How to play MTG Better Part 1 – Play Cards as Late as Possible

Here’s the first part in my series on how to play MTG better. Every wonder why the same people keep winning at your Friday Night Magic tournaments? It’s not always because of their deck. If you keep making slight play changes, they compound together to greatly improve your chance of winning.


Ara Ara says:

Okay, I’m a noob but why keep cards in your hand when they could make you discard/exile cards from your hand anyway?

benjamin gibbs says:

“better than blindly seeing”

Sasa Mirkov says:

lol, if they have removal they can respond and kill it anyway.

Bryant Davis says:

One thing that I have against playing the land second main. Many times I have opponents wonder if they played a land this turn late in the turn (second main). Most of the time I give them the benefit of the doubt, but if it is an actual competitive tournament, if I don’t know if they played one or not, I’m gonna assume they did. If you don’t know if you played a land, i’m not gonna potentially let you have an additional land drop in a turn.

benjamin gibbs says:

“better than blindly seeing”

Arthur Kimes says:

Good lesson.
Here’s an idea. Make a video showing highlights from a series of games between a pro and an amateur. The point is that both players will be using the *exact same decks*. Assuming the pro beats the amateur in most of the games you’ll would show the key plays that made the difference – both the pro’s good plays and the amateur’s mistakes.

bartelR says:

but is it normal that I to feel totally stupid when I watch lsv drafting videos?

Jackson Mccreery says:

You know they can Kill Shot in response to Titanic Growth, and your example would have been better from the other side, right?

Pine Hill Prophit says:

1:39 life points?? go back to playing yugioh.

Thomas Siess says:

Great info

Johannes Hartmann says:

Be aware that the land might be relevant against things like Mana Leak. Be sure not to lose to Mana Leak-Like effects unless you can’t avoid it. Situations like these even came up on Pro Tours. Someone doesn’t use their land drop, attacks and wants to use a trick and gets completely blown out by a Mana Leak-esque effect, even though they could have payed for it.

slickdeath97 says:

dude this really helps thx. if you dont mind checking out my channel i would appriciate it and tell me what you think.

None of your Business says:

Basically, I agree. But there are tons of counter examples for this strategy. For instance, whenever your opponent has got blue mana open, it is always a good idea to have spare mana for a Force Spike etc., so you better play that one land you drew before you cast something important.

TheSnowdolphin says:

Example 1, you should just let it deal 1 damage 3 times.

Pondor says:

Very good video.

Márton Léránt says:

why would i put out a creature early?

… maybe to give opportunity to waste removal on it?

McMaxer Minecrafter says:

Very helpful, arigato.

Dan Østenkær says:

Wish Ross Geller had played magic in Friends.

james standeford says:

its also based on build

StagHead says:

Can someone please comfirm this?

nutorulez says:

Also when all you can do is top deck (no spells in hand) if you can cast anything in your deck, don’t play lands. This becomes relevant in longer matches, especially draft. Firstly it helps if someone plays hand attack (it’s happened before) and also it leaves your opponent assuming you have some combat trick/counterspell

We Are Borg 478 says:

Good video, sir. You just earned a sub from me. Cheers!

tibbarnogard says:

I need to start doing this

Muffin Mcfatboy says:

at the first example, can they still use celestial flare?

Funky Jammies says:

This is one of the more important things I feel every magic player should know. If you’re swinging with just a basic little 2/1, and your opponent doesn’t want to lose a creature, so they take two, you have the liberty of pumping your 2/1 with lifelink or other instant boosts to swing a small trade for trade in your favor.

Nate Hopper says:

could you tell us how to make a 25$ black green eldrazi deck

PS please make it not standard or limited no rule’s Rebel!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dylan Mcgeary says:

In eternal formats at least, it is worth it to drop extra lands to stop force spike, man’s tithe and man’s leak.

Crimson Vulpes says:

New addition to “people at fnm”
“People who tap to their left”

PaperPlanes says:

What if I might have a deck with 40 counter spells built to piss people off?

Alec Wolf says:

very useful!

Scried4 YourSins says:

This will only help the noobs….

StagHead says:

I thought that you could only use said card effects on the same colour!!! (I was told that)

Flamingfirefox 74 says:

Can I show you a magic trick?

Read more

McMaxer Minecrafter says:

Very helpful, arigato.

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