Magic 101 Ep 2: Mana Colors & Lands | How to Play Magic the Gathering (MtG) Lessons for New Players

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Do you want to know how to play Magic the Gathering? Look no further! Magic 101 is a brand new series that covers all the basics of the best game in the world! It explains things in a clear, easy to understand way. Maria and Meghan will walk you through every step of how to make this great card game part of your life.

In this episode, we talk about mana colors and lands.

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Big thanks to Lodestone Coffee & Games in MN for letting us film there!

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FLSG Reddit says:

I like re watching the basics of how to play its relaxing, I had to stop playing magic all together the people dont bath and treat the game like its more important than what it is.

M Lienau says:

Great simplification. Awesome video 🙂

Gavin Li says:

1:52 Agghh!!! Why isn’t it WUBRG order!

Feyamius says:

I like the idea of such a beginners series, but I kinda think the episodes are a bit too short and the themes are a bit too narrow. For example in this episode, I think you really should’ve covered the casting cost of spells, so how to use that mana, too. Like in Magic, synergy is very helpful in learning as well. 😉

But I’m looking forward on the upcoming episodes and how you’re able to connect the lessons with each other for the bigger picture.

Terminal 8 says:

Yo yo colorless yoooo

Dion Asselman says:

First? Wow! I ‘ve played Magic since 1995! But I think you are doing an awesome job for new players with these videos. Great job Miss Wolff and Miss Bartholdi! Greetings from the Netherlands.

toogletoggle says:

You missed colorless spells!

Parallelepiped2 says:

That was another good basic explanation, thanks! I wonder if something as simple as “tap” should be defined (turning land sideways). You showed video examples of what was happening twice when using the term so I hope people got it

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