Magic: Arena of the Planeswalkers

Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast have teamed up to bring gamers directly into the multiverse of Magic: The Gathering
Summon mighty armies and cast powerful spells in Arena of the Planeswalkers, Magic’s first-ever board game!

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lemony lifehacker says:

Can u buy cards for this version?

Mpcaos says:


iamlegend0000 says:

PS. For those who beeotch and whine and can’t understand this game, damn I feel sorry for you. This is AS BASIC AS IT GETS. Go play you paper rock scissors.

Bob Dole says:

if someone starts the game with “I’m going to crush you” I wouldn’t bother. If you want to act like an asshole you can play with yourself

Bob Dole says:

decent tutorial, weird acting and voice acting

Ethan Barrett says:

can you use actual Magic the Gathering cards in this gamr

Shadon Blackmon says:

i am sooooooooooooooooo confused

anthony ritter says:

took my daughter to a comic book store. she begged me to get this game. didn’t have 50 bucks at the moment for it. after watching this I can say im probably gonna go out and get it.

anthony ritter says:

took my daughter to a comic book store. she begged me to get this game. didn’t have 50 bucks at the moment for it. after watching this I can say im probably gonna go out and get it.

Jake Walter says:

Pretty clear heroscape rip off

Jorge Martin says:

This is better than gamer guide

Varminn XD says:

Excuse me but how exactly this clear sight works? Only in straight line from the planeswalker or can I go like 3 spaces straight and 2 right? I need an answer to this…

Shawn Lecrone says:


PandaMonium says:

awsome video helped out alot

Panzerkampf says:

reminds me of heroscape, if anyone used to play that

Timothy Smith says:

You all need to give more detail about leaving a engagement

Ryan Lapidus says:

Thanks my wife and I found this most helpful in better understanding the game, than reading the instructions alone. <3

David Simpson says:

May be one of the cheesiest videos I’ve seen it’s like those “real people not actors” Chevy commercials

VESPER says:


spacetoast99 says:

jesus christ. this seems so much more complicated than the card game.

DraX says:

Hey u! Thanks for a very nice tutorial! I bought that game 2 weeks ago and i’m still learning this battle system. Maybe u can explain me something a bit.
Every card got Size/Height at the left bottom corner. Most of them are medium 4 but firecats got Large 4 and some are Medium 5. This statistic are using in fights? What i wanna know. For example im attacking with Firecats a other creature on this same ground lvl (we are not in water or hex sand file) this mean if im higher (this statistic) i always got +1 attacking or defending die? This same question with phoenixes they are medium 5 (1 def only) so they can roll with 2 defending dice?
Other quesion if a squad with 2 def will stay near a Blighted reavers squad they have no way to def? (Phoenixes got only 1 life so they are automaticly send to graveyard Or they can use their height to get 1 die for def?) (medium 5 vs medium 4 BReaver).
And the last 2 quesions…
First turn i move my planewalkers then end my turn. In my 2nd one i can summon all of my creatures at once and then move them and attack every other lpanewalkers or only firecats can attack after summon and other cannot attack after being summoned in that turn? How it’s?
Last one… Liliana crippling blight or despise, can be used on other planewalkers squads or she can weak only her squads or herself? If only her so why we should use it? Where is secret of this magic cards? I have no idea maybe u can help me with it.
Same with Skyreaping it’s card usefull only vs Chandra in other match it’s useless coz no more flying creatures 🙁

Thanks you in advice for all answers and sorry for probably many of language mistakes.

The Wadapan says:

‘consult your game guide’

Bo Bandy says:

The players are too into the game.

Timothy Smith says:

THis was not a long enough video to learn Magic the Gathering Planeswalkers you need to show a new video with a one on one battle again and show the entire battle from begging to end.

boochduke13 says:

Bring back heroscape you killing me with this knock off no disrespect to magic characters but heroscape characters where so much more detailed and very cool and unique and all of them were painted unlike this game and you got build you own map anyway you want it was so good and now it’s like 200 bucks for a set on eBay and amazon

Bipolar Tiger says:

This clear up so many rules. Please include the link to this video in future prints.

Eamon Burke says:

As a person who played Magic for decades, and has money to spend on your product:




John Doe says:

this game has nothing to do with MTG

Carlos Mendez says:

I have a suggestion. The battle for zendikar expansion is very good, but you guys did not incluede terrain. At least per expansion there should be 2 triple hex tiles and 2 single hex tiles. Also there should be a cardboard field like the ones in the main game. At least one per planeswalker that in the back has info of the planeswalker. This way help us to make a bigger field and not keep playing in the same ones. I hope to see more expansions but with more terrain. And finally also you can incluede more ruins to make the game more interesting and also to make us the players to build a good team and a strategy for the battle.

arse monkey says:

It would be cool to see a MTG board game that incorporates actual MTG cards, that would be pretty cool imo.

Dario Bocale says:

For me there are still some more questions to ask.

1. What about Lilianas Snuff out? In what action (action 1 -5) am I allowed to use it?
2. What about lowering shield dice? If my oppenent has 2 dice of defense and my zombies reduce them by -2, is my enemy not allowed to role defense dice or is there still 1 dice he can always role?

Thank you in advance for answering my questions! Please keep on working on this game. I really love it!

Makori RowUomii says:

I cant stop laughing at the production of this vid xD

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