I Lost All HOPE in Magic the Gathering Community


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horsey not a knight says:

Anyone who gave any money to that douchebag is a sucker

Ethan Battles says:

Wedge is a fatfuck winnie face tits McKee douche with depression and by depression I mean hes a pussy.

Urban Girl Scout Media says:

Lion if you find my comments on that thread you will see me agree with him in the sense words have lots of meanings and we need to respect them all….this dude then uses words like asinine and insane towards me and others lol. He is literally the definition of a THOT

Charles Veader says:

Notice in all this dude’s videos. He says I own my own business. Go back n check.

siegfried greding says:

You forget for the past 40 years Americans have been getting poorer and poorer due to the Rich running our government people don’t have that much money to spare anymore the rich are taking what little we have left.

eXdXgXe4life says:

Are old people not humans?

Daniel Rudge says:

rethink the anti human thing dude. serious.not criticism. but do it for you.

Robert says:

We are all idiots. But most of us only see the idiocy in others.

MTG LION says:

If you just received $77,000+ from the community. $77,000 is more than most people make in a year. You made it in a week. Most people who donated make far less than you do. Please don’t call them an idiot, just because you disagree with their vocabulary choice. #ungrateful

Skillhunter25 says:

Here is an idea. Why not just get out of the glorified populist realm of commentators, pro players, corporate and grinders. Keep this as a hobby for you instead of an investment. Obviously Wedge should have health insurance regardless of your income. So i’m on the fence of being empathetic for him.

Victor Manuel Agis says:

That is a shitty way to treat your woman. Then having two kids a piece, I hope he’s paying his child support and not milking the rest of us on child welfare. More like Mr. Baby Shit Yellow.

gyranthir says:

The word you’re looking for is “misanthrope”.

Justin Parris says:

He treats others like garbage even while he exploits his minor celebrity status to use people poorer than he is to pay his bills for him. There are few things I’ve bought on the internet that I regret more than supporting the mana source for a couple months.

howsjames1 says:

I’m sure the fact that Wedge has 6 times more subscribers has nothing to do with all the bitterness…

Zachary Goodrich says:

Misanthrope is the term for someone who doesn’t like humans Lion. Humans are animals too, just animals with the greatest capacity for both good and evil. The person who gave their life to save that child is a beacon of virtue. Life we have to take the good with the bad and try to pay the good forward in ways we can. Keep on being kind Lion.

Andrew Meyers says:

Not sure I get the hate on Wedge, can someone enlighten me? Seems like a good guy.

Chad Rittenhouse says:

I’m confused
You made two videos supporting what wedges family did and the donating to then you say you can’t believe he got more donations? Most people haven’t heard of Victor

Nicolas Lopez says:

Thot don’t even mean that ho over there lol white people dumb as hell

xcver says:

Well at least i do not have to Deal with always negative and hateful videos at the manasource.

When was the last time it was Not complaining all the time?

Gaming Voodoo says:

Tu quoque and ad hominem don’t discount the arguments people make. That’s why they are logical fallacies. This dismissal of things that Evan Erwin has said is ignorant. You don’t have to like the guy for the things he has done, but if he has a valid point, hypocrisy does not negate the logical point. As a “logical creature” this should be your gold standard. (You should check at the site yourlogicalfallacyis.com ).

Jeremy Church says:

So, I’m not understanding the point of this video. Did the guy that passed away play Magic? What does his story have to do with anything? And why attack people for donating to someone who needs surgery? Health insurance plans vary in how they cover their clients. Also, not everyone has health insurance! I don’t! I work for a small business. What right does any of us have to judge someone for their actions? And why throw a blanket over the entire MTG community? It’s a very small percentage of the few million people around the world that play that donated….and who’s to say that everyone who donated plays Magic?

Toop Khat says:

Haven’t needed a doctor since I went vegan. The lack of meritocracy is caused by nepotism, and cronyism, which is impossible to prevent to some degree in this community. Animal slavers are takers from wildlife by funneling murder and bottling

Apex 0 says:

Dude all you ever do is ramble in your videos

Micheal Schlott says:

I watch Dave Ramsey too

Revas La Athim says:

The community is not the problem, the people who on top and the shills are the problem

Rage Fuel Gaming says:

wedge is a fat dumb entitled unhealthy lazy piece of sjw human shit.

sylos347 says:

Y are there 25 dislikes?

Michael Knives says:

lol he spent dat money on his wedding boi

West Coast Picks says:

This guy. Why the hell does he expect the rest of us to pay for his poor life choices. In everything he does, eats shit, doesn’t save money, is an assholes to boot. Nice….

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