How to Play Magic the Gathering for Beginners – ASMR Tutorial for Relaxation and Sleep

As a casual player, I teach you the basics of how to play Magic the Gathering as I walk through a sample game in a soft spoken manner in order to provide ASMR, relaxation and sleep. I’ll most likely follow this video up with a look at the modest collection of cards that I own.

Thanks for watching.

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Lord Of Yohkai says:

+Ephemeral Rift Can you do the same kind of turorial video for the Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon TCG?

aerodynamichotdog says:

if you guys could read the fucking title and see that it says asmr then you would know and if you don’t still then look it up

G.H.ChristoFascist says:

I know this sounds weird but I really wanna pick that bump on your right earlobe.

Alexander Curiel says:


Gamer Freak says:

Your video was the most helpful for me out of all the other videos I watched. Thanks so much for making this.

Linguaphile says:

You made a mistake in the first combat situation. The white knight had first strike, so it would have killed your creature before it could do damage to it.

Morgan Smith says:

I have some cards and I’m a kid

Lewis Langford says:

Why are you whispering

Rahim Powell says:

I fell asleep twice. why is he whispering?

Nate Robbins says:

so it’s English yugio(not sure how to spell it) right but better and not so complicated

Amie Shafer says:

Thanks,this is a lot of help

xToxicRen says:

I got into this game in 2015. I used my friends deck until mid 2016. I am proud of myself as I built my first deck by myself a month ago. I love the video 🙂

Im NakedBiker69 says:

what’s up with this guy is creepy voice?

DJ Curly says:

thank you for teaching me I own so many magic cards an o could never play….but now I can so that’s good

Chris z says:

hey man speak up , haha

Tiffany Drake says:

why is he whispering?

Na1ve says:

i play a black green deck.

Daniel Popejoy says:

so to everyone complaining about the whole technicalities of what hes saying go to a fucking magic channel or look up tips and strategies 1) 3 words into his description it says CASUAL player 2) all that matters is you get relaxed by his voice and the atmosphere of the video ya know the whole point of asmr so screw the haters ephemeral rift you keep doing you great job

Colin Brown says:

188 people likely didnt read the full video title

Mikey says:

My volume is on max. Sucks I can’t hear someone whispering

Alyssa Burgers says:

Great video!! Btw I used to play MTG myself, but now forgot basically all the rules lol. not only did your video relax me, but got the rules in my head again!

Morgan Smith says:

Your kid can play magic two

senor SNARF says:

why are you whispering

French Menace Vlogging/gaming says:

Why are you whispering

Mr. Coldfire says:

As someone who actually thought this was going to be a tutorial until he looked in the comments first thing, I see nothing wrong with it.

moodpump studios says:

Uncle rift introduced asmr to me with this video

Ty Trick says:

why r u whispering lol

digital1911 says:

Go play magic at your local game shop. Most players will help you learn. I learned by watching over some players shoulder and he was explaining why he was doing his actions.

I have been playing for years, but not competitively. I still don’t get the game play right. It’s one of the most complicated games I’ve ever played.

Meowing Badger says:


Lucario Careca says:


ARCampbell says:

DUDE WTF THIS IS PERFECT. I just bought my first pack, dice and boosters today. I never knew you played Magic. Praise

stew dude is cool says:


Magic the gathering ASMR says:

nice vid again 😀

Gino Dejoseph says:

thank you man you tought me im going to sub

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