Learn How To Play Magic the Gathering, Basic Introduction Tutorial Guide

~35 minute tutorial on How to Play. ~15 minute refresher summary afterwards and additional coverage over specific abilities. PLEASE COMMENT if you have any QUESTIONS, concerns, if I left something off, if you want to know more on a part, didn’t understand something and want me to rephrase, etc.

Magic is like Chess in the sense that its easy to learn how it operates, but its very complex to truly weave your game over other people. I learned how to play before I could read (Literally, I was 4 and I could count to 10 well enough to play) so I believe the best way to grasp the game is trial-by-fire. Once games are under your belt, this mess of information will start to stitch together and make a more profound sense of understanding for you. Some learn by watching, some by listening, others by doing. Magic is a hands-on kind of game.


mtgxerxes says:

Not in the same turn. Land can only be tapped and used once until it gets untapped. Otherwise as soon as you hit just a few lands you could lay down your entire hand, it would be a very different game.

mtgxerxes says:

Well… yeah. The arcade game doesn’t run under different rules. How to play is how its played.
It is a bit overwhelming at first, but it sticks better with some hands-on play.

Nicholas puliafico says:

hey what web site is this

Nickolishus says:

Ah, I see. Well that makes more sense now. The game still looks like loads of fun anyways, and I’m definitely considering purchasing it despite lack of full customization. If anything, it’ll serve as a frontier for me to get into the actual physical card game.

Thanks for answering my questions! And good luck with your future games Xerxes!

Nickolishus says:

I see, but doesn’t that also kinda…trim down the variation and creativity in decks when facing people? I mean, I’ve just been getting into Magic thanks to these vids, but in like some PSP Yu-Gi-Oh games I played, you start off with premade decks, and as you unlock more cards, you can essentially create your own deck.

I probably shouldn’t be comparing the two card games, but I dunno. Maybe I’m just making deck variation a bigger deal than it should be.

CosmicCum says:

where do i find this video game?

Prime_D7 says:

I know nothing about MTG coming onto this video, 4 player game….lol

Lucas Padilla says:

where can i get this game?

Heather Yeager says:

Any card with a gold or silver border is banned in pretty much all tournament formats. White and Black borders are good to go.

CabotBensonJr says:

Could I apply these rules with the actual card game? I’m just starting out and no one in my family or friends plays so trying to learn it is hard.

SirenoftheVoid says:

ah,the joy that is magic.it’s a game that can be intimidating at first,you have to learn all these different basic rules before you can really get started.this complexity is one of its strong points though,strategy is a great thing 🙂

Moostachy Zook says:

if you want to make your own decks, play the trading card game.

RedDragonAutomaton97 says:

Personally, I find that a better strategy than using as much mana as you can is to use a lot of mana but leave enough left so that you can play instants to protect yourself from whatever your opponents throw at you

Kyle O'Brien says:

I’ve been trying to figure out MTG For. Ev. Er. (Sandlot reference ;)) This was hands down the most down-to-earth and catch-all explanation I’ve ever received. I’ve asked multiple people and after the first few I stopped asking. I’ve always encountered condescending explanations that acted like I had never seen a deck of playing cards. I’m looking for a follow-up video to this I have some specific/unspecific questions in how general mechanics work, but I’m sure I’ll find the info along the way now that I have these basics down. If you do have something like a “201” please share!

I’m going to make Pokemon/Yu-Gi-Oh! references, but I doubt it’ll require working knowledge of those games to catch the reference. Pokemon had energy cards instead of mana. The whole mana thing is slightly confusing, as well as tapping. There’s just one collective group of mana that any creature can use? I’m sure that’s where some of the “situation” instances come into play and maybe a lot of the stuff I’m over-thinking on. At one point in the video you said “having 0 life doesn’t necessarily mean you die” or something to that effect “you die if you can’t draw” was the conclusion.

I think a lot of my questions are from being a frequent Yu-Gi-Oh player as a young teen which simplified, yet complicated these same basic techniques. Instead of a stack we had magic/trap cards meaning traps could only be activated if another ___ came into play.. It’s been awhile :

Regardless, much props, you weren’t condescending at all and it surprised me/didn’t surprise me when you said you had been playing for as long as you have been. I’m sure you’ve heard these same questions time and time again. 🙂 

mtgxerxes says:

None. You start with 20 life but you gotta get mana from stuff you play each turn, can’t just start with it all and cast everything you like on Turn 1.

Boogerman529 says:

I have played magic for a while now but I do have one question that comes up that I have run into a few times. For example if I play a Mind Rot and my opponent only has 1 card in their hand, can I still play it or do I have to use it when they have at least 2 cards?

drifter848 says:

im new its free this month on xbox havin fun just wondering about the foil card pack what does it actualy do it says it takes such n such cards and changes them and that might not always be a good thing I unlocked all the codes for the bonus cards and unlocked most decks but I m afraid it would hurt something getting the foils or does it just make your cards stronger and shiny lol

Gelfling66 says:

Man, this was awesome. I just bought my first MTG deck and boosters today, plan on playing with my cousin once me move in together in about a month. Thanks for the info, absolutely great!

Tech says:

47:40 Does the attacking creature dealing 3/3 end up killing one of the blocking 2/2 creatures, and then getting killed by the other 2/2 (as their stats would have went down from 3/3 to 1/1)? Or do the two blocking creatures of 2/2 combine to be 4/4, and kill the 3/3?

hp roll says:

what are you playing on and where can i get it??

Dylan proctor says:

what is the game called that you are playing in the video is it magic the gatheringonline?

ShadowyBlink says:

Never played the game in my life. Your video is very educational and easy to follow. You did a great job, man. Thanks a lot. I’ll get into the game now 😀

jack5001ful says:

lol he lost two creatures while failing to demonstrate how to properly use first strike.

atheistram says:

No… not unless the 3/3 has trample… then 2 life is taken off the 1/1 player’s life.

mtgxerxes says:

Yep. It just sits there until you cast a spell and choose to make it a 3/3 flying angel until end of turn. Just a nice extra attacker to swing with that they may not be expecting, and prevents it from dying to things that wipe the board of creatures.

Kit Kat says:

Hi, I have a ? if you can help me.  Playing MTG online doing the free games to get more experience, the black card gravedigger has an ability when cast that you MAY regenerate a card from your graveyard, what is the specific sequence of steps to do this? Hopefully you know, as I’ve been unable to do it in several games of utilizing the card, yet my opponent has been able to.  I asked the online support chat team and they just wanted to send me to a page and tell me I could find out how there, well obviously I’m asking you as I couldn’t find the answer there! You video is great by the way for learning!  And on what system are you playing what you have on the video [as in xbox…]?  Sorry if these seem like stupid questions but I don’t have really any experience to speak of playing video games of any type.   Thank you, kit.

Poulet Patate says:

Exemple, if a normal creature 3/3 attack a normal 1/1 and the 1/1 block. Does the 2 life goes in the player life?

mtgxerxes says:

Either XBLA, PSN, Steam, or even iPad

IqweoR says:

nice one, ty for vid

jack5001ful says:

He forgot to explain that indestructible creature can be killed or sent to the graveyard if you put negative counters on them because those counter don’t include the keyword “Destroy” or “damage”on them so technically you make them destroy themselves based on the rule book that states a creature of zero toughness is considered dead and therefore they are placed in the graveyard.

KennYatta Andrews says:

Wow your afraid of black lol
thanks for the guide though

The Illusionist says:

No, silver bordered are artifacts and gold borders are multicolored

mtgxerxes says:

In my defense, regenerate is one of the mechanics that has changed in rulings over the years. So if I get something mixed up, that would be me having played too long.

FinalStep5302 says:

the best thing about this game is that there is nobody who cries just because he gets attacked 😀 as long as you dont play against an computer :DD

Heather Yeager says:

Regenerate offically says, “the next time this creature would be destroyed this turn, instead tap it and remove it from combat,” iirc.

Laurens Mertens says:

Magic: The Gathering Planeswalkers

mtgxerxes says:

It just makes them shiny. No change to power or wordings or anything.
It’s not worth it. It looks kinda stupid when everything is foily, and a silly investment of money to get sparkles on your screen.

noxiss2015 says:

at 35:58, you could have won the game earlier if you had did corrupt and then attack for 4 with your creatures, especially since he was playing top deck mode so he couldnt have done anything to counter it or stop it with like fog or something

mtgxerxes says:

Naw its a fair point. Loads of people want to see full customization. They want to see other various changes, and during the Q+A of development when asking 2012 players, it pretty much worked out to be that players wanted “real” magic, or Magic Online. Something this game isn’t intended to be. Its intended to be more limited and introductory to help bring new players in, not overwhelm them and only let seasoned pro’s do all the winning.

Joel Berghoff says:

You didn’t explain why you put your first card down. Then you use some swell language with my 10 year old watching with me. Thanks.

Sean Laurvick says:

45:52 Not a mistake, per se, just a comment: totem armor is far from stupid. It’s not going to make the difference for me whether to run an aura deck or not, but if you’re running an aura deck anyway then it’s awesome. Totem armor keeps you from getting two-to-one’d against removal spells, it gives you chances for easy chumping, all that stuff.

In 2013 it sucks, sure, but in Real Life Magic it’s awesome. I built an Umbra deck around Aura Gnarlid, and it kills.

Nickolishus says:

Sorry if this has been asked before, but can you create your own decks in this game? Or are you stuck using premade decks for the whole time?

krizia sembrano says:

this really helps thanks.

Marwan Sadek says:

*Cough* Yu-Gi-OH *Cough*
Just kidding thanks for the tutorial though

thugitriot2 says:

go to magic the gathering . com you can get it

MachoTaco says:

I really would like to know what game your playing and how to get it

Heather Yeager says:

Those aren’t the borders I’m talking about. I’m talking about the very edge of the face of the card. On most cards they are either black or white. Only Unglued, Unhinged, or promo cards have silver or gold borders. White is for Core Sets, Black is for Expansions sets. Unhinged and Unglued are silver and Promo is Gold iirc.

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