How to play Magic the Gathering Part 1

In this Video i explain the colours and the general game mechanics


Tasty Drank says:

Awesome vid. helped a lot! btw keep the nails, keep the swag accent. Haters gunna hate

Kaia Johnson says:

what happens if on your first turn you didn’t draw a land card?
or what if you drew a land card but none of the spells or creatures match your land?

pikalink64 says:

Surprisingly simple great video

vivian to says:

Talk normal u sound wired

Gage Cox says:

Can u pls make a battle channel so that we can see
And all other things of that region

Flowlee says:

Maaaaybe.. This has been a man, but has taken hormones and shit and surgically removed the penis? ._.

JeremyxFisher says:

Why are Magic the Gathering people so disgusting?

PaintinProductionz says:

Does anyone else think the card cobblebrute looks exactly like malphite from league of legends


cut your fucking nails

Col OfDuty says:


Anathema Nu says:

You explained this very well.  I already know how to play, but I enjoy watching the tutorials when I am bored.  I think any new player would have a VERY good grasp of the game the way you have explained it.  


Thebeardieguy123 says:

This a girl or a guy

Super Man says:

hahahahaha let me stop

92luvbug92 says:

u have long nails…

kathy sandoval says:

Cut us nails EEEWWW!!! 😉

AurumTitanos says:

Thank you for the video. Ignore all the mean people please.

Brennan Wilson says:


Jacob Organek says:

Are you a boy?

Andrew Mills says:

I think this is a girl she sounds like mrs doubtfire

LaughOutLoud . T.V. says:

nice nails….lol lol lol lol lol

Roger Nilson says:

Alexandra, As always I’m grateful you take the time to make these videos. I have been trying to teach my kids how to play and you’ve answered many questions.

Super Man says:

you sound sexy

Tom Cash says:

Absolutely fabulous, I was always intrigued by the large groups of people who gathered to play and now thanks to you so can I.  Thanks

Krista Sparks says:

thanks, this game is really hard to understand at first, this video was very helpful

Super Man says:

I like the video in HD and all but you talking is getting damn annoying please stop. and change your name you are not a damn girl

David Duperron says:

cut your nasty ass nails!!!!!

Ольга Душина says:

Thank you very much for the tutorial! I learned much from it! And I’m especially grateful for the different cases of attacking/blocking with different power/strength creatures. This is the issue which almost all other tutorials lack, ’cause they usually consider only one possible way to block and in this case newbies like me simply do not understand what would be if the blockers/attackers had been other than suggested initially.
Your video has been very useful for me and I’m glad to have found it =))

ProAlds says:

dude cut ur nails

Benjamin Wilson says:

Sounds like ms. Doubtfire playing magic ha

kathy sandoval says:

Hey cut your nails theres a new one!!!! Or u don’t have finger nail clippers!!. Doesn’t it iratate u nasty!! How….. Just nasty how can u paint with those nails u should see a docter for those or theirs just no clippers that are long enough and maby fix ur voice….???!?! Your nasty…

Col OfDuty says:

What is wrong with your nails!?

woodwwad says:

nice job

Stephen Schiff says:

Almost 5 year old upload – and still an effective teaching tool – thank you so much for guideing me thru it – so stoked to play now – Cheers

Robert Shaft says:

You guys are so mean : (

Savage Damage says:

what are the dice used for?

Antonio san juan says:

cut your nails please¡¡

TechnologyTribe says:

It’s a trans

Eric LeRoy says:

very helpful, thank you!

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