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Magic: The Gathering Arena closed beta has begun! This free-to-play version of MTG currently features the Standard format (Amonkhet and Ixlan blocks) with 10 starter theme decks.

Sponsored by Wizards of the Coast

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Green Channel says:

nothing better than this brilliant magician girl

Chris says:

Oh sweet lord please give us more. Reminds me of your time at Geek and Sundry on spell slingers <3

D20 Bassriffs says:

Izzet>golgari 😛 ive seen some good golgari decks. But ive never been as consistently bent over by a golgari then i have an izzet

Reighnvhasta says:

MTG w/ Day9 WOOOOO!!

Damon Gladys says:

Hell yes

ArtificiallyFlavord says:

Boros all day son

Bruno Lamblet says:

Chupacabra is a legendary creature here in Brazil…
If Wizards card creators look at Brazil’s culture they will find a LOT of crazy creatures…. just tipe “criaturas do folclore brasileiro” on Google and see the images.

I’m looking forward this game too much!

WarMage says:

at 51:00 why did he get a free Scry at the beginning of his turn, am I missing something?

Atone SB says:

Play some MTGO! I’d love to see Day9 on a spicy modern deck.

Skeeball D'Slanted says:

You should tap yourself, turn yourself sideways, and move up the left side of the screen a bit, that way you wouldn’t be in the way of anything, and you could always untap to have some one on one story time with us plebs.

Really, I'd rather not. says:


ratchet600 says:

Also I think that keep at the beginning was fine you only need to hit land by turn 3 and only to cast golden demise.

taipz says:

i like watching your videos day9 but for fucks sake, stop your profane moan-shouting its fucking disgusting and disturbing. you do that shit a lot.

edit: 5:45 — for fucks sake

Crau says:

Gotta make a g/b ramp deck with spells to torture the opponent’s existence

GOLEM says:

this is different game than the one on steam released in 2015?

Robert Paape says:

amazing intro

Billryethejewishguy says:

I forgot my DCI number Ive been playing since khans and i feel bad because i feel like ima get dicked out of the beta T__T, that said i havent played magic since origins because i got burnt from the chase and swapped to netrunner.

Nick Gilbert says:

Not even 15 minutes and I’m screaming at my screen. Attack, raptor HAS TO BLOCK, use the -2/-2 spell to wipe the entire board.

sniffsniffsniff says:

sean how are you so positive when your girlfriend is so negative – she is a very angsty and emo tweeter and sjw – not a good look for you! you need to educate her on good twitter etiquette like yourself!

DaBomb8493 says:

Looks like it needs a bit of tweaking/updating to get on par with Heathstone or some of the Yu-Gi-Oh! games I’ve played in terms of automation, but if I remember in a couple of months, I may check it out again.

3Taumeltaenzer says:

Really enjoying this. I started watching your videos because of the spellslingers series and was quite disappointed that you haven’t played Magic since. Keep it up=)

Shadow0013 says:

Spellslingers… Oh I miss that show… Only reason I’m still subbed to Geek and Sundry is the hope there will be once again Spellslingers 😀

James Shea says:

Boros for life

Jim van Driel says:

My ears @ start.. D:

33shin33 says:

Wizards of the Coast literally buying the Blizzard ambassador himself, winter has come and gone.


oh good lord those Day9 noises in the beginning

James Mauch says:

Do you have any experience with the Eternal formats in MTG like Modern or Legacy?

Luke Savinetti says:

Hey Sean Plot bring back spell slingers dork

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