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Sometimes you hit a point in your Magic development where you feel like you’re stagnating, and your skill level can’t go up any further. Despite what some might think, greatness isn’t something you can achieve by yourself, and it’s times like these when you need to rely on your friends and teammates to help you reach your full potential.

This is when establishing playgroups becomes an amazing resource for you, boosting your creative deck building skills and refining your Magic prowess at the same time. You’ll also get the opportunity to build closer friendships, build camaraderie, and grow not just into a better Magic player, but a better person.

In this season finale episode of Tolarian Tutor, we’ll go over how to create a playgroup, best practices and common pitfalls for not just you, but your teammates as well!



I luv u for the data part

Skottrandom says:

prof your so sweaty bro turn on your AC.

BiotreX says:

Band of the 5 colors?….We just have 4…….we kicked out that mono blue guy

Seority says:

But prof, I don’t even have a normal play group! 🙁

Colonel Delucious says:

I have watched a lot of MtG YouTubers lately, and it is obvious that the the people who hate the Professor, such as The Quartering and Purp and Desolater, are people who rarely talk about actually playing the game. Their videos are always just drama and b.s. and who got hit in the head. Those creators talk about all the bad things that happened to them, and never talk about helpful ways to improve your play. The Professor and, to a lesser extent Rudy, give good advice within entertaining videos. The other guys are just haters with garbage content. Thanks for caring about us, Professor, and please keep up the good work.

Paul Johnson says:

Thanks for the vid!

Sebastian Ferguson says:

How do you form a group if you live in the middle of nowhere with like 3 friends who play in your neighborhood


Thank you for this video

Felipe Raffani says:

Great video 🙂
Suggestion: stand half a step to your left to avoid gesticulating in front of the chroma key. It looks a bit weird when you do

thewillingwell says:

Hey Professor i bet you’ve heard the news by now about the Guilds of Ravnica masterpiece boxes. If you do a booster box game or even buy 1 box I’d be very disappointed with you.

BioRoot says:

I would really like to see you put out a video on your initial thoughts for the Ravnica “Mythic edition” set. Seems to be causing some unrest.

Doug Chapel says:

I hit LIKE but only half liked this because my MtG experience is that most people are too focused on beating others down than really playing, experiencing, enjoying the game.

How about a video on HOW TO DEAL WITH JERK PLAYERS? Like the ones who somehow, mysteriously, defying-logical score-keeping math WINNING over and over and over by using infinites and the LGS seems lethargic and generally not interested in really paying attention to rules and score keeping at Commander League events? Ugh…

Mlgman 67 says:

When he said season finale, I thought he said series and I was about to have a coronary lmao

Kevin Gonsalves says:

“you will need friends”….*hangs head in shame and walks away from video*, guess this video isn’t for me then.

Lukas Bubliauskas says:

My playgroup meets up only at lunch during school. Sometimes also at the schools board game club.

Bastien Clarke says:


LyricBent says:

Thanks prof! Life lessons to be learned in general from this one, not just MtG lessons 🙂

Greg Brutsche says:

Professor! I just saw that there’s pauper in MTGA! I’m unaware if you’re aware of this, but I figured I’d try to let you know ASAP

Sebastian Kroon says:

Season finale? Say it ain’t so!

luiz gatti says:

I disagree the first thing, about trying to solve a non rotating format, actually I think is the best thing to do cuz people got so used to the meta and just want to polish the already existing decks(save rare exceptions) and I believe that has a room to improve those formats cuz they have just such a huge pool.

Jelly Drop says:

Professor are the dragon shield Art sleeves say whether they are matte or glossy and are the Mats still at A+

Rex One says:

Great vid! I immediately sent this to my playtest group.

Dana Coleman says:

Great video Professor. Thanks! However, I have heard an alternate line of thinking on that take backs issue. Some people feel if you allow take-backs it makes you a weaker and lazier player. Putting your mind in a habit of knowing take-backs are allowed can cause you to not learn from mistakes. this might be a great topic for a deeper dive on the psychology of this issue. What do you think?

Corey Young says:

I have not posted like this before, but i have to say, this hit the spot, bud.

Raven Selenite says:

Hey Prof. Could you make an updated inner sleeves review video. I have recently returned to casual MGT and found your channel. Really love it!
I got supper lucky with some booster packs that a friend, when going through my cards, told me to instantly at least sleeve but needed to double sleeve 3 of my cards. My local game store only had Ultra-pro soft sleeves which were too loose to double sleeve so I ordered some ultimate guard precise fit sleeves online.
These were awful! As much as I could force the cards in they bent the cards a lot (glad I tested with cheap cards first) they would have made a deck of cards sleeved with them un-playable. I will be returning them. I have now seen the KMC perfect fits on the site I used and will be buying them instead but want others to be aware of the current condition of the Ultimate Guard Precise Fit sleeves.
Many thanks for the wonderful work you do.

Luliby says:

“It is pronounced ‘data'”.

Chaloux says:

i wish you would make hoodies : (

Jack N says:


Gta 500 says:

I think a park bench is a good meeting place for this lol

Matt Atlas says:

Why are you so sweaty in this vid? Also I’m an izzet player 🙂

HeroicBottle says:

Thank you for making this video prof! My friend won’t try to learn from some of our matchups even though they lose a lot. Hopefully they’ll listen to you more than me <3

chris logan says:

Great stuff. Keep up the good work!

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