Magic the Gathering: Arena M19 Drafts – G/R Monsters P1 (sponsored)

I’m dedicating the full day to MTG:A M19 Drafts! My big goal of the day is to begin getting a sense of how fast the format is. Dominaria was quite slow (especially with the power of kicked cards), and that produced some really long, interesting matches. As I play more, I’ll also want to develop an understanding of what the major archetypes are to help guide my drafting.
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TheRezignator says:

Hindsight is 20/20 but blue red would have been pretty good for that draft, double Enigma Drakes and soo many Divinations and counterspells.

Jack Baer says:

5 bucks is pretty cheap for a draft

snuggilyd says:

Declare Dominance is a good card, I think Sean is missing how powerful it is

Kal says:

So triggered by the game that finished at 1:24:00 … so many errors.

Oskar Hertram says:

Need beta key :<

Rylan Smith says:

keys are troublesome to get, anyone generous?

Patrick Andersen says:

Day 9 is the best 😛

Brian Shipman says:

MTF = magic the Forgetful!!!

Leafsdude says:

“Huge things make me laugh” – Day9, 2018

Jon Bryant says:

34:30 Day9 eats anti-reality.

Clinterus says:

@Day9, you can recall talons from your graveyard on your opponent’s turn eh

Petrelli1926 says:

5:30 still happened to me twice, now using different cleaning solution…

Andrew Lorinczi says:

This first pack had potential for three essence scatters and two bone to ash…such fun blue removal!

Kel'Thuzad says:

God, whoever designed Magistrate’s Sceptre should be fired.. Farking *15 mana* Time Walk.. -_-

Rodrigo Miguel says:

Dn’t think Sean realizes take vengence is a sorcery. also does he know you can edit your deck in between matches?

LazyFurret says:

the stompy deck tho lmao

Luar D'Andrea says:

Pelakka wurm is one of those cards in limited that if you see it you pick it. Maybe not If you have like 3 of them already. But the card is such a bomb.

Lerge Workman says:

Dude, just go to a third world country and get Lasik on the cheap.

JayceSL says:

35:24 Day[9] has become so powerful he eats holes in reality.

Griso Naut says:


Falcons8455 says:

Anyone have a beta key?

onethreeify says:

From on Switcheroo: “Gaining control of a creature doesn’t cause you to gain control of any Auras or Equipment attached to it.” Am I missing something here?

Twokinds Bookclub says:

Can someone explain to me why you can draft basic land?

thegatso says:

Why did he let the 5/3 die in the last game? He had the lightning in his hand, could have stopped one and saved it. It was his only creature, it was doing work. WHY?

advkow says:

I’ve noticed about mid right on each card the symbol is either black or silver or gold. is that the rarity scale?

Luar D'Andrea says:

Sean during spellslingers: “never keep a two lander. You want 3 to 4 lands and cards that you can play with that mana”
Sean on arena: “yeah but…I MIGHT draw a Second land?”

Mr. Cookie says:

I am looking forward to a mill day =)

ratchet600 says:

in the turn around 51:00 he missed lethal after casting pelakka wurm, they block thornhide and dreadmaw and take 9

Ibun West says:

Sean “Always Keeps a Two-Lander” Plott.

nicol manninc says:


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