How to Play MTG Arena

Understand Magic, but new to MTG Arena? MTG Arena Community Manager Nate Price walks you through the game’s interface, tips and tricks, and how to do all the things in the Closed Beta. And stay tuned, a new in-game tutorial is on its way to MTG Arena soon!


ShineAqua says:

This is being programmed Unity, so it’ll eventually make its way onto multiple devices, including PS4, Switch, and Android.

Mackenson Sparks says:

Is there a tutorial in game?

Marcos Molina Chaves says:

make it as pokemon tcg online pls

MisterLovahLovah says:

This video came out way too early.

DCAMM720 says:

How do I play with no starting gold? I literally can’t play unless I buy gems.

Jose Rodriguez says:

How soon? and what Systems? will it be on Steam?

Jared T says:

Still haven’t gotten my email… been 5 days

Matt Kurilich says:

Wait I missed the part where you show how to build mono red

paulandsophieforever says:

great its a want a be hart stone WTF wizards? you fucked the look of the cards! what are you trying to look like something your not? the look of the cards was the best part of the game ass holes!!!!

rocksrahul says:

Plz optimize your game..

Jenn Hall says:

Will more codes for this game be going out soon? I was accepted weeks ago…….still waiting!

Omar Encarnacion1 says:

why i have a female planewalker icon? is there’s a way to change it?

PoliYarnJ 3 says:

Is this a free site or do i need to sign via credit card?

Isaac Ricks says:

Please Release on Nintendo switch

Jordan Hillman says:

Looks a lot like hearthstone to me

LiangHuBBB says:

release this game on ps4 plz

Donny says:

The game is much more polished since the beta has started, I like it a little bit more with each update. But now most of my ways to play actually force me to pay money, which I am not desperate enough to do yet., so I have not played lately.

Giancarlo Fernandez says:

Give me my key!

CKG 1130 says:

This is free game right ?

Squeakyevil says:

How to play, apply for a beta code. Wait forever.

OrdealZero says:

How to play mtg arena. Red aggro deck!

Kysk8s3 says:

How can I play if I can’t play it on Mac?

MX3 Garcinia Mangostana says:

Your audio/sound is low even when my speakers at highest volume.

Shentaunt says:

so you have to pay to play….it doesn’t start you with gold to play

Hell Papo says:

Why don’t release MTG for Mac too??

Jj Wyllie says:

Cant wait until it ready fro Mac. Do you guy have a time line on when this is happening?

Noah Golden says:

So is this like MTGO or do I not get to choose what cards I have?

Bartas says:

wizards are planing to wipe progress? becouse i dont know is there is sense to start playing 🙁

Colin Jerista says:

Wizards is really missing out on a large portion of potential players if they don’t release this to mobile devices and consoles.

basian74 says:

There needs to be a way to choose not to play against counter burn decks because literally everyone i encounter uses one and it makes the game extremely boring and frustrating

kenneth acuna says:

when can i play on my phone like hearthstone?

I'll force feed you asbestos says:

This video doesn’t matter if you’re not letting people into the game

Mark Skurka says:

this is a poor replacement,

Tony Power says:

Yes we as the customer are well aware of the magic arena and how it works. Shame the idiots at WOTC clearly aren’t aware of the two biggest computer companies in the world. That’s clear as only a complete moron would launch a product that only works on one platform and not Apple. What fk in bright spark passed that one? Maybe you can tell us how it works on Apple…or maybe not as you have no idea about it at all! As does anyone at that shit organization. Don’t tell its coming….Apple maybe gone bust by the time you get your fingers out of your asses and launch it.

argon colorless says:

i got the beta but i cant play without trowing money for just playing

Riivenge says:

I don’t know how to start the game, I just got a closed Beta key but where you paid the gold I have no gold yet. And I’m not trying to buy gems just yet. Help?

Cocec says:

Release this game on tablet pls

Nelson Lovelace says:

Hey so how about make it playable for Mac and Android users plz. Thanks

Nicolás says:

Great game!! Have so much fun playing the beta.

martin kuiper says:

I love the game and I am really glad u guys made it 😀

ian grier says:

Release this on iOS please

Tymski says:

I expected it to be Hearthstone 0.5 but actually it’s not bad.

Joey Newberry says:

can you do modern and also do you have to pay

ton dieu says:

I don’t know if I want to play. I don’t want to choose an offensive username lmao

Freenix says:

Next video:

How to win at MTG Arena – Pay us money

Sascha Schnetz says:

It is a pity that the game still has no release date. maybe it’s about time for an open beta? Can you expect a release? 2019? 2020? 2025?

AAAfroSamurai says:

Please add Challenge a friend mode with best of 3/5 option

Hoir Hiero says:

Eternal cardgame

Dom Giu says:

is impossible to complete the collection card

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