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shot on 7.9.16


Nick Banasik says:

Numbers on planeswalkers are like health on players.

Ethan Anderson says:

When are you going to make a dirt bike video?

Nick Crompton says:

watch yo language 3:40

Nemo Karamachi says:

Hi man i want to get back into magic but i didnt play since innistrad. What is the best way to get the new cards f-or standart decks? Ty Already 😉

Hayden Stimpson says:

did anybody else who is a magic player cringe when he said innistrad

Gaming 775 says:

You can pay -7poin or add +1

Carla Hau says:

do monsuno wild core

FlapJack says:

You can build 3+ decks with JUST a deck builders toolkit. Cool video!

SamIng Eater says:

Planes walkers are cards that use loyalty points (anything what is + or -)

Alberta Abrams says:

play magic the gathering

FlapJack says:

Planeswalkers are some of the best cards in magic!

You can only have 1 planeswalker on the field at a time (if you want to play one from your hand and their is already one on the field you have to put the one in control into your graveyard)

The little number at the bottom right corner (the “3”) means the number of loyalty counters on it. The pluses and minuses mean how many loyalty counters you add or remove from the planeswalker. If your loyalty counters hits 0, that planeswalker is dead.

You can only use these pluses and minuses abilities once per turn!

Your Nissa card is worth around $10, nice! Have a great day, love to see more magic videos!

trocko 02 says:

Clintus your videos ar awesome

TheOne PT says:

i miss magic so mutch wich i could afor it now


Check out a video it’s cold Christian big boss it looks like a blue profile please i only have 10 views

Brandon Little says:

Did anyone else see the urzas mine and swords to plowshares

Austin Mann says:

Clintus, with the Planeswalker, the numbers correspond with the number at the bottom right. So a +1 ability adds 1 point to the number at the bottom right. Use those adding abilities to build up the Planeswalker’s state and unleash extremely powerful moves wiith the subtraction abilities. You can only use 1 Planeswalker ability per turn, and players can’t regularly attack your Planeswalker.

FIREphoenix _ says:

That was what I was doing about a month ago 😛

Charmander 3567 says:

My cousin made me a modern fire deck and she forgot the lands so we had to buy lands

thisishowwedrawhd says:

that kid should make lantern control

Ruben Arteaga says:

Love you guys

UnlistedGamerTV says:

same I love it I have 3 plane walker’s in my deck 1 from a pack of zendeckar

Bilal karim says:

I’m a noob to this channel and mtg

Quinn Brophy says:

you should do a q&a

Carla Hau says:

do more mtg videos

Stebles says:

8:00 and a mill player is born

The Doge On Fire says:

I’ve played MTG for about 20 years now. It us becoming less popular. my local game store use to be full of young players and old players. it is getting empty. piles of commons and uncommon stack up because nobody new claims from the donation piles. I’m glad to see parents introducing kids to it. The Magic community is very close. I know for a fact a lot of people habe experienced this but I lost my deck once about 9 years ago and all my friends at the local game store took cards out of their own position and remade my deck exactly because as you play people you memorize their deck. There are some things you neglected to explain about colors. two colors come together and form guilds(they have names which you want to learn). These guilds habe special cards of their own and have special strengths and weaknesses. you need to learn about your guild so you know how to build the best deck. some are better at spells, creatures. you need to learn this to use your deck to its full potential. There are also many forms of Magic. You should also teach new players about good and bad card sets and accessories. Once you play Magic, you will want to double sleeved cards rather than single sleeve or no sleeve. this protects your cards. You will want extra sleeves incase of emergency, game pad, 30+ normal 6 sided dice, atleast 5 20 sided spin down dice, lots of plus and minus counters, and you need to play your deck a lot to get use to it. When YOU are teaching a new player you need to play them and don’t be to “smart” about it. Explain it as simply as you can for the time and get more into detail in a week or so. you need to let them win because if you, as an avid player, keep besting them they will loose interest. let them make a deck and then correct it or explain why something wouldn’t work or why they might want to replace something. show them your deck and compare. I really could write a book on why more kids should be playing Magic because it is good for the brain and is fun. There are a lot worse things kids could do so I like kids playing. I must say tho that Magic is NOT for “stupid” people. it is complex and involves a lot of thinking and strategy. anyone can play it but don’t try to say that it is a waste of time. I know a YouTuber from my game store and he explains this well In a video(it’s rude to advertise on another channel so I wont). Our game store has doctors, lawyers, computer programmers and more in it. Magic is certainly not a waste of time. If you want to keep up with it and keep getting better it is an expensive hobby, but a fun and educational one. I’ve wrote to much already so I’ll leave it at that. I must also mention one last thing. don’t just have one deck you constantly play. mix it up. I personally have over 15 decks and sideboards. I could no joke write a book on just explaining how to teach Magic to beginners. I could write a series of books on how to play.(PS. you want atleast a third of your deck to be mana. you also need to learn the symbols of different generations so you know ehat generation your cards are from. until you know everything about magic, only play it for fun because you won’t be playing it correctly. Once you know everything you can play competitive and you will know how to play the correct way).

Landon says:

Just an FYI on Planeswalkers: The number at the right bottom is the starting loyalty. The numbers next to each ability either add to or deduct from that starting loyalty when you play that choice. you can play (1) ability listed on the card each turn, anytime a sorcery could be cast. If the planeswalker reaches (0), it dies to the graveyard.

Also: Planeswalkers are not creatures, so cannot be the target of spells, sorcery’s or enchantments that deal damage to a creature. They can be affected by such cards that deal damage directly to a player though. If you have a Planeswalker on the field, your opponent can choose to attack you or your planeswalkers when he/she taps a creature to attack. Either you or your planeswalkers can defend with any creatures available on the battlefield.

Planeswalkers are susceptible to large creatures with Trample, and their relativly meager starting loyalty is so small that even a small creature or any creature with trample can take out the planeswalker if you don’t have good defenders.

Smokey The Unknown says:

I’ll give that girl a fat pack

Joseph Davis says:

I play mtg. Didn’t know u did

Mike Gallagher says:

Proof people use the boxes in the fatpack! YES~~!

Jacobskicks says:

Finnals good content from you guys

Simen Østerud says:

Awsome vlog Clintus:) your decks locks amazing:D

ExtraEarth 33 says:

I bought a huge box of 1000+ with only 15 mana

Connorhockeygoalie1 Lilbunnyfofo says:

my cousin is a very competitive magic player has almost gone out of country because of almost winning a tournament

skyavatar says:

I’m a kid and I’m a pro at mtg

Cameron Gascoigne says:

I have 3 planeswalkers in my deck


this is like yogio now they need the dualing gaulents and they r good

Ryan 56 says:

The plane walker has abilities and the – and + have to do with his health

trocko 02 says:

Clintus your videos ar awesome

PR Sepulveda says:

Amazing video Clintus 🙂

It's Shred says:

I prefer the color combo known as jund ( red green and black)

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