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Magic: The Gathering Arena closed beta has begun! This free-to-play version of MTG currently features the Standard format (Amonkhet and Ixlan blocks) with 10 starter theme decks.

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Rob Loach says:

23:40 Confirmed, Day9 is a floating body with no legs.

Gabi Koonings says:

The Scarab God is fucking wonderful ! 🙂

TheFenghuang says:

I forgot how shitty magic feels when you draw no lands or all lands

Mark Bartholomew says:

How do we get a key?

fran espinosa says:

Notification squad assemble!!!

m Douet says:

Day9 the hyprocrite, complains about Jade Druid, secretly loves large green men.

PhazonOmega says:

First time experiencing Arena at all. They seem to have learned their lesson with Duels, and learned a lot from Hearthstone. If the game plays well, and it looks like it does (the stack works properly, mana taps intuitively, etc.), then this should finally be the rival to Hearthstone it should have been all along!

VampCoffee says:

you should be alot more mana efficient, use as much mana as possible each turn in optimal ways, and get a better sense of when you should be attacking or defending. you holding back in black/red was hard to watch.

Jaeus A says:

Wow that almost-throw vs that red guy.

Kristinn Thor Johannsson says:

My cats alway throw up while I’m asleep, so that I can get lucky and step in it when barefoot after I get out of bed. No better feeling at 6 in the morning if you ask me

Arnaud Deniger says:

1:29:00 oh look, a banned card xD

Professor Spunch Dinkill says:

So I just got into the beta and I have to ask, how do the decks they start you with stand up to other players? Want to get a sense of what to expect as someone JUST starting out.


why not run fling so you can guarantee 12 damage with ghalta?

Alex Athan says:

I start to really like Sean’s Dinosaur deck. Its so funny to watch Ghalta coming into play. Keep it going Sean!

zanthrasw says:

Day9 , have you looked at the Starcraft 2 AI API that DeepMind and Blizzard worked to produce? While the hidden information, and much broader and finer timing and location enviroment has prevented them to make a large amount of progress to a learning AI for that game as of their last update, it is certainly interesting. The API is broad enough to develop more traditional AI software, although does not lend itself well yet to playing against human opponents.

zad1107a says:

Does anyone else think the Minotaur’s horn makes him look like he has a Beret on his head?

NotSoRandomGames 1673 says:

Is this gonna be on IOS?

boutxthatxtime says:

This UI is disgusting. Is there a way to change it to a more classic look?

J-Zarno says:

Did they like, remove instants? That’s just what made the digital game bad imho, it was so clunky, this one does look better but nothing can beat the true, real life magic experience.

jeyser 1206 says:

Does he not have legs?

Black Ice says:

gruul is so brain dead i swear

ArmoredNeko says:

I would add some graveyard hate cards. For this environment I’m surprised that people haven’t put 3-4 hate cards in their decks already.

cilith says:

As good as the dinosaur deck is, it’s boring to watch you play with. There’s not enough combos it’s always the same 5 cards that you win with. That’s why I like watching people play with red, blue or black decks. There’s alot of different combinations and ways to to win.

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