How To Start Playing Magic: The Gathering – A Beginner’s Guide To MTG

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How To Start Playing Magic: The Gathering – A Beginner’s Guide
The following is a 6 step guide to starting Magic: The Gathering from absolute scratch. This is not a video that teaches you how to play the game, but rather guides you in your purchases and decision making so that you can go from having never played Magic: The Gathering before, to being able to attend store events and regularly play games.

Please note:
As always, this video is only meant as guidance, not absolute rules. it is one path, one method of many, but it only a suggestion.
It is designed with the goal of being able to play regularly at store events, but that may not be your own personal goal when it comes to Magic. Still, even if you are looking to achieve different things from this game, perhaps by seeing one path people can take, you
might discover new ideas that help you meet your needs.

The importance of friend or partner:
If you’ll allow me one more preamble, I’d like to stress the importance of having a friend or partner to play with. The most important thing you can do as a new player is…to play. Practice, practice, practice, and in order to do this, it helps to have a practice partner.

Going into this game with a friend or lover is a huge advantage, as you’ll always have someone to play with and learn with. I’m a major advocate of couples getting into Magic together, as it gives you both a fun and engaging activity that you can share with one another.

If you don’t know anyone who is interested in learning with you, or who already plays, don’t despair. Magic is a highly social game. Hanging out at your local game store isn’t just how you get in games, it is also how you meet people and make friends.

So where do you begin from absolute scratch?

Step 1: Buy Duels of the PlanesWalkers 2014
Step 2: Get 2 Quick Start Decks.
Step 3: Join your store’s league
Step 4: Play a Draft
Step 5: If a prerelease or launch is upcoming, attend.
Step 6: Put your first standard deck together.

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Eric Lecarde says:

Quick start decks aren’t free where i live, but they’re 2 or 3 bucks, so it’s still rather inexpensive.

Dmitry Letunov says:

I have no store near my town how i can get Starter packs otherwise ? Sorry if i wrote somthing wrong i don’t speak english a lot.

LopGamer says:

-i dont have a girlfriend
-i dont have Friends
-i dont have Money
-i dont have a local store in my Town
How can i start to play Magic?

Tolemus says:

How do I find a store to play at

iid0rks says:

I literally force my friend to play this with me! xD

TheRealReqzy says:

Y WAS THUS PUBLISHED IN 2014 but talks about 2015 DECKS

Nyibango Costa says:

Are you iDubbbz?

L3OPARD says:

step 7: buy a pack of dragons maze. it’s a right of passage for begginners (extra points if you do it with a friend and have a pack war).

Pokè Potter Muffin says:

my card shop never has them they give them out to people that played for years

Liam Davis says:

Just saying 2014 is also better because garuuk in not cursed yet.

Perfectdoll says:

My nearest FNM is about and hour and a halfs driving away sadness

River Summers says:

My, if I had started my mtg career like this, I would have been way better off. When I started, me and my brother bought intro packs and played against each other, after being introduced by a friend who was experienced in magic.

James Gilchrist says:

hi there just asking where could I get a prerelease box?

sertaki says:

Update for Step 1: “Play Magic Duels” – they made it into a free for play game some time ago.

Lewis Leng says:

Your vids are getting me hyped for my first ever prerelease of ixalan

LegoBoyFilms says:

What if your store doesn’t have sample decks?

Rishi Pania says:

where can u get free starter decks

kota buskirk says:

magic is now free on steam

lazerbeam134 says:

How soon after teaching someone the basic game is it a good idea to introduce them to Commander?

Justin Harris says:

Absolutely garbage video. My best friend explained the game to me in half of the time and corrected the narrator on numerous times. Start more basic and correct your grammer, kid.

Abhiram Srivastava says:

I have a question: if I get a rookie deck, where would that fit into the plan?

Tolarian Community College says:

Be sure to watch An Introduction to Sealed Deck Construction:
Is it Worth It To Attend Prerelease:
What’s it like at an MTG prerelease:
Prepare For Prerelease:

shane lard says:

I love your channel but i found my local card store to be filled with jerks when i asked about these sample decks they accused me of being a ebay scalper just wanting free hand outs also the store made me feel a bit unease i understand being a weeb and liking anime but there was some AO rated stuff just sitting on the counter i guess i will just stick with PTCGO

Afro says:

Buying an Origins Fat Pack. Any objections? If so, why?

Connor Odum says:

I always laugh when people mention Draft. where I live it costs $51.36 just to play a six player game….

Kerdsri game says:

What if your a kid

CaitSeith says:

I would replace Duels of the Planewalkers 2014, with Magic: Duels, just because the later is free and it has practice tutorials for pretty much every mechanic.

Dhark Specter says:

The closest shop to me is 27.5 MILES away.

Nathan Gedamke says:

You should consider updating this to change “Duels of the Plainswalkers 2014”, to “Magic Duels”

Matt Nivison says:

I do wish I saw this video before I started but still great advice!!

Macho Taco says:

I went to my local card shop and they had the starter decks… for 5 dollars each, not cool

TheMountainWulf says:

I can’t get the quick start decks. Very sad. I really do want them. But the only place I can find them is ebay and they go for about 20 bucks.

Marc Ramos says:

Is step 2 still ok if my LGS sells them for $6.00 each (buying all five are my needs and it will cost $30,00 which is quite frankly too expensive for me) ?

For step 5 instead of buying a prerelease kit/6 packs, can it be 3 packs and build a 30 card deck instead due to the “new” sealed system?


i bought two quickstart decks. 😛

Matt Nivison says:

And I’m working on getting my girl to play this with me!

Jay says:

Thanks for the awesome video Professor! I took your advice I downloaded Magic Duels(since its free) on steam, gave it a try and ended up really enjoying my time playing it. From there I started my hunt to locate my local gaming store and got to attend a MTG open house event. Acquired my 2 quick start decks, while I was there I got to participate in my first standard draft with 3 other people. At the end of the night I walked out with a stack of lands, tokens, commons and uncommons, 13 boosters packs, and a spin-down dice. All I spent that night was $10 on the draft and was able to walk way with more than a good start, definitely going to try to attend MTG Friday nights from now on.

iDragonKeeper says:

His voice is so hard to listen to.

General Potato says:

u suck @$$

Chris Wisdom says:

what if my store is wall Mart… im in the middle of bum fucked Egypt

DanielThuOwl says:

Helped alot!

Arthur K says:

Is it not better to buy a duel deck if you do not have such a stores ?

Clegomanrun says:

Got me interested as just a fun and casual thing. Thx proffeser!

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