biaggi says:

Josh had more dragons in this than he did with the dragon deck last year on Game Knights

KedjLycandros says:

Loyal Guardian puts a +1/+1 counter on EACH creature you control for future reference.

BuiderInHGK says:

Kyle Hill again in a Magic: The Gatering show. Altho he is fantastic im still waiting for the Commander VS camio xD

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