LRRMtG — 4 Player Magic: the Gathering Commander

Broadcast 2017-11-03

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Lord Drako says:

Can I get a decklist for Ben’s deck?

Daniel Fichtner says:

The copied avatars had summoning sickness. So that was a big mistake by Serge! That totally altered the gameoutcome…

evileyeball says:

Ben Ben Ben.. Phenax is not the mill general you’re looking for…. The Mill general you want is CIRCU, DIMIR LOBOTOMIST!!!!!
Cicru on board, ability to generate 11 mana from 7 lands, Palinchron EVERYONE MILLS OUT. Even if they have Ivory Mask / Leyline of Sanctity

Plus you really annoy the Sheiri player when you hit Shadowborn apostle.

Flying Penguin says:

I’ve been wanting to buy breya ever since she came out but her price is spiked. Now I can’t even buy the $150 precon in english.

Tommaso Chiesa says:

I would have kept caurse up to mill him faster

Timmy Spike says:

I would like to see serge make a new breya deck

The Murder Party Vote Khorne says:

The thought occurs, I have a nekusar commander deck and I want to name it something like misery brings us all together because everyone else is suffering! (Yay)

Tim Herron says:

Why is he not removing counters from Ramos!! Aaaaaaagggghhhh

KSechrist says:

at 1:40:00 ish, on Serge’s last turn, why did Ben bother sac’ing stuff? After blocking with lots of life left, Ben mills at end of Serge’s turn, then start of his turn, mills the rest, and turns it over to Serge to not-draw and lose. ? Or can the mill card only be activated on opponents’ turns?

Joanneabiscuit says:

The moment where Serge became Ozai ^.^

Lizard Wizard says:

Games begin at 11:33

Dataloss484 says:

I see a litle problem with the layout here, how would you signify someone getting hit by their own commander? In my playgroup this is a reocurring theme that commanders get stolen and used against its owner.

Matt Whitehorse says:

Please don’t invite serge back

Dillon Lee says:

who is your fav pedo mtg judge. Ive been thinking about making up some Trading cards with them.

DrasonSpike says:

gotta say, Kathleen does make for a good table friend this commander.

John McCormick says:

I don’t mean to be rude, but I think “etherium sculptor is better than sol ring” is literally the most extreme best-case-scenario evaluation I’ve ever heard.

krim7 says:

Per the rulings on Curse of Opulence, you can – in fact – cure yourself.

“If you enchant yourself with one of these Curses, you’ll get its effects whenever another player attacks you.”

ANitschkeProduction says:

You can’t kill an indestructible creature through damage, then reducing its toughness the rest of the way?

lokilxix says:

I know i gave Ben a hard time for the lifegain deck but man did he redeem himself with the mill win.

R.r. Theninja says:

Reordering graveyards Serge?? What sort of judge are you?!

Brian Laws says:

It’s so annoying how Serge keeps reading from the chat during other people’s turns. Like, stfu and let them play.

Sheriff K says:

Is it racist (Commanderist?) if I only choose to watch Commander gameplay if the Commanders are interesting (and by interesting, I mean one’s I plan on making.. <_<)

Tomáš Sysel says:

ian is probably the meanest EDh player tbh.

Vostroyan Harlequin says:

I wished for the early game curse to stay… Someone would kill Ben and the resolving curse would force Serge to overdraw and die… <3 love these VODs.

David Peveto says:

For the people asking:
Ben’s Decklist:
Ian’s Decklist:
Serge’s Decklist:
Kathleen as far as I’m aware does not have a publically facing list for Bury, Suck, Kill, but it’s a pretty sweet mono-black vampire tribal list.

HomeLife Gaming says:

Kathleen you would have kept kalitas because he had the proof at the time…

CrunkPartyBitches says:

It is monstrously unfair that these four get to be as attractive as they are.

BainR6 says:

49:11 Was… was that a “Clone High” reference?

Michio M says:

The triangles on the table are really messing with my frame of reference.

Vince Inman says:

The entire time watching this, all I can see is “serge yager: the bigger, blacker box.”

Josh T says:

Let the curse stay. It’ll protect you from other players lol

And where’s that Phage + Fractured Identity combo? 😛

Kyle Segnitz says:

Just wanted to say just found your channel and subbed. Really fun personalities. Love the commander content. Look Forward to checking out your other content.

Simon Adamsen says:

so awsome to see this with english youtube subtitles Nirkana Cutthroat, became Newark Annika Throw xD sounds like a beverage 😀 Newark: Annika Throw apple cider xD

Ollie Grant says:

I ship ben and surge so hard

Michael Pattow says:

call the graveyard the bin? where does that come from…. maybe i’m misunderstanding.

Jack Saul says:

all I imagine with blood seeker is the player getting paper cuts when they try to cast a creature

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