How to Play Magic: The Gathering

Learn the basic rules of Magic, including: how to win, your first turn, combat, casting cards, creatures, spells, and instants.

How to Build Your First Magic Deck:
Ways to Play Magic: The Gathering:
What is Magic: The Gathering:


UziFoo says:

He starts loud every sentence and by the last word you can’t even hear him.

Old Troll says:

Can you make a new legendary statues and assign it to cards like black lotus the moxes and the original duel lands, call it mono legendary or something, you can only have one mono legendary of a specific type per deck, that way you can only play one broken card per type in a vintage deck instead of going up against a player with five moxes, a black lotus and multiple sets of original duel lands, it would make the format a lot less broken for anyone under the age of thirty, thanks.

Tamie Rodolosi says:


Shattered Knight says:

Thumbs down! This tutorial is absolutely terrible. Nobody can learn how to play by watching something like this. I’ve seen better video lessons from random shmos who aren’t even remotely affiliated with the company that makes this game.

hungri shark evolution says:

cen aj gat free deck in finland

RED Tom says:


BigBlu says:

Nope, Still makes no sense xD

Appelboom says:

First time video about a card game i see, hosts a asian. Me: “Who would have thought that…”

kiel tem says:

295000th sub

Luc Phe says:

This man looks familiar ??? Did i see him somewhere ???

Nic Taylor says:

Hey Brian d’s friend

Alex Doyle says:

If u play 1 on 1 do you have a 60 deck each or do u split the 60 deck into 2 30 decks and play that

Purrpl3z Minecraft & More! says:

so pretty much hearthstone copied this.. got it LOL
i mean its basically the same, a few changes though

JLTProductionsSA says:

Brilliant video. Just started yesterday! Also, the production quality is great and presenter is good! 😀 #subscribed

Nagisa Furukawa says:

What buy cards ?

Dylan Lewis says:

whoa! i know who you are. i just got into magic and this made me so stoked knowing you play. im going to watch all your videos now!

assisassassisassassisass ¡ says:

On average, how many cards do people use in tornaments or at stores?

F1shD1nn3rs says:

I’m gonna have to watch this again

XENON says:

I’m new to this game i used to play yugioh and i tought that this will be similar oohh boy i was wrong

gotrek44 says:

I have a question that I hope someone can answer with sincere clarity. I attacked with a and buffed him up to 6/7. I was countered with a Does my card die or is it nullified being a 0/1?

C Obreja says:

What a piece of shit game, hearthstone is so much better

EbayHunters says:

Pokemon is so much easier

Krekes says:

I shuffle the deck i take 7 card all the card i take is creature now what i gonna do

Ask gandalaf to help me?

Carmen Muniz says:

I didn’t understand much can someone tell me how to play

Foil Grim Timmy says:

Wait, Wait, Wait….WTF … stop!!! I want to be learning

Jesus Flores says:

I hate this game

Caskas says:

Is planeswalker is the new set? If I buy a box of them will they go out of date? I’m new to mtg so just making sure.

jaketh wowjonwow says:

so if it takes 2 earth and 1 of any color does that mean i have to tap a total of 3 lands?

Tide Bleach says:

XD i have no idea what Magic: The Gathering is i just seen it on twitch

rydell420 says:

I’m; new, need help, and happy to see my favorite Wong brother 30 years strong hahahaha.

Renan Fernandes says:


Matheus Assis says:

Im so Jimmy biased these days

pureleafpanda says:

He looks like Ted Wong from video game high school

Avana says:

“So you and your friends can learn how to play!” – But what if I’ve got no friends? 🙁

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