Is it worth it to play Magic The Gathering Online? A Critical MTG Review

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Ryan Creech says:

Great Video and much needed! Also, you look like the son of Bilbo Baggins and Willie Wonka, but in the best way

Walter K says:

Why do you look and dress like your in a harry potter movie?

Jacob K says:

Hm; well it sounds like to me that if wanted to play Modern or Vintage then MTGO is a good option, considering that a normally $300-2,000 card like one of the original dual lands is only around $10 is a vastly improved expense. But if you wanted to play Standard or Draft and you have a local game store that does even just FNM then it wouldn’t be worth it, unless you have no way of accessing that game store, or if you have no group of casual magic friends.
Paying full price for a digital booster/starter does not sound worth it. Paying only about 10% of the physical price for an individual card, however, sounds *very* appealing.

bhpurerange1 says:

It’s a joke that a pack of digital cards is worth more than a physical pack. I was so disappointed that I had to spend money on MTGO… just to spend more money on MTGO when I could had bought physical cards at the local shop and played with people face to face.

Vasilis Nektarios Georgoulis says:

Wizards is so kind!! Created Magic Online for people with Agoraphobia! So sweet <3 <3

blazestudios23 says:

Play on Cockatrice. It’s actually pretty good and 100% free.

GSUShane says:

I literally laughed out loud at the coughing in the background.

K1nshiro says:

im actually pretty sick of not being able to play with some fucking cards because i cant spend tons of money for stupid cards. damn, no monthly subscription, what about if we just pay money and then get to just play with cards…

Cory R says:

When is the game going to get a client/gfx update? it looks like its 15 years old :/

CaitSeith says:

6:15 Oh my freaking God! Even Shandalar’s interface was more intuitive than this (and that was in 1997)!

Somalia Bot says:

I buyed a beta key for 5 bucks its the best game i (maybe)ever had

but yes i did invest 20 more bucks for boosters and now i try to climb the ladder up and can’t test any more decks or my Elo score gets destroyed

Okaneenee says:

Its now almost 2018 and the UI looks the SAME as it does in this video. A little sad.

Rex Holes says:

You have to be brain-dead to spend money on this when you can get actual cards with actual resale value, the only way I’d play this is if the cards cost pennies because thats what digital “cards” are worth in terms of entertainment value

Rafael Roman says:

I just purchase singles from Marlin bot. Way cheaper. Also be smart about trading. If a card went down significantly in price in real life, it’s good to get digital copies for cheap.

murom A says:

пиздец у чувака большой рот

John Aguilera says:

I think magic online should improve. For example pokemon online is free and has no fees. It has in game earnings that can be used to, purchase cards. Whenever you purchase packs irl you can use the code and get a free pack ingame

Paulo Bassani says:

even if you have dozens of friens that play paper magic with you, magic online is usefull when you don’t have time or simple son’t want to go out and play, afterall magic online is very handy in terms of lerning the rules correctly

Andrew Spohn says:

Magic The Gathering 2015 for Android is what I would recommend.

aylith663320 says:

Amazing that it’s not got any better. I’ve tried to play Magic Online as a newbie to get some practice in but it’s so unplayable I just can’t. So I resort to the MTG games on steam, which isn’t perfect but at least it works. I have a great LGS so I can safely say I’ll never play Magic Online, if I didn’t have the LGS it would be hard to see myself playing Magic Online as it’s just so frustrating. I’d just stick with the other games.

Anarchy Bee says:

Just stick to

RANDomstuff0709 says:

Duels is the vastly superior option when it comes to online play, but didn’t Wizards axe support recently?

blazestudios23 says:

On another note I think they are working to improve this as they where hiring a bunch of developers.

Beanmachine91 says:

in MTGO you dont have to smell your opponent!

Euquila says:

I just played the new set Ixalan online (friendly league sealed) … my god that was frustrating as hell but still managed to go 5 / 9. I should have 7 / 9 but the interface had some “magic” of its own. Uninstalling now…

Jackson Wald says:

Cmon wizards are you going to just let hearthstone and Pokemon tcgo beat you so badly at online card games?

Esper the Bard says:

Where is you live? You mentioned a thriving a local gaming community.

Michael Dole says:

its sad that cockatrice looks better than this.

angel qwerty says:

why are you dressed like a ugly ass math teacher?

Obi-wan Kenobi says:

That is no equation. It’s an inequality .


Did you use a time machine ? Because that’s a lovely 19th century style you got there sir

Wiz Wizav says:

I’ve started playing MTGO in september 2017, spent $160.. sold my collection in October 2017 for $140 and left… Beyond Terrible UI, no user hosted drafts/sealed tournaments, hard core players (no casual)… sadly .. there is no bright future for MTGO.

TheRealSpellstar says:

if you have a group of friends that you want to play Magic with online, I recommend you check out Tabletop Simulator
the game is $20 on Steam (so of course wait for a sale, I got it for $5)
once you have the game, it’s free from then on out and you have no limitation to what cards are available

Chris Todd says:

Honestly, Magic Online is a damn joke. I’m looking for a MTG online program that will allow me to test a deck out against other people before buying the real life cards. Paying for online cards like that for such a garbage program just is sad… When I plan out Pokemon on my Pokemon games, I use and that fanmade program is 20 times better than this one for Magic. Hopefully there is a free program/community made project where I can test out MTG decks before dropping $100-500+ and finding out that it is not what I thought it would work as.

DimensionPlant says:

If i had no one to play with, I would play against myself. Oh…that’s why I always lose.



Amy Juninah says:

Oh my god! One time $10 fee,1990 grafics and no ways to get non-starter free cards for this ! Im so gettimg this

Omg pokemon online is free with NO microtransactons and have great grafics… nah

♛ Huffdaddy™ says:

8:19 for your answer if magic online is worth it.

Mike Jonin says:

I feel like paying the same price for digital booster packs is just dumb and I hate to sound like a jerk, but anyone silly enough to buy them online is just silly… the only reason I play MTGO is because I don’t know anyone else who plays and also, I am using it as a tool to learn the mechanics of magic and the various cards so that I can confidently go into my local game store and hopefully not make a complete ass of myself. No one likes feeling like a complete n00b. I bought a cheap standard deck and a tier 1 pauper deck online. Since then, I’ve learned to play these decks and am still learning all of their tricks. Who knows, I might buy the paper versions so I can actually play at my local game store. I don’t exactly have the time to draft at FNM nor do I care, really. I learned how to play the game and just want to play. Give me a deck and I’ll go up against someone, even if I lose. It’s all for good fun to me anyhow. I have zero interest in being a ProTour player or paying to compete. Maybe I’ll buy a budget modern deck online, get good with it, and then go to modern night at my LGS. Sure, it’s extra money but at least I’d learn how to play the deck against various other decks in the format. Hopefully I could survive some matches and even win some depending on who I am playing against and what the local meta is.

dolfo10564 says:

Completely quitting paper magic. I will no longer buy physical product. Lgs is an hour away, prices product like a scalper, only one other player locally and the dude’s a prick. I love opening packs, the smell, finding spots in my deck for new cards, and buying cards period. Not happy about it, but youre 100% right. Online magic > no magic.

Whyx Nowx says:

thanks for the video!
the digital cards are way too expensive!
we would just love to test new decks before buying the real cards within an online game.

travis c says:

I would rather pay $20/month and not have to divy up $25 every time I want to play anything

drago15100 says:

Well, i might actually start playing Magic online because i live in a town with no game store, the only game store that i know of that sells magic cards is about 3 hours away by car and all my friends who play magic live in the town the card store is at while there is no one here where i live that plays

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