Let’s Play – Magic the Gathering

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Cakeless Yoshi says:

as someone who plays casually, if they had Gavin they could of played three headed giant or king vs king (it’s where only the 4 people on the ends can attack and the middle person can attack after a teammate dies and a team wins when they kill the opponent’s king). the amount of questions would skyrocket.

Chalk Board #2 says:

I play hearthstone, magic, yugioh, Pokémon, Card Wars XD, card wars (the app), card wars kingdoms (app with a different way to play the game) oh, and I watch anime and I read comics. I shall take the nerd top spot

Stordson says:

My brother is obsessed with this card game

Phoenyx Diaz says:

I long for a lets play yugioh

LadyCia says:

Kay, I have no fucking clue what is going on here.

Rael Peterson says:

Guys you have to tap the monster after you block with it

xXNoFateXx says:

must … put cards…. in sleeves………..

Hannah Garcia says:

This is such a mess and I love it

Ashley NF says:

I’m so fucking confused.

Shawn Davis says:

So bad

Cody Cash says:

Man, January of 2015 is when I got into MTG. If I was with them in July, I’d have kicked all of their asses lol

TheEpicGnome says:

I played magic quite a lot back in the day, not professionally, but I enjoyed the game. There is a part of me that hates not having the ability to read the cards, and there is a small part of me that is angry at the noobish play. That latter part, however, is drowned out by a part of me that is fascinated by someone discovering how to play right in front of me.

One thing in particular that warms my heart is how quickly they keyed in on the fact that life is just another resource to be spent, and that it is okay to take some damage to maintain board presence. It’s something that a lot of new players get hung-up on.

Micheal Weeks says:

you guys need to replay this game with your own created decks of cards

DR BJ says:

this is too funny im the best my school so i laugh

Sharkface USA says:

watching them play in the beginning made me cringe

Xavier Smith says:

I like the pokemon TCG more then this but still watched it

Justin Springer says:

So…. painful…. want…. to defeat…. them….. all.

THAvidinc. says:

Magic the Gathering, episode 2: Vintage Tournament

Arson Bjork says:

Drinking game: drink every time someone asks about or breaks a rule

Chloé Miller says:

I love this game!!

N I I L O says:

when i heard that playing card suffle sound and i saw the cards were unsleeved i died…

McKendry2 says:

I love that these guys gave the game a really awful try xD
but did Gus seriously forget the basic steps of the game? Untap, Draw, Main, Combat, Main CMON MAN

Cellar Door says:

I play this but the next time I play with friends I’m totally gonna put the lands on top just to piss them off.

West says:

I just wanna know where she got the rocket shirt.

how was your life says:

Seeing jeff without his mustache and beard is really fucking with my mind right now

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