Let’s Play The Dominaria Booster Box Game for Magic: The Gathering!

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Son Of A Mitch says:

when you started to say “oh well, lets open up another masters box” i almost clicked the back arrow…sneaky little saga you.

OOM- 32 says:

Oh gosh I’ rich I opened 2 history of benalia in my prerelease, one being foil!

PhazonOmega says:

I have only ever purchased one booster box ever, and it was for Dominaria: got $170 dollars worth, including Karn, Jaya, Damping Sphere, and a shiny Sulfur Falls. Very happy with that!

Gravity Gyr says:

Hey prof. you gonna give away those wizard’s lightning and retort? would love to take them off your hands.

Donny Lurch says:

Good luck with that signature on the Tolarian Scholar. I hear this new coating process makes ink smear off easily.

Daniel Huertas G says:

Wow, Dominaria looks like the first set in a while that is actually worth opening…

Sephyrias says:

Insert “Not Bad” meme here.

Ditong Li says:

Where can I sell the cards I got?

Theorak says:

Damn you got some spiky foil prices in US, found these cards at half here.

Emiliano Perez says:

Request: Please add a box counter somewhere on the screen, a couple of minutes in I’ve forgot how many boxes you’ve opened, it’s not that common to have more than 2 on these videos though 😛

Jacob Barnes says:

I’m like he’s playing somber music to trick us. I just know it. And then the voice over came and I’m like awe…yeah boy!

k98killer says:

Kevin MacLeod is a comedic genius

T Glenn says:

Considering these boxes were opened before the official release means they all had the benefit of preorder prices. I’m not sure it’s a fair comparison to other sets.

The Wizard Of Gore says:

That fake out was so funny I almost spit taked some coffee.

Violent Swamy says:

They had two headed giant at one of my pre-release our team name was Tolarian Flunkies… We lived up to the name.

Hugh Myers says:

You should do a revisit of this in a month now to see if these cards held their value.

Alexander Roberts says:

Where does the prof get his sleeves

k98killer says:

Reading In Bolas’ Clutches made me think “Demonlord Belzenlok? More like Demiscrub Belzencuck: pimp hand weak, and his ho got snatched.”

Hivemind says:

Do I need to use prize packs for a new draft

DatDadBodd says:

Two Karns and I haven’t seen one in person

Legend of Eon says:

That last booster box was disappointing.

Fisticles says:

I don’t enjoy that the moral lesson is “don’t play the booster box game” but then you proceed to repeat this video every set, sometimes multiples of times for prerelease, release, post pro tour, et cetera. And then focus on showing us a hour long visual representation of, pack by pack, just how fun it is to open booster packs. Came for the sleeve reviews, continuously complaining about the box openings.

Tolarian Community College says:

Hi. I don’t want people to think buying booster boxes is how you build Standard decks, and SO MANY do. Go all the way back to my earliest videos. From Day 1 I’ve been saying this, urging people to just crack packs for draft and not buy boxes thinking there’s value. It’s what I believe, and you have no idea how many letters I get on a daily basis that more or less literally say “Hey Prof, which booster box should I buy to get the most value? I want to build X deck, so should I get Ixalan or Rivals of Ixalan.” I want to get the word out not to do this as best I can.

Now THEN. The booster box game started as a one off. I thought it would be fun, and I thought it would show that you hardly ever even get the value of the box. It’s fairly informal, it’s rather lax and arbitrary rules, and it’s a game. I did one video and everyone wanted another. Then they wanted another. Then they started arguing I should wait until AFTER the Pro Tour, so I started doing two.

The results are meaningless. It proves nothing. It’s just a game. I have opened set after set where I did not make it to box 2. I have opened sets like Masters 2017 where I have opened 6 boxes. Whenever a new set launches, my inbox floods with people asking “Where is the booster box game!?!?!” It’s a pain in the ass to do, because I really do sell all the cards (yes, I got 22 bucks for the foil Cabal Stronghold last week. No, it is not going for that now, but I’m happy to show you the paypal receipt). I wanted to stop long ago but everyone wants it so bad and hey, I aim to please.

I always start when the boxes are available for purchase. That has always been launch. Here, WotC made them available for purchase at prerelease. I thought about it, and I thought about it, and I thought: they’ve never done this before, so I should play the game and see.

I’m doing the game one more time, exactly like I always do. I can do it either starting today/tomorrow, or I can wait until a few weeks after the pro tour. Whad’ya’ think? I seriously scour reddit and read these threads and all my messages because I view myself as your servant. Doing my best, boss, I really just wanna please you. Cause GOD, it feels great when I do. I’m addicted. 🙂

Here, lemmie know! https://strawpoll.com/2dkbf93a

OOM- 32 says:

wtffff foil spore sawrm 2 bucks??

Deine Mam says:

>clicks on video
>50 min o_o

Agent Tater, CODE. says:

Prof, why don’t you put the extra profit from the boxes towards a bonus box? I noticed you made over 100 extra dollars before you hit a dud box. It would seem to me that the spirit of the game would be upheld if you rolled over the value. Isn’t the idea here to see how many booster boxes you can get to pay for themselves? Just my 2 cents, keep up the great work!

Donny Lurch says:

I’d like to try playing this game, but I don’t have a store on Tcgplayer or anything. How can a normal player like me start selling cards reliably? I have only sold a couple high-dollar singles on eBay before.

Cards Games and Play says:

I got bamboozled at the end of the 4th box lol

Social Justice Goblin MTG says:

I loved the signed card that Brian sends to Paterons. It comes in a classy envelope. Very well packed. Very classy worth being a pateron for.

The HammerDK says:


Zac Ward says:

Add $2 to box 2 u forgot to add it from a $2 rare

Beau Riggs says:

A foil Scholar? That’s money right there.

Zutaradimus says:

I wish booster boxes only cost $100 for me. I enjoy opening them as much as I do playing magic.

Adam Axt says:

Where you find the prices of cards?

Daniel Feeny says:

Dominaria was so amazing. My store had the biggest prerelease it has ever had by a massive margin. People played at every table, extra tables, and even had 10-12 people playing standings at the front desk at all times!!! Loved it!

dormantrabbits says:

My god, it’s full of Karns!

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