How To Start Playing Magic: The Gathering Arena – A Beginner’s Guide

This video will cover downloading and installation, learning the basics of the game, navigating the interface, the various formats and different ways to play, as well as some of the most frequently asked questions.

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Here is where you can download Magic Arena and begin playing for free:

Magic: Arena is the premiere digital Magic: The Gathering experience. If you have ever played, or ever wanted to play Magic: The Gathering and want to do so from the comforts of your own home, where pants are optional, then Magic Arena is how you do it.

Magic Arena is Magic: The Gathering. While it doesn’t have every MTG format, it is still the full gameplay experience, with all the same rules, interactions, and amazing possibilities that a game of Magic holds. But it also is a digital interface, meaning there’s unique aspects to the interface to learn how to navigate.

But how does one get started on Magic Arena? And once you are signed up, what do you need to know in regards to using the interface, the many formats and options?

This video will teach you how to get started on Magic arena in less than 15 minutes.


Mike Hall says:

I wish I could download Arena. I own a Mac!!! 🙁 Please Wizards, make Arena Mac compatible.

Micah Apple says:

No thank you

FlexibleTerror says:

This tutorial did not mention two important things for beginners:

1. The format Toggle.
2. What “Traditional” mean.

SH18 says:

Love the updated Branding 🙂 really nice graphics on the Intro 🙂

David Lee Kersey says:

We got a Time warp going on ‘How to get started in just 15 minutes’ video is 10 minutes long.

Raymond says:

Finally a face with the tempo storm voice

BarKt says:

Also if first time use and stuck in installation , you need to play with the resolution. I switched to window then change reso. then play worked.. then switch to full screen again..will work normally after. Guess something to do with the tutorial wisp.

Schecter 7 says:

Nope, I’m guna stop you right there..
Mtg arena breaks SO many rules. SO many.

Nextus says:

an irritating blue sprite…NAVI-gate…. bwahahahaha <3 😀

Andrew Laverghetta says:

Mmmm. Arena. Yes…

Doesn’t take much money and time to build an acceptable and fun deck.

Soviet Loli says:

This was recorded yesterday. Proof: The countdown on the pauper event.

Joshua Gutierrez says:

Navi-gate haha I caught the reference. I feel old now.

Tolarian Community College says:

Check out more from MTGNerdGirl on her Magic Arena stream at

Oscar Alas says:

I want to Dislike for the Navi-gate pun, but I will always Like for how informative your videos are.

Steven E says:

How to play mtga: buy gems.

Gavin Dea says:

Ive heard some things that kept me clear of Arena. Ive been its standard only (and as of this video, this seems true enough). Ive heard older set cards disappear when the rotation hits, and lastly that there wasnt a way to play with friends or trade cards with them. That last one is a deal breaker for me. Has it changed?

John Kendall says:

MTGGoldfish/Seth/prroooobably better known as Saffron Olive recently posted a video featuring a deck called “Smothering Storm” that really illustrated Arena’s weakness in reconciling the processing of an absurd amount of triggers and the animation of those triggers.

This video really illustrates that Arena definitely isn’t ready to handle “bigger” formats since it’s barely able to handle a meme standard deck (and this isn’t even including the game-clock problem with triggers and animations). As much as Commander players may want the shiny interface to play in, there’s no way Arena can currently handle the non-sense EDH players get into. What happens if someone creates a triggered infinite loop that doesn’t end the game? I get the feeling the programmers haven’t actually answered these kinds questions yet, and the turn clock is perhaps their ONLY answer to this question at the moment.

We were already aware that Arena was already very poorly setup for the Johnny/Jenny players of the game, but Seth’s video really put a spotlight on how bad it is just at a mechnical level.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Arena is a pretty great tool for new players and an interesting place for WotC to take the game, but as a “Johnny” I’ve been really put off by the way the client and game clock works with combo decks and decks that just have lots of moving parts, and haven’t been bothered to log-in in a while because of it.

SarsamTCG Videos says:

Magic Arena in my opinion is nothing but good news for the magic community, I think its revitalizing the game

lorelorn says:

“Magic Online will continue to receive the same quality of support and care it always has”


Leonardo Chu says:

those puns are intended. I suppose 🙂

那個誰SOMEone【新奇科技】 says:

FAILED! Where is your iconic 90’s redneck accent

darth revan says:

I rather play the real thing. Meet plp get out I been in doors to long. Plus you don’t build it yourself as in buy a pack get boosters makes friends and learning for them. Plus I would of never got to see your classes. I recommend to those who don’t want to join the community ofcourse.

jawa zilla says:

This needs to be on console’s already

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