Learning to play Magic the Gathering – WITH CATS!

You can learn for free at a Magic Open House the weekend of July 1st-2nd
(Cats may not be included, but if they are, be prepared for joy!)
Head to http://locator.wizards.com to find your nearest store.

*Sponsored promotion*

Special thanks to Deathsie for helping us try to learn!
Follow him on Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/deathsie

Be sure to check out ‘Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium’ if you can and go play with all the kittens! http://www.ladydinahs.com

We hope you guys enjoyed it! Let us know below what kind of stuff you’d like to see in upcoming videos

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Filmed on a Sony FS700 and Panasonic Gh4 and Edited in Avid Media Composer.


Daniel Stuart says:

I’m very disappointed as I was under the impression that the cats would themselves be playing Magic the Gathering

SilentRoar21 says:

When you make a video of someone showing you how to play a game, make sure that person has a lot of experience playing that game. He made 2 mistakes that I caught.

Il Toro says:

FIRST UNTAP, THEN UPKEEP, FINALLY ACQUISITION. Don’t teach noobie to draw before untapping

hutchinator says:

was this an ad tho? Cuz all I saw was annoying interruptions between cute kitties

Gabriel Tamaș says:


Chris Stuedle says:

Untap upkeep draw

Alex Hillier says:

magic is such a fun game recommend 100%

Jindorek says:

your music videos are AMAZING!! your magic videos…. not so amazing.

horses5ful1 says:

OMG I literally screamed when I saw the cats, Im so glad no one was around!!!!

Commander5AM says:

I’ve been at that cat cafe too many times XD This video was significantly missing Wookie though! Wookie is the tabby at the cat cafe, he’s such a love!

Aethilwe says:

WR0NG. The Graceful Cat becomes a 3/3 until end of turn when it attacks, so they would be taking three (3) damage instead of two (2). After casting the instant card Mighty Leap, the Graceful Cat becomes a 4/4 with flying and as you are attacking with it, it becomes a 5/5 with flying. 😛 It’s important to factor in ALL abilities that a card has to properly utilize it. It’s easy to misplay when new players doesn’t account everything, such as the opponent’s current health, the opponents field, how much mana they have left over, and how many cards they have left in their hand. Just because you can cast a card doesn’t mean it’s the right time to do it. :> sorryendrant

But seriously though, I loved watching this video. The cats look so adooorable! I wouldn’t have been able to resist those kitties!

bigalbundy34 says:

The cats don’t play magic. 0/10 would not recommend.

CinelFilm says:

Need to give this game a try at some point!

Xintho says:

1. Untap
2. Upkeep
3. Draw

Dude cheated.

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