I was BANNED from PLAYING Magic the Gathering!?!

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The Tweet:

WOTC is a Hasbro Owned Company


Smart Alec says:

>Wants more women in magic for arbitrary reasons
>Bans a woman.

Comics Dinosaur says:

Love that t-shirt! Where from?


im going to say it new store new DIC number and a assumed name its not like you get carded just as long as you dont go pro or a really big tourty if someone gets banned and just wants to go play Friday night magic its no big deal to the average player now the creator community could be bad

The-Jaded says:

what did ya even do? voice your opinion? pc itself isn’t even pc since it VIOLATES the very pinnacles of democracy. witch hunts, shutting down free speech, banning people… even LEFTIST people who don’t want to be THEIR brand of left? what is LEFTISM even about anymore? I thought equality of people, at least that’s what I believe(d) in

jeff hicks says:

Wow!@! WOTC has become like a Comcast entity, where people like the product but everybody hates the company

Legacy Game Mastering says:

There is no such thing as a “wrong opinion.” By the very essence of being an opinion it is neither right or wrong. There is truth and lies. Then there is opinion. Opinion is something that is formed off of facts, as presented. You can never have a right or wrong opinion.

Zer0Hour17 says:

Sensible and a Touko fan. Here, take this sub.

The Thing on The Doorstep says:

Your’s was probably the tamest of responses to this whole mess.
If they ban you it ridiculous.

Terry Dactyl says:

Contemplating starting a channel, in regards to this stuff. The more people they ban for content, the more content producers need to sprout up, so they know this isn’t going away.

Alice Knabel says:


Christopher Castle says:

You heard it from her. Get your pitch forks and your fire. Its time to storm WotC

ToujoursJacques says:

Excellent video

WhatThe MTG says:

i dont know who you are but im tired of wizards trying to ban players like this

angrybellsprout says:

Go tear up some limited GP events and don’t worry about net decks 🙂

overlordcacius says:

Weird how there’s more tanswomen in magic against the sjw mentality than for it. On a side note I’m still the the best trans magic player ever :p lol

shade38211 says:

Great point on Twitter bio critique.

Sean Nissen says:

Good luck and give them hell

Ricardo A says:

Wizards banned me for breathing.

Vrynix says:

Honestly WotC needs to take the Dutch proverb: “Act normal, then you’re acting crazy enough” and just put posters of it everywhere in the office.

Miguel Alonzo says:

Shout out to TWoo!!

Tom Fisher says:

Speaking as A Christian these SJW’s are the same as the Pharisee puritans like your parents. They wanna ban and shame ANYONE who does not think, act, and believe EXACTLY like them. After reading my Bible for myself I understand that people wanna put rituals and works onto the Gospel of Christ because its so simple. They hate they fact all it is… is believing In Jesus and no works are in involved. After understand that Jesus was NOT like the religious frauds acting churchy I kicked my 5 year drug addicting and many other things that can no be explained. Dont give up on Jesus no matter what you are going through my friend.. God bless!

Andrew Braeger says:

Love your content and the personality you bring to it! “He’s not gonna take it ‘lion’ down” ^^

Brad Burns says:

Wizards hates you because you’re not one of “their” trans players. Keep fighting the good fight, and if the time comes time to play Pokemon.

lucky13sj says:

I love the they’re talking about maybe Banning you but they’re wanting more women in Magic and and how they’re going to do that is by Banning women from playing Magic makes sense someone I guess

magicalgirlmaho says:

Ever since this whole fiasco started with Jeremy, I’ve really been wondering if Hasbro has been paying attention to WOTC’s actions. I swear it’s like they’re convinced that they are an activism firm and not a gaming company any more.

FizzyP says:

GREAT video!

Rob W says:

Completely agree. WOTC needs to make the game a higher priority. It’s crazy these guys think they can change the world through their card game.

MGE Dawn says:

Funny story… I ended up with an email of my own. Not the kind that MTG LION was unfortunate enough to get, but the kind with a survey attached (irony inbound) asking how they could improve the product. 1 guess what the 2 things I told them needed to happen were (spoiler alert: it was to fix the print issues and to get the politics out of the fucking game).

Regardless, this is a fucking disgusting approach that they (WotC) are taking. I said before that I would stand by the players, especially the ones that are getting terminated out of organized play without due cause, and I intend to keep my word. You have my support in this one…

hannes3d says:

oh my god your so wrong about your stuff , you have no rights on the intellectual property of their art etc so if you make money showing any of their art …logos …etc they can demonetize you for that alone you can talk about it but you can not show any of their stuff if they are against it …

Jodneah says:

“they cant confiscate my stuff………..or my guns” haha love it

Michael Cerda says:


Matt Elliott says:

Glad that all the toxic people who have no clue what the 1st Amendment means are being banned.

TheJoe3211 says:

is wotc trying to ban everyone on social media that has a dci number wizards you have me as a prime target try me

BooyaCS says:

I am surprised I haven’t been banned yet. I am a software developer by trade and sent a dossier to WoTC on the issues with MTGO… It seems like talk bad about WoTC get banned.

I wonder if they piss off enough customers (defective product, bannings etc) when the Consumer Protection will get involved.

shade38211 says:

Say it isn’t so! Just kidding, zero fucks given about the wotc investigation team. Hope they get the come uppings for this wrong think censorship witch hunt. Don’t even play game, but enjoy u and Jeremy’s take on this over reaching comment policing. Almost can’t wait for follow up vids on topic.

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