How To Play Magic: The Gathering | Part 1: The Basics

A (hopefully) easy to understand beginner’s guide to Magic: the Gathering using Arena as the means for learning. You obviously can’t cover everything in a single 30 minute video. I will be releasing a series of videos on more specific parts of the game, so that I can provide each facet of Magic it’s deserved time.

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Anthony says:

Great video! Been following your return since the start and while I am not a brand new Magic player anymore this is the type of video that would have helped me tremendously a couple of weeks ago! I am sure this is bound to help tons of newbies get into the game!

babycankles297 says:

Damn, it’s good to see him back

Gowan Plett says:

Nice video Trendkill.

Matt says:

I’ve been wanting to try out Magic for a while. With these guides, I’ll have to finally jump in. Also, great to see you back!

Gadwin van Doom says:

Very good, TK. Very good indeed. Though you could’ve pointed out that the sample game we watched probably took less than five minutes, just so people aren’t turned off by the length of the video, thinking a game of Magic takes that long. (Well, can be true for paper Magic, but still)

iTyler1017x says:


Gatorfreak 2 says:

Good God I’ve missed that sexy voice

NoTjUsT hUmAn says:

I may actually cry watching this over and over again until the next video…

Just An Orange says:

Oh shit you’re back I didn’t notice!

Roel van de Plasse says:

Arena has one backraw. No Infect

Nathaniel Eggleston says:

Been waiting for ya fucker, the wait is worth it

Boone Cornelson says:

Hell ya brother!

NeuCreature says:

TRENDKILL!!!!!! I’ve been watching you for years and it’s great to see you back.

Taylor Ragland says:

Been waiting for this. Thanks TK!

SithLordBishop says:


MorningScar says:

Do they seriously not show the card’s mana cost (apart from the card on the far right) on the opening hand card selection screen?

Wallaron says:


GG-Piggy 101 says:

Ah, finally. I was expecting an MTG video soon. I’ve know how to play for years, but still figured I’d watch. And not half bad if have to say

Edit: Dat Kratos beard is sexy af

jacob blackman says:

Played magic for 12 years but I just love hearing your voice lol

BellRinger76 says:

TKv02? Was TKv01 already taken?

isaiah hernandez says:

Trendkill I missed you sooo much and I’ve gotten into magic since you’ve left so I’ll definitely enjoy this

Big Meat Entertainment says:

Where’s the “this iiiiiiiiisssss trendkill” intro man. At any rate, welcome back

Roel van de Plasse says:

wastes are also basic lands XD

WS_WolfStar says:

Amazing start dude. Looking forward to more videos

James Kiper says:

Welcome back. I enjoyed your Skyrim videos and now you got me curious about Magic: The Gathering. I downloaded Arena and did the tutorial. Even showed my wife your video and got her to try it out on her PC. Let’s see if we can get the hang of it.

Commander Shepard says:

I piss on magic the gathering

drikpic says:

lovin’ the beard!

Silentfrowny says:


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