Kids Are Still Not Safe To Play Magic The Gathering

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SmilesAreDaggers says:

There’s a shop in Temecula CA who was actually HAPPY that this was supposed to be implemented in a wide way (the owner has young children and has been doing background checks on ANYONE who works for him and he doesn’t see what the problem was)

buddykiller says:

think you can get ANYBODY against you on this on the kumite or warski live? the audiences of ibs know how to get shit done and don’t like pedos.

digital1911 says:

I wouldn’t be surprised if they considered these people as part of the LGBBQ community and want to be inclusive.

Jacob Flynn says:

Thanks for sticking with it, even after all they have put you through. You are fighting the good fight against the worst kinds of people, those who prey on kids. Screw WOTC…I hope karma catches up with them soon. Pisses me off.

Bare Beauty Bodypainting says:

I got an idea. How about we each find an LGS that’s hiring and go in with a hidden camera and ask for a job? Then if they do not ask you to take a background check immediately submit the footage to WotC to get that store banned. I mean that’s what liberals love right? Exposing evil tactics of businesses and corporations?

FoolTang says:

Turns out I can play Magic at Walmart. There’s a Subway and a McDonald’s that have clean tables and bathrooms. But my house is better. Fuck WPN.

RegisteredCinephile says:

To hell with firing up the outrage machine, just fire up the ovens

Geoff Sarlo says:

I said this before if you absolutely hate Jeremy and want him to shut up about paedophiles and background checks shell out the $10 bucks and start background checks . He can’t keep talking about it if you are doing it .

Terry Dactyl says:

Just by Chance absolutely needs their WPN pulled.

Uhlbelk says:

So you have been playing MTG for a decade or more and you are suddenly concerned about pedophiles in an environment that is rationally a haven for pedophiles but you only started making a big deal about it after you got banned? You have outed known offenders that you have no evidence ever committed crimes at MTG events, you have outed a predator on a non-official MTG forum, you claim you are the white knight trying to save MGT but only after you were banned. Yea, you are full of crap. The world is full of predators, and scumbags, and your crusade will have exactly zero impact on protecting anyone, but you will definitely damage MTG. Congratulations.

lucas terry says:

I so sorry Germy for the crap you have to go through your so awesome for keeping children safe

Bob Jones says:

Unprecedented? How about pokemon and yugioh getting their judge equivalents checked? That sounds like a precedent to me. And magic mics are made up of a hipster retard, a bald redneck retard, and a very ugly crossdressing retard. I would not hold anything they say in high regard.

Jesse Caldwell says:

I take my 12 year old son to Friday Night Magic and pre-releases, it’s something we have in common. He has come to love and really be excited and interested in the game, so this topic does hit close to home. I would just like to see the people that help organize our wonderful community put more legitimate effort into ensuring everyone’s safety when they go to play organized Magic. I’m not asking for millions of dollars to be spent just for individual efforts and concerns to be there.

xxxundon3xxx says:

just by chance is one of my locals had to do a double take when i seen the name. oh well i have other options in the area, why they would even think it was smart to post this is beyond me.

Jonathan Schilling says:

That time when you see a mr.hero ad on the bottom of the video and you realize the dude shills just as much as other people. Lol.

John Buy ur gear says:

Show your support for pedo’s by disliking the video.

Jon Morrison says:

You again?!? Why don’t you go follow in your relative’s footsteps and leave me alone fucktard.

Desolator Gaming says:

This is a very negative comment lol

The Idiot Reviewer says:

refuse to compile? well it’s time to look closer at them…

MeldrickCz says:

WOTCE hates lgs…so much unsafe spaces and toxic community. They push home set-up. Cause you know bigger periodical gathering makes people think and give voice. To push people to their shels just like commies did in the late stage of their regimes.

MrMillenium666 says:

Swing the troll hammer my brothers

Commie Crusher says:

Just by Chance games is a confirmed CuckHub.

Vehicular Overlord says:

Why don’t the judges against it speak out? Be the voice and show their concern for a community they’re part of.

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